My Baby Story: 35 Weeks.

This week marked the end of my job, and as of Friday I started My Maternity Leave. Thankfully, in Albania, you can take your leave as early as 35 days before your baby's due date. I don't have 35 days left, less than that, but it was determined at my job that I would only work through the end of 2012. As a matter of fact because of budget costs, they are taking my position off altogether. But, because I have worked for a full year straight, full time and with insurance, I benefit a whole year of Paid Maternity Leave so I am taking all of 2013 off to raise my baby and be by her side. It is the best thing after all. It would cost me just as much had I gone back to work and paid a lot of money for a baby-sitter, a nanny or day-care. Now that days are flying by and 2012 is coming to a close, I am THATMUCHCLOSER to the birth and arrival of our sweet, little Princess. =)

To My Baby Girl:
Oh Sweet Girl, we had a 35-week ultra-sound on Friday and in 5 and a half weeks from the last ultra-sound, you had grown up so much, little peanut. You had pretty much doubled in size. You are at about 6 lbs. now. WOW!! My belly is not very large but whatever weight there is, it's all you Baby Girl. In these cases we say MASHALLA!! I can just imagine that in the next 2-3 weeks you will grow that much more. Also, the doctor said because of your growth and the fact that you move so much (yes you moved a lot during the ultra-sound as well), you might make an earlier presence so I should expect you anytime after January 15th-January 20th. You have kicked a ton this week, especially in the mid-week and on Friday. Your little legs, knees & feet have gotten so strong that you keep kicking mommy close to the kidney on my right side. And yes it is a little bit painful. But you are strong and you are in the right birthing position, we were told during your last ultra-sound, so I will take all the kicks, even the most painful of them as long as you are well & healthy.

Mom Sends you her Love as I caress the Belly and think of you every minute, till you are in my arms.

How Far Along: 35 weeks.
Total Weight Gain: 19 lbs or so. Yes, I have gained some weight in the last 10 days or so.
Baby Measurements & Weight: According to the ultra-sound you were about 2.600 kg, about 6 lbs. The last ultra-sound we had of you, you were about 1.400 kg. Good Job Baby Girl, keep growing. But because you were moving a lot, it was hard measuring your height, however the doctor said everything was within the normal measurements. =)
Maternity Clothes? Yes. Definitely Maternity Pants, though I still wear a bunch of Non-Maternity Stretchy Leggings & Non-Maternity tops.
Best moment this week: The ultra-sound was the best part, hearing her heartbeats & seeing her in the monitor. She was healthy, strong & had gained some weight. She was at the right weight for her age.
Miss Anything? Even-though I have only been off from work for 3 days now, I know a part of me will miss work. I worked there 6 days a week, over 50 hours a week for a full year. It was a good job overall though it had its crappy, hectic moments - just like every job. week. But I know I will enjoy these days before her birth, relaxing, sleeping, cooking, cleaning & getting ready for Baby Girl. =)
Movement: Yes, DAILY. A lot of her kicks and movements are so much stronger now & some of them even hurt mommy.
Food Cravings: I was craving rice yesterday. I haven't eaten or craved much rice throughout this pregnancy. I love rice pilaf, risotto & such but I didn't care for it much while pregnant. Yesterday we had lunch out at a Mexican Restaurant where I had some rice & yummy Mexican Food, which I was also craving. And I have been craving more sweets too. So after, we went to a small Coffee/Dessert place. It is just this tiny, cozy, warm place where they make the best desserts. I had a Chocolate Ganache Dessert over a Chocolate Graham Cookie Crust. It was delish.
Gender: Girl.
Belly button in or out? Definitely more out than in. Not completely out though.
Wedding rings on or off? On, usually on my middle finger. I was showing my fingers to my husband yesterday, telling him how they have gotten thinner, while pregnant.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Ohhh super happy. Even when she kicks me and it hurts I am happy, because I know she is in there and is letting me know that she is OK and is growing just fine.
Looking forward to:  Putting her bed together this week and decorating it with the sheets, blankets, toys and everything else. I am sure it will come out so pretty. Also looking forward to doing a little shopping for her (we have a few things to get, just a couple of things left). And of course I am looking forward to New Year's. A brand new year filled with so much Joy, Hope & Happiness especially now that we are expecting. 2013 will be A VERY LUCKY, GOOD YEAR FOR US because of our little one!!


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