Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My 30 for 30 Items - Summer 2014 Edition.

Here there are: the pieces I chose for my 30 for 30 challenge, my second one. I am posting the items I chose for my 30 for 30 Summer Challenge late, due to my Vacation and such. But anyway, better late than never. This is my second time around doing this. Here are the items I chose for my Spring edition of this very same challenge which I did throughout the month of April 2014.

I know you are thinking it's already September which means Fall, but technically the first day of Fall isn't until September 22nd and to be completely honest, in real life I started this challenge on August 18th and will continue it exactly for 30 days through September 18th. Since I had some Vacation days between then and now, to keep things easier I decided to do this challenge only on my regular, non-vacation days. There were several reasons for this such as 1) I wouldn't have time, neither did I want to do any laundry while on Vacation; 2) I didn't include many Vacation type of clothes in my 30 for 30 items; 3) I wouldn't have time, neither did I want to bother with Outfit Photos while on Vacation. So for my Vacation days I packed some different clothes altogether (2 Sundresses, 1 Maxi Dress, 4 pairs of Shorts, 3 Tank Tops, a Tee, 1 Blouse, 1 Long-Sleeve Open Cardigan, 4 Bikinis and 2 pairs of Sandals in case you were wondering). However, this second time around this challenge is even harder because I am wearing a few different hats. I mostly stay home with my daughter, but starting Monday September 8th, I will be teaching 2 different English classes, one for children 10-12 years old and one for adults (ESL), both at an education and learning center. Plus, I have a few dressier events and luncheons scheduled for the first 3 weeks of September. And last but not least I also have 2 job interviews within the time-table of this challenge. Add to all of these the challenge of the weather when August was all hot and Summery, but once I got back from vacation, September so far has been pretty chilly and Fall-like (and I haven't included many fall-like items, but I will make it work) and I got myself an extra challenge.

In my 30 for 30 items, I knew I'd want to include less tops and more bottoms than I did last time. A lot of my tops only got worn twice during the Spring challenge. I also knew I wanted to include 6 pairs of shoes, where at least one pair were either loafers or ballet flats. I wanted to keep most of my shoes neutral in color with one or two colorful pair(s) in the mix. I also knew I wanted to include a fee floral items since to me that is the ultimate Summer print. It was shocking to me (seeing it now as I am posting this) that I actually included 4 floral pieces. In my mix I wanted to have a fair share of Tank Tops, Tees and Blouses so 4 was the perfect number for each category. I also wanted to have more Skirts than Pants and definitely no more than 2 pairs of Shorts because Shorts are only for casual as well as hot days first of all and secondly I have already worn a lot of Shorts this Summer. So I have 4 Skirts and from the other bottoms I have 2 pairs of Shorts, 2 pairs of Pants (all the Shorts and Pants I picked are actually Patterned) and 2 Dresses (one Maxi and one Shirt-Dress). 2 of my Skirts are Pencil style, one is an A-line midi and the other one flares out a little bit on the back and it has the fitted tulip style on the front. Last but not least I only wanted to select 2 pieces as completer pieces to layer with. I knew a Neutral Cardigan (I chose a Black one) was one of them. For the second item I debated a lot between my Denim Vest and a Blazer. But I chose the Vest which I decided to exchange for my Denim Jacket if it is cooler out. Due to my dressy events, I had to include some Basic Heels, so I chose my Black Lace Bow Peep-toe Pumps. But if I need to, I decided to swap those out for my Black Perforated Bow Peep-toe Wedges in case the Pumps felt too dressy for the Outfit or my feet were tired for me to walk in them. Rather than these interchangeable pieces, everything else is fair game during this challenge. Of course, Tanks and Camisoles that are worn underneath Shirts don't count (I am sure most people who have done this challenge haven't counted those), since they are basic Layering pieces. OK, so below are all of the items I chose. What do you think of what I picked out? Do I have a good amount of options for creating outfits? Do I have a nice color palette to actually wear items that go together well rather than just throw clothes on, randomly? Let me know what you think. Thanks. =)

(Items' Descriptions from Left to Right, Up and Down.)
Periwinke+White, Pinstriped "Portofino" Button Down Shirt w/ Chest Pockets: Express.
Fuchsia, Black+White Floral, 3/4-Sleeve, Off-the-Shoulder Silk Blouse: White House Black Market.
Royal Blue, Sleeveless Silk Blouse w/ Ruffle on the front: White House Black Market.
Ivory, Sleeveless Blouse w/ Lace on the Front, Chiffon on the Back & Light Chambray Collar: Sabra (New).
Off-White Tank Top w/ Clear Sequins on the Front: Express.
White+Gray, Rose Brocade Fitted Tank Top w/ small Black Ruffle Trim: White House Black Market.
Black, V-Neck Tank w/ Silver+Black Crystal Embellishments on the Neckline, Ruched off the Side: White House Black Market.
Blush/Baby Pink Silky Tank w/ Metallic+Bronze Embellishments on top of the Neckline: Express.
Orange-Red, Scoop-Neck, Short-Sleeve Tee in Jersey Cotton on the Front & Silky on the Back: The Limited.
Black+White Polka Dot, Boat-Neck, Elbow-Sleeve Tee w/ Ruched Sleeves: White House Black Market.
White Floral, Graphic Tee in Jersey Cotton on the Back & Silky on the Front: Sabra (New).
Hunter Green, Scoop-Neck, Short-Sleeve, Fitted, Soft Cotton Tee: The Limited.
White, Full Skirt w/ Multi-Color Floral Print: A Local Boutique (New).
White Poplin Pencil Skirt w/ Peplum Ruffle detail in the Middle on the Back by the Hem: White House Black Market.
Fuchsia, Light Tweed, Pencil Skirt: The Limited.
Navy, White+Baby Blue, Geometric-Print, Hi-lo Tulip, Satin Skirt: H&M (New).
Olive Green, Tank, V-Neck Silky Maxi Dress: H&M (New).
*In case you missed it, I wore the Olive Dress yesterday, for my first outfit in this challenge.
Dark Wash, Long-Sleeve, Chambray Shirt-Dress w/ Rolled Sleeves & Gold Buttons: Express.
Black+White, Geometric/Diamond Print, Cotton Shorts: Old Navy.
Neon Orange Tie Dye, Denim Shorts: Gap.
Yellow+White Dot-Print Skinny Pants: Gap.
Navy+White, Tribal-Print, Relaxed, Silky "Sweat-pant Style" Pants w/ Elastic Waist: H&M (New).
Black, Elbow-Sleeve, Ruched Cardigan: The Limited .
Denim Vest in Medium Wash Blue: c/o Pelinki (New). 
The Interchangeable item: Light Medium Wash, Classic Denim Jacket: H&M (Thrifted).
Pewter, Neutral-Metallic, Beaded, Thong Sandals: Old Navy.
Yellow, Soft Leather, Buckled Loafers: Nine West.
Bronze, Metallic, Glittery, Bootie Sandals w/ double Buckles off the side: DSW .
Black Satin & Floral Lace, Bow, Open-toe Pumps: Payless.
Dark Red, Patent Leather, Strappy Sandals: Aldo's.
Hot Pink, Multi-Colorful Stripped Wedge Espadrilles: Payless.
The Interchangeable item: Black, Soft Leather Perforated Wedges w/ Gold Rhinestone Bows + Cognac Soles: A Local Shoe Boutique (New).

So there you have it folks: 4 Blouses + 4 Tanks + 4 Tees + 4 Skirts + 2 Dresses + 2 pairs of Shorts + 2 pairs of Pants + 2 Completer Pieces + 6 pairs of Shoes + 30 Items Total. A little bit of lace, a little bit of Chambray, a little bit of stripe, a little bit of polka dot, a lot of Neutral pieces but some Bright Colors as well. I have some Casual pieces, more Dressy pieces, almost as many Bottoms as I have Tops, a variety of Different Sandals, Wedges, Pumps + Loafers and two very Basic Toppers/Completer Pieces to layer with when necessary. Most of the clothes I chose, haven't been worn at all this Summer, a few of them I have only worn once or twice this Summer (with the exception of both Denim Jackets). I am committed to this for exactly 30 days and since some days I change outfits from daytime to evening, I will most likely be able to make over 30 outfits out of my 30 pieces. So let's do this!

Thank you for reading. =)


  1. I think you did a great job! I've been seeing these sorts of challenges in the blog space lately and kinda want to try it. :)
    Happy Thursday, Ada!


  2. OMG love this you did awesome and all your items are so cute! Love those dresses!!

    <3 Shannon

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  4. Such great items to wear! Can't wait to see these pieces on your blog in the next few weeks! :)

  5. Very impressive! I really don't think I could ever do this! Good for you!

  6. It seems every time I've done a 30x30 challenge, it has fallen on a vacation... which is great if I plan ahead, because then I can take the photos at some neat places. However, if it was a beach vacation... there is no way I'd want to do a 30x30 during it and I'd do what you are doing and skip those days! I really love all of your patterned pants/shorts and of course that olive dress! I am thinking of doing a 7x7 challenge sometime, maybe this fall... I have done plenty of 30x30's!

  7. You've chosen some great items! I'm excited to see how you style them all! That would be more difficult, choosing items that would work for both work and home, but I think all of these pieces will be great for both!

  8. I am so day-to-day in my outfit decisions, that this would be a very hard challenge for me. You picked some great things, though. I'm excited to see what you do with it all!

  9. You made some great selections! Can't wait to see how you style them!

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  12. I think you will be able to mix so many of these! Excited to see how you wear them all!

  13. Wow thats quite a challenge you pulled off Ada! Love the denim the most. Looking forward to see your styling. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog! xo Sabina@Oceanblue Style

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  16. Such great items to wear ! Love the denim jacket :) x

  17. These are really great pieces! I can see you making lots of great outfits out of these! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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