Girly-Up Bermuda Shorts.

Good Morning All and Happy Sunday. What are you doing today on your day off? Cause it is certainly NOT a day off for me. As a matter of fact I am pulling a double, 13-hour day (plus 2 more hours it takes to go back/forth from and to work). I will be beat by the time I get home. But I look cute today, though. I am wearing an Express dress that I have had for a couple years but never worn. My baby bump is still quite little. This dress is the fitted style, so it envelops your body, but despite my bump I was able to pull it on without even unzipping it. It helps that the dress has some stretch to it. I think it might be OK for me to wear a couple more times through September, too.

So yesterday I ended up watching 3 movies I had never seen before. We try to catch up on movies, on cable the one weekend day I am off. I watched SALT for the first time (though didn't catch the first 30 minutes of it) and loved it. Angelina Jolie was amazing in it. If you haven't seen it, I reccomend it for sure. I also, watched another Thriller as well as a Comedy, with hubby. Dinner was light and simple. We had plain yougurt with fresh pears sliced inside. I got these pears from a fresh street market a couple days ago and they are so nice and sweet, they were great.

Today's outfit features Bermuda Shorts dressed up for work. I actually own quite a few pairs of Bermudas. I have all the basic colors like khaki, black and white. I also own stripped ones, colored ones, Madras, etc. But I have only worn the khaki and black ones to work, this summer. I think if you dress them up on top as well as with jewelry and perhaps a less casual shoe, they are quite appropriate for work. This chiffon top is gorgeous. I love the ruffled neckline as well as the rosettes off the side. They are a clip on so they could be removed. It is quite a girly top and it is one of my favorite blouses from bebe (I own a bunch of nice, dressy, silk tops from bebe). I have worn the top without a cami underneath for a date night, but for work a camisole is definitely needed. This bright pink one was girly and pink always goes so well with beige, so it was an easy choice to make. =) I love the results of this outfit. Don't you?

Cap-Sleeve, Rosey Beige, Silk Chiffon Blouse w/ Rosettes: Bebe.
Hot Pink Stretchy Nylon Camisole w/ Lace Trim: White House Black Market.
Light Cotton, Khaki, Bermuda Shorts: The Limited.
Floating Pearl Necklace (Real Pearls): JC Penneys.
Bold, Shiny, Twisted, Gold Cuff Bracelet: The Limited.
Vintage-Looking, Dark Gold, Butterfly & Rhinestone Cocktail Ring (Right Hand): Parfois.
Beige, Peep-Toe Wedges w/ Different Colorful Dots: Il Cammino.


  1. Hi Ada, thank you so much for stopping by and following along with us! It sounds like you have had a great weekend, but a 13 hour shift sounds like a long day.

    You look really cute though for work in the soft beige top with the ruffles and of course the pearl necklace. Following along now too.

    Heather & Kayla

    1. Thanks a lot Heather & Kayla. I am currently enjoying reading your blog. I started from the very beggining and have left some comments along the way. Adore you two together and cute, seprate styles. I appreciate your use of colors, too. Thanks for following along. I appreciate it. =)


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