Pretty Pink Crochet and JC Penney Dresses.

4 Summers ago I did a lot of Dress Shopping since I could use a few new dresses. I had several showers to go to, 4 weddings, some bachelorette and engagement parties. I happened to wander into JC Penney's and to my nice surprise, they had a ton of dresses on sale. They were a little messy and disorganized though. But I had time so I dug through the racks and found about 5 or 6 dresses I loved, including the Hot Pink one from today. Between the perfect knee-length, comfortable and almost wrinkle-free jersey fabric, pockets, flattering waves on the neckline and super fun back which is crocheted in a diamond pattern with the whole middle part embroidered with silver flat beads - seriously what's not to love? I remember this pretty dress was under 30 bucks. Last week on a super hot day while I went to meet my cousin and his girlfriend (with Vivian in tow) for a frozen yougurt and then for a pizza lunch, this is what I wore. I paired it with this Summer's Favorite Sandals - my Kelly Green ones and a Neon Flower Statement Necklace plus a couple of Bracelets and I was done.
JC Penney has a lot of pretty dresses this year also. You can see Elle wearing hers here for two different dressy occasions. I love the striped one she wore. Elle is currently doing a giveaway for a $100.00 gift card to JC Penney's and of course I entered it. Hopefully I win so I can buy more pretty dresses... duh. Especially since a lot of the Spring and Summer styles are currently on sale. I could use a couple of maxi dresses, myself. What about you?
2 Nude, Thin Plastic Bangles (part of a set): Forever 21.
Dainty Gold-tone Earrings w/ Cubic Crystal, 4-Colored Stones: Fred's Jewelry (similar by Givenchy, fantastic deal, love these), (gorgeous option by Swarovski, great deal), (similar by Bebe, best deal, love these).
Bright, Kelly Green Strappy Sandals: Simple Shoes (New) (similar, trendy option), (similar, love this), (dressy stiletto option by Guess, love this).

Last Summer I wore another Hot Pink Dress from JC Penney's in a casual way, like I did today. Both today's dress and the dress below have a beautiful neckline and silver details. They are definitely more on the dressy side. As you see from this post, I have worn them casually on the blog. I have actually worn each in a more fancy way and with heels, including the dress below to a wedding (though not shown on the blog).

I am Linking up with Carrie, Casey and Whitney for "Create 28 Lovely Summer Looks" - Statement Necklaces. I am linking up with Laura and Erin for "Trend Spin Weekly" - Favorite Summer Dresses. I am also linking up with the ladies of "My Wardrobe Panorama" - My Summer Go-to Style. In the Summer my Style is definitely a dress - God knows I own a ton of them and I wear them a lot, followed closely by shorts paired with a tank or tee. 

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  1. Love hot pink on you Ada. Loving the fit and details on the fist dress!
    We Shop in Heels

  2. Such a gorgeous dress! Hot pink looks great on you and I love the back!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  3. Wooow! Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! Love this strong pink, but also the cut and this soft shiver of the fabric. You look very lovely in it <3
    I like very much, that you matched green sandals to the dress.. this way it looks interesting, fresh and stylish. Both thumbs up for you dear friend :-)

    have a nice week
    best wishes
    Dana :-)

  4. Oh the back of that dress is so pretty! I love the hot pink color! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. i love this color..on the back this dress is fab

  6. Ohh, I love the detailing on the back of the dress! In fact, I actually said "oohhh" out loud when I got to that picture (#fashionnerd).

  7. love the back on the dress.

  8. nice

    new post:

  9. This color gorgeous on you! Love the detailing on the back!
    Alena &

  10. This dress is summer-perfection and that detail on the back is really pretty! You look like you have a nice summer tan going, too. Those green sandals add a beautiful pop of color to the pink, too! So pretty! I have seen several bloggers have been doing $100 JCP gift card giveaways, I hope I win one! Altho, I do have to agree their stores are sometime messy and a little unorganized.


  11. Loving your hot pink dress! JCPenny has had some cute items! I just bought curtains from their! I will say that their dressing rooms are always covered with clothes!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  12. What an awesome color! So Stunning!

  13. You had me at "pink!" :) I adore these two dresses. You look lovely in them and styled them well. Love the lace back on that first one! T.

  14. That hot pink is gorgeous on you Ada! I love it with the bright turquoise sandals too--such a great color combo. This is reminding me I need more hot pink in my wardrobe, it's one of my favorite colors!

  15. Pretty dress! I love JC Penny! I may need to enter that giveaway myself lol!
    Rachel xo

  16. Hot pink is so hot on you Ada! I hope you win too so you can show us more beautiful dresses! You look very good with dresses! :)
    Take care and keep in touch!
    Please stop by every Wednesday for Color and Grace Fashion link up! :)


  17. What a great color! And I love the fun shoes and accessories ! I have not shopped in JC Penney in a while, but it looks like I need to check out their dress selection! Have a great day Ada! Susan

  18. The green shoes look great with the bright pink! I love the detail on the back of your dress! You look fabulous!

    Doused In Pink

  19. love that pink dress on you! one of your top ones ever! thank you so much for the giveaway shout out!

  20. This is a really cute dress! The back is fun, and it has pockets!

  21. This is a really cute dress! The back is fun, and it has pockets!

  22. Wow! That is a gorgeous dress. You look great in it. I love the back and the pockets. I was surprised to hear your JCP was messy. My town's JCP is always immaculate. I've never seen it a mess, and I shop there weekly. Different store managers I guess.

  23. Beautiful dress Ada, and I love your shoes :)

    Thanks for hoping over..

  24. Hot pink is your color! You look beautiful in both those dresses :)

  25. Love this color pink on you, Ada! XO

  26. What a gorgeous dress! Love the fun back detail!


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