Thursday Moda #1 and more Blanket Scarves.

Welcome to day 4 of Blanket Scarves Week, also the 2nd day I am collaborating with Emily, where we both show you two different ways to style a Blanket Scarf. Today is also a very special day because I am starting my own link-up and it is the first one. The name of it is "Thursday Moda". Moda means fashion in Albanian so I wanted to incorporate that into the title. Since Emily is joining me in our 2nd day of our mini series this week, it is perfect to have her as my first co-host for this linkup. =) Today we are styling almost identical scarves: both are a light gray with white stripes/plaid design. How cool that we both decided to pair them with white on top though for different climates. While I am still very Wintery, Emily's outfit is great to transition into Spring.

Speaking about the linkup, I have wanted to start my own linkup since two years ago. Laura and I even talked a couple of years ago, about doing one together. Then Laura started hers (on Tuesdays) and I got busy. The timing was never right for a weekly linkup, I guess. Well, finally with a brand new design and a blog re-launch, this new link-up is perfect. I picked Thursday to challenge myself to start scheduling posts ahead because Thursdays are indeed my busiest days of the week and my longest work days too, plus I usually tutor on Wednesday Evenings (and I come home real late). Today (I failed) the linkup is a few hours late, but usually it will be up on Wednesday Eve (the previous night) around 9.30-10.00 PM Eastern time. Since bloggers come from different states, time-zones, countries and continents, I thought having the linkup open since the previous night was a good idea. And of course the linkup will stay open each week till the following Wednesday.

I wore this outfit yesterday and I was still really cold despite the wool coat, wool hat and big wool blanket scarf wrapped tightly around my neck. As a matter of fact, it was snowing quite a bit when I took these photos. I am surprised they came out half-decent. This is another New Blanket Scarf (also from Nordstrom, just like the one yesterday). I wore it over my Long Purple Tunic Novelty Sweater which says "Love" (a sweater I bought to wear around Valentine's but I forgot to wear it actually). On the bottom I have on my Black Velvet Leggings and over the outfit, I have on this Gorgeous Off-White Coat by Bebe which has the fun Black Leather Piping and Black Leather Buttons. I am wearing my new Leather OTK Boots and I also accessorized with a Gray Panama Hat which matched the Blanket Scarf to perfection. I am also carrying a Mini Tan+Brown Bag. This outfit is made up of all neutrals (mostly black+white with some gray and a pop of camel) but has that big splash of pretty purple in the middle, which stands out against the neutrals and that is why I called it a success, what do you think?

Bright Purple, Long-Sleeve, Intarsia/Graphic "Love" Sweater: JC Penney (New) (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal), (similar, Steal, love this).
Off-White Waist-Length Wool Coat w/ Black Leather trimming: Bebe (similar, Splurge), (similar in gray+black, Great Deal, love this), (peacoat option, Steal).
Heather Gray+White Wool Blanket Scarf: BP via Nordstrom (New) (similar, small Splurge, love this), (similar, Great Deal), (very similar, Steal).
Black Velvet Leggings: White House Black Market (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal), (similar, Steal).
Heather Gray Wool Floppy Panama Hat: Old Navy (Gifted) (New) (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal, love this), (similar, Steal).
Camel Leather Mini Bag w/ Brown Strap: Marshalls (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal, love this), (similar, Steal).
Black Leather OTK Boots w/ side Zippers: Meijer's (New) (similar, Splurge, love these), (similar in suede, Great Deal, love these), (similar, Huge Steal).

A little bit about today's co-host: Emily is a stylish girl who wears outfits that are usually a little on the casual side but always look so perfectly put-together. In my opinion she knows the rule of 'the third piece' really well because she is almost always seen with that third piece to complete an outfit (usually a scarf). Emily is the perfect person for this series where we style Blanket Scarves, because as you can see from the collage below, she owns a lot of Pretty Blanket Scarves and wears them effortlessly. I am so honored she decided to be my very first co-host, today. Please make sure you stop by her blog and follow her.

From Emily's Mouth...
"Hello! Emily here. Darling, Dearest is my little space to share some of the many things I love: good style, abundant life, and unfathomable faith. I'm a teacher in North Carolina, which means that my style most certainly comes with a budget! :) Stop by and have a little visit with me; let's be friends! I would love to connect with you on Bloglovin', Instagram, or Facebook!"

P.S. Linking up with Adri + Jessica, Alice, Brooke with Erica, Carrie with Jill, Christie, Claire, Dawn, Grace, Jacqueline, Jalynn,
Also linking up with the ladies of The Blended Blog. Their theme for this month's linkup is wraps/outer wear and I am themed all week for this prompt, so it's perfect.

And now join the linkup!
Thursday Moda with Elegance and Mommyhood

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  1. Love that hat!!

  2. Yay for your first link up. I will link up one of this weeks posts. Is this a themed link up? Lovely scarf Ada.
    Rachel xo

  3. Congrats on your new linkup! I can't get enough of blanket scarves this winter. The grey is so pretty and this is such a cute look!

    Doused In Pink

  4. For a very busy, hectic week, you sure know how to make my day! I'm honored to help you kick this off:) Thank you for your sweet sweet words! And you already know- but I love that outfit!!!

  5. Such a great scarf :) Lovely backdrop Ada...

  6. Such great inspiration with the scarves! And now exciting about the new link up! I'll be joining for sure!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. Congrats on your new linkup! I'll be joining every week for sure! Love the black and white coat too. The detail on it is so pretty!


  8. what a cozy scarf! we're expecting rain next week so I definitely need one of these :P

  9. I love blanket scarves! They are so perfect for winter! Congrats on your new linkup! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  10. Congrats on hosting your very own link up. I will sure link up an outfit tomorrow.

  11. Classic scarf, lady- and loving the new look of the blog! Great job!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. I love that this scarf is a grey neutral so it will go with so much!! You sure do know how to style scarves lady, so so pretty!! Yes and your Blog redesign is adorable and fresh!!!

  13. Love this cool grey scarf! I really like Emily's third rule. :)

  14. Congratulations on your first Link Up! I love this white coat, and the purple sweater underneath is so pretty!

  15. Congrats on your first link-up, friend! Can I just say how much I Love your white coat - so chic! I also think it is cool you and Emily are wearing similar colors. Super cute!

  16. lovely blog :) Happy Friday! :)
    I am new follower :)

  17. It's my first time visiting your blog. Congrats on the brand new link up; I joined! :-)

    I really like your white coat! And the grey/white blanket scarf is great, too!

    Happy (almost) Friday!

  18. weather is too warm here for blanket scarves but I love your jacket and the colors in the outfit. congratulations on the new link up and thank you for sharing your post on mine.

  19. Your coat is beautiful Ada! I love the black and white.

  20. I love your white cute! The hat just tops it off perfectly, nice winter look...I am ready for winter to go...ha. Too much rain and wind here in Seattle!


  21. I love this blanket scarf look too Ada, this was such a fun series to read! How fun that you're starting a linkup! I will put it on my calendar for next week!

  22. I know this post is all about the scarf, Ada, but I ADORE YOUR BLAZER. It's a stunning mix of street chic with nods to mod.

  23. Your new blog looks amazing as do you my dear!

  24. I find blanket scarves to be the best of both worlds - cozy and cute!! Congrats on your first linkup girl!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  25. Thanks for the invite and more power to your new linkup! Have a lovely weekend!


  26. I love your jacket and the pop of purple that comes through. Thanks for inviting me to this link up. Congrats on starting this. I love connecting with other bloggers.

  27. I love that coat! Your first link up seems to be going fantastically, thanks for hosting!!

  28. Love your black and white coat!! So pretty!

    xx, Elise

  29. That coat is a beauty, I love black and white lately! And, the hat and scarf go so well together and with the coat. Congrats on your first link up, Ada! Also, thanks for your kind words about me and Autumn on my post.


  30. Your new(ish?) blog layout is so pretty! As is your outfit, I especially adore the hat!

  31. Congrats on your new blog and your linkup, Ada! Good for you! Love that white coat with black piping! Looks great the way you've styled it with your hat and scarf!

    Have a great weekend!

  32. Love that black and white coat, it's so chic! Thanks for letting me know about this linkup, it's perfect! So exciting that you've been thinking about launching it for 2 years and it's finally happening, congrats!!

    Chow Down USA

  33. Love the coat and blanket scarf - winter perfection!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!


  34. What is it about blanket scarves? I honestly can't get enough. I love how many ways you've styled this timeless gray check one!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  35. What a pretty coat and pretty sweater!

  36. You look beautiful! I adore those boots! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday x


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