Wednesday, October 1, 2014

27 + 28: Layers for Work and Black+White Simplicity for a Casual Morning.

I didn't mean to not post yesterday since I am still very behind showing ALL of the 30 for 30 looks (and after today, I still have about a dozen more). But I spent all day at home with a feverish little girl. She has a sore throat which caused high fever, therefore she is on antibiotics. I am so worried to leave her for a few hours at the daycare today, while I teach. Praying she will beat this very soon. Poor baby. =( Today marks October 1st and it's early morning here, as I am writing this post. I did it. I turned the heat on and it is currently warm and cozy at my home. Anyway, let's move on, because we got many things to cover today.
I wore this Outfit on a morning one day to run some errands first and then teach. But class was canceled. On my way home I ran into a friend and her little boy. I hadn't seen her in forever so we sat down for a cappuccino. I am glad this Tweed Hot Pink Skirt was finally on rotation for me to wear (meaning I forgot about it for a while lol). I love how I layered it with the White Sequined Tank, the Pinstriped Oxford Shirt over it (leaving a few buttons undone to see the Tank) and then the Denim Vest. I added a Belt in a darker shade (like a Magenta) which looked awesome with the Skirt, a couple of Simple Bracelets, a Dainty Necklace, one of my Hot Pink Watches and the Bow Open-Toe Pumps and I was done. What do you think of this Outfit for work? Would you do some layering with a Pencil Skirt?

And I am killing several birds with one stone, wearing this Outfit. Since today is October 1st and marks the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, how cool that I am wearing Pink, right? Yes, Pink in both Outfits, indeed. The Lovely Amy is hosting a BBCA Link-up every day this month. BBCA stands for Blogging for Breast Cancer Awareness, by the way.
Also, Yesterday's Trend Spin Weekly was about Layers (which I got plenty of, in this first outfit) - I am a day late but oh well. Last but not least, Tomorrow's Spotlight Weekly, is all about Leather. I believe every woman should own a Great Leather Bag, especially in a Neutral Color. This Gold Designer Bag one of mine has proven to be more Versatile than I first thought.
Hand Jewelry:
Hot Pink, Patent Leather Strap Watch w/ Silver Rhinestone Face & 2 Pink Rhinestone, Floating Hearts inside: An Accessories Boutique in Albania (very similar), (similar Hello Kitty, best deal),(similar, Kate Spade option, love this), (MK gorgeous fuchsia option, love this).
2 Thin Plastic Bangles (1 Gold & 1 Ivory): Forever 21 (part of a 5-bangle set).
Silver, Pave Ring w/ tiny Silver Stones & big Square Ruby in the middle: A Local Boutique (similar, gorgeous option), (similar, best deal, love this).
Real Silver Ring w/ Tiny Turquoise Stone: Express (very similar), (similar w/ large stone, best deal, love this).
Periwinke+White, Pinstriped "Portofino" Button Down Shirt w/ Chest Pockets: Express (similar by Lauren, love this), (similar by Brooks Brothers, love this), (similar by Tommy Hilfiger, on sale).
Magenta Python Skinny Belt: Ann Taylor (similar, splurge), (similar, save).
Dainty Silver Chain Necklace w/ Semi-Precious Square, Orange Stone: Lord & Taylor (similar w/ teardrop stone, love this), (similar, best deal).

The next morning I was off and it was warm and I wanted to wear Shorts for one of the last times this year. So I paired my White, Diamond-Print Shorts with my Black Polka Dot Tee, mixing some B+W Prints. I added a pop of Pink via the Belt, Wedges and Sunglasses. Easy, simple and cute though literally thrown-together so fast. What do you think?
Black+White Polka Dot, Boat-Neck, Elbow-Sleeve Tee w/ Ruched Sleeves: White House Black Market (very similar, on sale), (similar w/ colorblocked sleeves, great deal, love this), (similar, orange w/ black dots, best deal, love this).
Black+White, Geometric/Diamond Print, Cotton Shorts: Old Navy (similar, love these), (similar, tribal print, great deal, love these), (similar w/ crochet trim, best deal).
Bright Coral, Patent Leather, Skinny Belt: White House Black Market (similar, great deal, love this), (similar w/ twisted silver hooks, best deal).
Dainty Silver Chain Necklace w/ Semi-Precious Square, Orange Stone: Lord & Taylor (similar w/ teardrop stone, love this), (similar, best deal).
2 Thin Plastic Bangles (1 Gold & 1 Ivory): Forever 21 (part of a 5-bangle set).
Pink-framed, Green/Rainbow Mirror "Wayfarer" Sunglasses: Random Street Vendor (New) (identical, best deal), (very similar, great deal), (gorgeous Ray Ban option, love these).
Hot Pink, Multi-Colorful Striped Wedge Espadrilles: Payless (very similar, SAVE), (similar + great deal, love these), (similar, SPLURGE).

And since this is the last time I remixed these Shorts on this challenge, I wanted to show you all the ways I have worn them.
(123 and 4.)
What I have noticed is that I mixed it up when it comes to Shoes and Belts - chose  different ones each time. And I kept it simple when it came to Jewelry.

(To view all of my 30 for 30 items and rules for this challenge, click here.)

P.S. I am linking up with my friend Angele, who has a new link-up for 'Real Moms' so if you are a Mom - join it. Angele is Stylish, Beautiful and an Awesome Blogging Friend to have. Also joining Amber, Ayana, Liz, Madeline, Melaina, Morgan, Niki, Robyn, Shanna and Victoria.
Happy Hump Day and Happy October Ladies!! Pumpkin month is here!


  1. I love both your striped and your polka dotted tops! I can't believe that your heat is on. It's hard to imagine it's that time of year when it is still so warm here somedays.

  2. Love how you styled the pencil skirt with the layers! I would definitely wear that to work. The pattern mix of your second outfit is perfect!


  3. Those shorts are so cute! Love how you mixed patterns too!


  4. That is a perfect outfit for work... or, well... for a cappuccino with a friend :) The skirt is such a pretty color and the button down pin-stripe shirt goes great with that denim vest!! Goes to show you can style up denim vests easily and wear them to work!

  5. love how you styled the pink skirt. I hope your daughter feel better soon. It now fun when little ones are sick.

    I'm Hosting BBCA(Blogging for breast cancer awareness). I hope you will join in. Read more about it on my blog.

  6. pretty look!! I love the short and the polka dot top!

  7. I am so sorry to hear that sweet Vivian is sick :( I hope she feels better soon!

    I really like the first outfit. The purple-y pencil skirt is really cool with a jean jacket. It's an interesting, fun combo!

  8. I love that black and white pattern mixing! I'm sending Vivian lots of "feel better soon" thoughts!

  9. cute outfits! really loving the denim vest with the pencil skirt! super cute combo!

  10. Looking amazing girl!! Thst first look is too cute! Love the pencil skirt with the denim vest!

    <3 Shannon

  11. I love your layered look. The combination of textures and colours is super and the gold bag finishes the look nicely. You look great!

  12. Great layering Ada! Hope your little one feels better soon! There is nothing worse than dealing with fevers, they can be so scary for moms!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  13. Very cute looks!

  14. I hope your little one feels better soon! It's no fun being sick :( I really like both of your outfits, especially the layering in the first outfit!

  15. Ciao Ada :) Hope your daughter feels better soon!

    The striped shirt and the denim vest go so well together, and the pink skirt is a great match for the blue, in my opinion. I also really like the pattern mix in the second outfit.

    Have a nice day!

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  16. Thanks for the short out. Don't forget to link your post in yesterday blog post. :)

  17. Love the pencil skirt with the denim vest. Perfect mix of styles. Hope Vivian feels better soon!

  18. I hope that your little one is feeling better! And why didn't I know that you are a teacher? I missed that! I love how you dressed up your denim vest! Great idea! Susan

  19. Love the pink skirt and striped shirt look! Plus, that polka dot shirt! So cute!

    Thanks for linking up at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!

  20. I really like the print on those shorts, they look so cute! :)

    Madeline @ Cappuccino and Fashion

  21. I love your pattern mixing!! so darling!
    xo Lindsay

  22. Ada, I hope that now your little Vivian is feeling much better...and I can't imagine at what time you wrote this in the morning because you did such a great job in pulling together a nice long post!!! Good for you for remembering Breast cancer Awareness Month and thank you for reminding me.

    As always I'm so happy you could join the #reasonstodress Real Mom Street Style linkup and I really do thank you for all your've done to get the word out and support this fun linkup for moms.

    Angie from reasons to dress

  23. I think that hot pink tweed skirt is my second favorite of yours (right after that pretty floral one)! The layers and textures in that outfit are so pretty!


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