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Hello All. I have another Guest Post today for you, after taking a little break from Guest Posting, not that I meant to just that days go by so fast taking care of a tiny, little baby. =) I hope you all understand. Thank you to all of You who have Guest Posted for me so far. I appreciate it and I thank you for your time, effort, fun posts & good style tips. =) Today, I have one of My Most Favorite Bloggers and Earliest Readers and Fans of my Page, Lorena from "Lorena's Every Day Wear".

Lorena has been a big fan and enthusiast of my page and has followed and supported me from the very beginning. I do envy her job cause she gets to travel around the world, very often. But I also envy not just her style but her closet editing - she is very smart about that. She purges her clothes every month and keeps track both of what she gets rid of and what she purchases - very clever on her part. One thing I love about Lorena is her nails. It is funny because I am NOT a nail person. I would love to be and I envy all of you girls that are. But see, for as long as I can remember I have bitten my nails and this horrible habit hasn't stopped yet. I had no idea Lorena used to bite her nails too. You would never guess. Anyway, Lorena will share with us today many different, fun, cute, stylish & pretty ways she has kept her nails - which I always compliment her on. You will see for yourself why.

I have been reading Ada's blog for over a year and have been able to follow her moves.
First, she literally moved from one continent to another, from the US to her native Albania.
Have watched as she got a job, then moved to a bigger apartment and now how her family grows 
as Ada and her husband welcome a new member of their family.

When Ada posted about needing other bloggers to collaborate with guest posts, while getting
adjusted to a baby in the house, well I thought I'd jump right in.
Ada is always super nice and through her comments you feel like you know her
and is the type of person you can probably sit down for hours with and have a great chat with.

I picked a theme for this post - which is actually - believe it or not: nails.
Ada always compliments my nails.  The funny thing is I use to bite them.
I bit them until my mid twenties and then I just decided that it had to stop.

I love doing my nails and make an effort to paint them at least once a week.
I do it at the salon when it's a more artsy thing going on or just paint them myself.

I get ideas from other blogs, magazines or just when I pick up a new varnish :)
There's always an excuse to get my nails done.

They pick you up instantly and better your mood.
It's not a very expensive way to pamper yourself.
It's "you" time.

Here are a few ways, that are quite simple, that you can try out:

Polka Dots:

Gold Crackle:


Two Tone:

Colorful Two - Tone:

Bright and Sunny:

Trendy Colors:

Subtle Designs:

Thank you for the fun and colorful post, Lorena. I love how you have taken inspiration from your favorite magazines and painted your nails. You have done a beautiful job. You NAILED IT every time, Literally!


  1. Yah for nail polish and nail art! I love to do my nails. The two tone look is one of my favorites by Lorena. I used to bite my nails too, but once I started to make an effort in painting them I didn't want to ruin all my hard work :) Heather

    1. WOW another nail-biter. How did you kick off this bad habit? I want to have pretty, polished nails soooooooooooo badly.

  2. Hi Ada, thank you for the guest post opportunity !
    I am linking a post to it this week.


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