Thursday, December 20, 2012

Decking the Halls (pt. 1) - The Christmas Tree.

I have been meaning to post about Christmas Decor at my home, for a few days now but between lots of outfits (back-tracked) and not ever finding the time to take photos of all my Christmas Decor and also upload those photos, fix them a little bit (if needed) etc. it took me till today to do it. And this is just part one. I don't have all the photos ready for you. But I decided to show you my tree at least - which I have talked about in a few other posts.

As you all know, I am a soon-to-be-mom and my Baby Girl should come to this world sometime at the end of January. Even-though next year will be her First Christmas, the fact that she is in my belly and she has been our biggest blessing/news of 2012, definitely counts. So, keeping that in mind, I wanted to decorate the tree in Her Honor, this year. As a matter of fact, every single ornament on the tree is brand-new as I went for an "All White with Splashes of Pink" theme this year. (Well, White with some Silver, still in the white family). All the candy-themed ornaments are purchased particularly for her, with her in my thoughts & in my heart. There are two different type of Wrapped Candy ornaments and the cute Cupcakes which look like have a marshmallow frosting as well as other pieces of candy on top. =) These ornaments were a little more expensive than the rest but totally worth it. My Little Girl is worth it!!
These were some of the decorations, before putting them on the tree. There were also many that were purchased individually, not in packiages like these. The day I took this photo is when I put up the tree, late at night on December 6th 2012. The decorations in the tree this year consist of: different kinds of balls, different kinds of stars, different kinds of bells, long teardrops, snow-flakes, apples, reindeer, snow-men, hearts, angels, Christmas trees, pine cones, large + small candy and cupcakes. A lot of the ornaments look as if they are frosted on top - I like that. Some balls and bells have small Stars of Hot Pink in them. Also, the tree throughout has Hot Pink Lights on it. =) What do you think? It is not a typical Christmas tree but I love it. Also it looks nothing like the Christmas Tree last year. Last year was the first Christmas we spent in Albania and I had to start from scratch and buy a brand-new tree and brand-new ornaments. See 2011's Christmas Tree here. God knows I had and still have (at my Parents' Basement) a ton of Christmas ornaments in USA. As a matter of fact, I decorated the tree (and the house) differently every year. This year is no exception. I am sure next year, having our girl in the picture, it will be even more fun to decorate and there will be a few new Baby Ornaments - her first ornaments - on the tree for her, since it will be her first Christmas - so exciting!
Here is the tree with its ornaments up-close, from different angles. Do you like it?
How did you girls decorate your tree and your home for the Holidays, this year? What colors/theme did you go for? I want to see photos. =)
P.S. Stay Tuned for part two of "Decking the Halls" where I will show you the rest of my modest decorations (also done on the cheap/on a budget) around our apartment.


  1. Your tree is fabulous! I love all the pinks and the candy theme. It's so cool that you decorated with pink in honor of your baby girl :)

    We actually bought a new tree this year since we had a very old one. The girls talked me into buying a new set of ornaments. There were 100 ornaments! I never thought we would get them all on there, plus the sentimental ones too, but we did. This is our best tree by far this year. Can't wait to see your Part 2! Heather

    1. Ohhhh for sure post photos of the tree. I have seen it a little bit since you take your outfit photos in front of it but I definitely want to see it better. I want to see photos of just the tree. Please post some or E-Mail me some. Especially since it's all brand-new.

      Happy Holidays to you and the Girls and your Family. 3 More days till Christmas Eve, WOW!!

      Have a Beautiful Weekend!! Ada. =)

  2. What a sweet tree! Perfect for your new-to-come baby girl.

    1. Thanks a lot. I love it. It is kind of sweet and different isn't it? Have a Lovely Week, Megan!! =)

  3. I love this! What a fun tree!

  4. I freaking love your tree, It is beautiful


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