Decking the Halls (pt. 2) - Home Decor.

Yes, it is after Christmas but the Christmas Spirit and the Holiday Season is VERY MUCH ALIVE. Plus you are supposed to keep your Christmas Decor at least until January 6th - on the Day of Epiphany. This is the continuation to this post. This time around I will show you around our home: a small, modest apartment that is down-town - big city living you all. Most of the decorations are in the living room, dining room & kitchen area but I also added a little Holiday Glory to the Coat Hanger in the hall and to our bedroom (by my dresser).

Below I will show you the entertainment area, the book shelves, the coffee table, the dining room table, etc. This is a picture-heavy post. Hope you like all the photos. =) So let's start.

The Entertainment Area (where the TV, DVD Player & the Shelves of Books are).
What do you think? I like all the little Porcelain Christmas Figurines and the tiny Snow Globes. I also like the Sparkly, Glittery Flowers & Leaf Branches I have added, especially the long ones in my Crystal Glass where I tied a Satin Red Ribbon with a Red Christmas Tree Ornament hanging down.
You will also see lots of Glass Bowls and Glass Jars (like Mason Jars) throughout the Living Room & Dinning Room (photos below to follow, as well). That is an Ada thing to do around Christmas. LOL I sure do have a lot of ornaments and I think they look real pretty behind clear glass. The little Pink & Lime Card you see is a Beautiful Card for our girl. My cousin and her fiance sent it, along with a bunch of beautiful clothes.
 I made the little Gold & Red Decorative Branches that I placed next to those candles, using some ornaments and a Gold Branch. I like how they came out. =)
 The wish above means "Merry Christmas" in Albanian. =)
I love these little jars with the red covers, I purchased prior to the Holidays. I purchased them to use for putting ornaments in them but I will sure use them again, too. They are cute, beautiful & close off, well.

The Living Room by the Sitting Area:
Here are a few different angles from our living room. I love the Red Couches. And we finally posted some frames/art on the wall, after 8 months of living here. I found some cute, inexpensive pieces which go with the rest of the living room.

The Kitchen Area:
Here is a photo of the dining room table by the kitchen area. More Red as you see. I thought the Apple Tablecloth was still fitting for the Holiday Season. The little red tray has 3 different Glittery, Gold, Christmas Tree Candles & a Red Ball Ornament painted with Gold Trees. And below, you see the refrigerator with a little decorative jar on top of it.

Other Areas in the Apartment:
This is the dresser & coat hanger in the Hallway.
And some Gold Ornaments in a Jar by My Dresser in the Bedroom.


  1. Your red couches and chairs are soo gorgeous.

    1. Thanks. I love our couches too. Chairs actually need to be replaced. We need to get a whole new table & chairs for the dining area but it is not in the budget, now.

  2. Ada I see your home was all ready for the holidays :)
    I like the idea of the ornaments in the jars ...

    1. Hahahaa. Yes I may have gone overboard with ornamens in jars. LOL


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