Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Part One.

It is finally here, my Christmas Home Tour 2015. This is just part one as we have a lot to cover and a lot of photos to share. This Christmas we are back home in Michigan USA. Today, for part one I will share the Living Room and Dining Room for you. Of course our main tree (the white tree) and the fireplace+mantle are part of our living room. So let's get to it, shall we?

The 6'5'' tall White Tree stands on the left side of the mantle, in the living room. For the top of the fireplace, on the mantle, I went with a Classic Gold+Red theme this year with a little retro flair. Let's see the mantle and the tree on detail, below.

In the middle of the mantle we have Santa Klaus and Mrs. Klaus dressed up in their red+green plaid and velvet respectively. They are standing on a circle board and it looks like they are dancing, that is because they are a dancing couple. If you twine up the battery, you can see them dancing and hear a Christmas song, playing. This beautiful retro-looking Christmas piece with is actually from Avon, from about 7 years ago, and I love it. Surrounding the Klauses, we have two similar but not identical Winter horse carriages (from JC Penney's), one of which carries a Christmas tree and a wreath and the other is carrying presents. Then off each side of the horse carriages, you see these black metallic reindeer (purchased at Meijer's) which are also stocking hangers. Instead of hanging classic Christmas stockings, we hung two artisian, metallic gold+red little stockings which are also vintage-looking and I have purchased them at an art show.

Finishing off the top of the mantle, on the right side we have two red+gold ribbon trees with a few glittery tiny Christmas balls and a tiny little gold star on the top. These trees are made of cartoon and wrapped around with ribbon. They are from Kroger. Then, on the left side are my favorite pieces of the mantle - all of the Christmas soldiers. The large blue soldier I have purchased at Lord & Taylor, while the antique-looking wood box with 12 little soldiers was a Christmas gift from a past job of mine (about 8 years ago) and this box was also from Lord & Taylor. The 12 Christmas soldiers also represent the 12 days of Christmas and each of them is carrying a present from each of the "12 days of Christmas song". If you look closely they are  placed in order from the 1st top left, to the 12th on bottom right.

On the bottom, by the fireplace on the right side we have a stuffed animal wearing a NOEL sweatshirt and a scarf and carrying a green wreath off one shoulder (this was a gift, years ago), an icy-looking glittery snowman from Meijer's (carrying a broom and a Christmas tree) and on the black+white vase I hung a snowflake which has a winter-dressed penguin on the front. Then, on the other side there is a gorgeous tall Santa Klaus (from Lord & Taylor) wearing a beautiful velvet winter white coat and gold accessories. In the middle, I added a "Merry Christmas" sign purchased at Kroger.

The glass ball ornament with the yellow ducks is Vivian's Christmas ornament for this year, purchased at Bronner's.
For the tree this year I went for untypical colors (no gold, no red). Instead I chose blues, purples and greens. The blue ornaments range from icy blue and baby blue, to cobalt, royal blue and even navy; the purples range from pastel icy lilacs (like almost a baby pink) to classic purple and deep shades of grape; the greens are in teal, kelly green and even darker ones like a hunter green. There are also some icy white ornaments and some silver ones. Mostly, there are balls but there are also icicles, christmas trees, snowmen, teardrop-shaped ornaments, snowmen, hearts, bells, birds, reindeer, stars, pine cones, a large pearlized lilac apple, a large pearlized teal pear and even some more unique ornaments like silver bathtubs, and castles. Most of the ornaments are from Meijer's and Lord & Taylor, some are from Wal Mart and some from Kohl's. Topping the tree is a (large) gorgeous white+silver angel, also from Meijer's.

Underneath the Christmas tree, I added these vintage-inspired red velvet ice skates and an intricate gold wire reindeer. Both of thee pieces are from Marshalls. I purchased the ice skates ten years ago, when we celebrated our first Christmas at our then apartment as a newly-wed couple. The reindeer is new from this year. Of course, we left plenty of room to add some of Vivian's presents under the tree.

Now, let's look at the entertainment area and all the tables in the living room. First up, the entertainment/TV area, just below.

As you can see, on each side of the glass shelves on the TV stand, we have a snowman and a Santa Klaus sitting on a half moon on the right side, a white sparkly angel and a Santa Klaus carrying presents on the left side. On the right side, by one of the large speakers, sitting on the carpet we have a couple of cute white stuffed bears dressed up in their finest, festive red velvet coats. On the other side (next to the mantle) sitting down is the newest doll we bought for Vivian - an elf doll (well it is there whenever Vivian is not playing with it lol).

This side glass table always carries the white+silver lamp and that tulip glass sculpture. Keeping it all in the white and glass theme, I added the white glass reindeer, white glass Christmas tree (which even has tiny ornaments hanging from it, already) and the white glass Santa - all three pieces match and they were purchased at Home Goods. The Reindeer and Santa Klaus are also candle holders but I opted to leave them as is. That little black cube (which looks like a mini snacks table) has a vase which I filled with green bell ornaments and red ball ornaments and stuck some poinsettia lowers inside (2 lilac, 2 red, 2 white & 2 orange). In front of the glass vase are two sequined mini gift boxes, one shaped like a peppermint candy and the other has a bow on it (they were purchased at Party Store USA).

I find it that the easiest way to decorate around a house using Christmas ornaments, is putting ornaments like glass bowls inside clear glass vases or clear glass bowls. They instantly add some Christmas glow to your table, your shelf, your bookcase, your kitchen or whatever. The circle glass coffee table in the middle is simply adorned with a glass vase that I filled with mirrored red, lime green and emerald green balls and sparkly blue balls plus a silver glass star on top. They are sitting on top of a fancy silky tablecloth embroidered with gold+green flowers and gold tassels on each corner (purchased in Albania). But when Vivian is playing or drawing at the table, I put a Santa Klaus PVC tablecloth over the glass table.

When we don't use this side tray table when we have guests (we place drinks, apps or snacks here), it is placed behind the leather L sofa and adorned with this white vase filled with bright tulips. All I did to make it Christmas-ready is tie a Christmas ribbon with poinsettias and bears on it and added a red candle with a mistletoe wreath around it (from White Barn), that was it.
Finally, the dining room table which I set up with a festive red embroidered Christmas tablecloth (the embroidery has candles and poinsettias on it) with tasseled corners, has a gorgeous flower-shaped blush (large) bowl where I mixed purple+pink glass balls with wood balls and wood shells. This gorgeous tablecloth was also purchased in Albania. Off each side we have some red glass votive candle holders in mistletoe branches, which my mom has purchased.

A couple of final pictures overlooking the living room with the dining room next to it.

Hope you have enjoyed this Christmas Home Tour today. Stay tuned for part two, coming this Saturday.
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  1. Beautiful Christmas home tour! I think my absolute favorites are your white tree (I used to have a white tree when I was single and living in an apartment by myself after college!) and the 12 Days of Christmas nutcrackers, how neat! My son is really getting into nutcrackers lately. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love your white tree with all the colorful decorations! so cute!

  3. I am doing a holiday home tour too tomorrow haha! Your tree is so gorgeous! Love decorating for the holidays!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  4. your house is beautiful. I need to work on my Christmas decor post.

  5. Gorgeous!! I LOVE your white tree Ada!! I bet your little girly does too! Beautiful holiday home from one beautiful lady!!!

  6. Your home is beautiful and has the perfect festive touch! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Cute decorations! Your home looks so festive and your white tree is beautiful!

    Doused In Pink

  8. Your home looks lovely! I really like your white tree. The Christmas soldiers/nutcrackers are so fun. My husband has a collection too, so I always like seeing what others have.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. your home is so beautiful and Christmassy! I love your tree!

  10. Gorgeous home, and I love all your decor. I wish my house looked this clean. We finally put our tree up last night.
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  11. I love how you decorated your house, Ada! Your white Christmas tree looks so cute with all those colorful ornaments. I also love your Christmas soldiers! You have such a fabulous collection of Christmas decorations.


  12. Such a beautiful home...I love all the Christmas decorations!

  13. So festive Ada! I love your white tree, and all of your ornaments. It's a fun change from the classic red and gold.

  14. thank you for taking us on a tour of your christmas decorations! i love the white tree :)

  15. What cute decorations! I really like the nutcracker collection!


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