Guest Post - Londyn.

Hi Blogging Friends. Today, gracing My Blog I have Londyn from "Blog Fashion". Not only is she one of My Most Favorite Bloggers that I follow religiously, she is also one of the very first blogs I started reading, back in 2010 when I started reading and discovering Fashion Blogs. Her Blog and Her Style inspired me so much. And seriously, Londyn has a little something to do with me starting my own blog. I found her style so inspiring, I went back a few years back and for a few months I read every single post of hers and saw every single outfit. I love her style so much because she defines Elegance and Sex Appeal to me. She always manages to look both Elegant & Chic as well as Sexy & Sassy. I also love and envy her huge and gorgeous Shoe Collection. She wears heels on a daily basis and looks great doing so. Take it over Londyn!

Mens-Wear Inspired

Hello blog readers!  I’m Londyn and I’m happy to be guest blogging for Elegance Personified.  I’m a busy professional with a love of fashion and a passion for life.  I’m addicted to chocolate, strong coffee, good books, fabulous food and shoes that sing my name!  My break from reality is posting pic and tips on my own fashion blog, BlogFashion.

There are times when finding inspiration to embrace personal style can be challenging. When I find myself in one of these lulls I try to find a specific look to embrace. Maybe I’ll go bold with all brights, possibly I’ll indulge my inner sexy secretary… whatever it is, typically playing up this “character” for a bit helps shake this up and bring the interest back.

Since my typical wardrobe is very feminine, one look I gravitate to from time to time is a more menswear inspired look.

This could be as simple as a vest…
A tweed or linen blazer…
A tie…
A classic suit…
A plaid or pleated skirt…
A fedora or trench coat…
or Audrey Hepburn inspired wide-leg pants…

I hope you find something to inspire you today too!

Thanks Londyn for the Guest Post and for these Fashionable Tips on how to Look Polished and still like a Lady while incorporating some Menswear Inspiration into your looks. Such great Looks, I am having a hard time choosing favorites but ultimately I love all the outfits with the Vests, the Wide-Legged Pants' outfit & the Pencil Skirt with the Suspenders.


  1. I adore these menswear inspired looks! That is one of the hardest things for me to do is dress like this. Londyn pulls it off perfectly! Look at that shoe collection!

    1. I envy her shoe collection too. She has some of the best shoes I have seen. =)

  2. Londyn's blog was one of the first ones I started reading too and also inspired me to start blogging myself! Her style is awesome!

  3. Thanks for introducing me to a new blogger :)

  4. Thanks Ada for posting and thanks for all the lovely comments too!

  5. Great guest post! I think my fave look may be the version with the full plaid skirt!

  6. I read Londyn too :) she has some amazing heels :)

  7. I just bought the golden gears necklace today, I really like it. I tried it in store, although it was full price they gave me the online price of $88.00. I like to wear a necklace inside a button front shirt to fill in the neckline, this is 16" and will be perfect.
    I tried the classic link necklace while I was there. It's heavy! At least compared to the golden gears. It's nice, though for what I wanted it's too bulky. It's not going to sit flat under a shirt. I have the original Jenna bracelet from 3-4 years ago and this is the same link on a smaller scale. Very statement-y in a necklace. I like it and may pick it up if it goes on sale.

    professional men's wear


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