Hot Pink Tweed Pencil Skirt - 5 Ways.

Welcome to the 3rd day of me wearing Pink, co-hosting Blogging for Breast Cancer AWearNess with Amy while still saying sane. I say that with a positive spirit, since it has been a crazy last couple of days and with all that I have going on, I got a little anxious yesterday, which resulted in very low blood pressure, some high fever and a little panic attach for me. It was due to Vivian changing day-cares. Also, the significant temperature drop in our weather (it was definitely time to wear a coat, a scarf and even gloves yesterday) had a lot to do with it, besides all else that is going on in my busy life. I feel much better today.

I had plans to post a Fresh Outfit (with some Pink of course) featuring a Graphic Tee today, but by the time I edited the pictures and since I am already late in my posting today, I ditched it. One of these days I will schedule my posts (at least some) ahead, one of these days. Instead my Pink Item today is my Hot Pink, Tweed, Pencil Mini Skirt which is a closet workhorse for me, especially when it comes to my Work Wardrobe. I also included this Skirt in my recent 30 for 30 challenge. I was actually able to create 4 Outfits with it (2 of which are shown below in this post) during the 30X30 challenge. The other 2 haven't made it to the blog yet, because my lap-top broke a couple of weeks ago and all those pictures are there.

1. Hot Pink+White Monochrome.
This is the first time my Hot Pink Tweed Pencil Mini Skirt appeared on the blog. I styled it like this for a (possible) Work Look as part of another Remix Challenge (where I showed you all 7 ways to wear a Sleeveless White Button-down Shirt). I ended up loving this look where the Long Striped Cardigan ties in together the Pink of the Skirt and the White of the Shirt.

2. Hot Pink+Cobalt+Black Lace.
I started teaching a couple of English classes to kids and a Marketing class to adults, just last month and this was one of the first Outfits I wore to teach. It is Polished, Bright, Happy and Elegant. It might be my Favorite Outfit featuring this Hot Pink Tweed Skirt.

3. Hot Pink+Polka Dots.
I wore this Outfit for a Job Interview. It is Simple, Classy and Chic with the High-neck, White+Black Polka Dot Blouse, which adds a little interest and shows my personality, and with Black Patent Leather Pumps which are Timeless and Classic.

4. Hot Pink+Black+Leopard.
Here I paired the Skirt with a Silky Leopard Shell and added an Open, Belted, Elbow-Sleeve Black Cardigan over it. I wore this to a Dinner Out with a couple of Girlfriends and since I had Vivian with me and she was very young then, I opted for Flat Sandals (mine are a light cognac, almost nude color) rather than Heels. I do feel this Outfit would look better with heels or wedges, though.

5. Hot Pink+Denim+Pinstripes+Sequins.
This was a second Work Outfit I created during my late Summer/early Fall 30 for 30 challenge that I did. I love how I combined different textures and layered here between the Denim Vest, Off-White Sequined Tank and the Periwinkle-Pinstriped Shirt. It all worked.

So, which one of these 5 Outfits is your favorite and why? Do you own a Hot Pink Pencil Skirt or a Pencil Skirt in another Bright Color? How have you worn it?

And to those of you who have linked up with us for Pink month - Thank You. Enjoy the Weekend!

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  1. So fun to see all the ways you have worn this. I love them all but the blue top looks so pretty with the pink. Perfect timing to wear pink this month!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  2. awesome styling!!!


  3. Such a lovely and versatile skirt - love that it's pink And tweed! You look great in all of the different ways you have styled it here. Have a great weekend, Ada!

  4. I love it paired with the silk polka dot blouse! But gosh I am a sucker for polka dots, so gorgeous!

  5. I am not sure how to pick a favorite here! They are all beautiful! I really like the denim vest outfit though. You have proven that every woman needs a pink pencil skirt in her closet!! Susan

  6. I love the pink pencil skirt! I really love the way you styled it with the vest and also the blue top! I have a pink skirt too and I'm surprised by how versatile it is!

  7. Glad to hear you are feeling better today. We also had a huge weather change to. I love the 1st one. I own a hot pink skirt but have only worn it once. I need to wear it some more. I have have a mutli color pink skirt that I have worn a lot.

  8. Loving your gorgeous pink skirt. Such a pretty look on you. :)

  9. Looking lovely in that fab pink skirt! Loving the great inspirations here. Thank you for hosting this great link up! T.

  10. What a lovely pink pencil skirt & I like all the ways you've styled it here!! I hope all is well with you, so sorry to here things have been difficult these last few days. Take care of yourself sweet lady & I hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend:)
    Marta, xo

  11. looks like it has been a great and versatile skirt! love it with the leopard!

  12. versatile skirt and it looks great to you:)

  13. Yes, m! I am here and I have finished chemo and radiation in the past 8 months. I discovered the lump a year ago TODAY, October 25th 2013. I made it public on January (something) 2014. I have had treatment since March 6th when I was finally with the best and right doctors on the planet. I am sick of seeing pink, I am sick of wearing pink, my left breast is ultra pink due to the radiation treatments of the past 6 weeks {in fact some areas are down right red, yoouuch} {thank goodness for Aloe Vera Gel!!! }

    If you are over 40 get a MAMMOGRAM YEARLY. If you have family history, get a MAMMOGRAM NOW!
    Thank you Ada and Amy for this excellent link up that brings awareness to our audiences. Someone in your sites will get the message and their life will be saved because of you. Breast Cancer is aggressive after a certain point but very slow growing at first. It can easily be removed and dealt with the smaller it is. I was a lucky one, I had two adjacent lumps that were both slow growing but over 2 cm when removed. I was required to have chemo, which was brutal. But I am alive and able to see my grandkids. I am alive and can spend time with my husband. I am alive ! ! ! ♥

  14. You've gotten a lot of wear out of this pink skirt, and it looks great in all these looks. I think the last one is my favorite.

  15. I love all the ways you've styled this skirt, but 2 and 5 are my favorites! You've gotten a lot of use from it!

  16. how did i miss this post, love that skirt


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