Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week's Best Looks: November 4th 2012.

Hello. I have had this idea for about a month now and finally today I make it happen. I think having a fashion blog makes us more self-conscious about what we wear and how we are presented to the world, especially if it is our own daily looks we are showing in there. At the same time, it gives us the opportunity to find, talk with, exchange ideas with, take inspirations from, discover, admire and follow many other bloggers, whose styles and aesthetics we love! Blogging gives us the opportunity (and we should embrace such opportunity) to become virtual friends with each-other and support each-other. But I also think all of this should come from the heart.

There are some similar features like mine, from other bloggers. One of the most popular blogs features "The IT List" but this blog's owner requires that in order for any fashionista to be featured on it, they pay a monthly fee. I understand many bloggers make money from their blogs and have turned their blogging in their own businesses, some quite profitable - good for them! But I also believe that certain things in a blog should be free. While I enjoy looking and reading "The IT List", I also feel it feels a little bit forced. It always features the same high-profile bloggers who have paid a monthly fee to be featured either weekly or bi-weekly on it. While these bloggers are all very stylish and usually the outfits featured on this list are some of their best (I read and follow some of them), I do think it should come from a genuine place, kind of like all the link-ups many bloggers do weekly like mondays, wednesdays, fridays, etc. Now that is growing your own blog and paying attention and dedicating time and love to your fellow followers or other bloggers whose styles you really like. And since this is my first time doing this, I also like your opinion on this matter.

This is why I am doing this. Every Sunday I am posting my list of "Week's Best" of what I think are some of the best looks of the past week, of the bloggers I follow and read daily. Every week I will feature anywhere from 5 to a dozen looks whom I have loved and I will even give a small description of how I have percepted that particular look and why I think it is a winner! I will also mention what I think was my own favorite look/outfit of that week. So, without any further ado...

This Week's Best Looks are these 6 Fashionable Ladies. They are all doing Fall Justice with their ensembles.

This Week's Lovely Looks include
(from top to bottom, left to right):
Aulona mixes Cute Burnt Orange Shorts with a Girly T-Shirt, a Monogrammed Purse, Funky Glasses, Warm Tights and a Brown Grandpa Sweater for a Fall-Forward Layered, Colorful Look.
Megan wears the Most Colorful Graphic Tee with one of her Fabulous Flower Buttons and a Fun Star Belt, yet she keeps the look semi-dressy with her Dark Trouser Jeans.
Kayla wears a Gorgeous Cobalt Blue Blazer over a Casual Gray Tee (that every girl should have in her closet) and a Fun Statement Necklace that matches the colors in both her Blazer and T-Shirt.
Heather wears another Must-Have Fall Color - Mustard, pairing it with white pants, showing us that YES you can wear White after Labor Day.
Jessica pairs two off-the-moment colors Oxblood and Mint with a Gorgeous Leopard Blouse. I love her Beige Booties, too.
Ashley shows us that you can wear Denim-on-Denim and look Fashionable. She chooses a Cognac Braided Belt, a Bright Yellow Necklace and Cozy Gray Oxfords to complete her look.
And My Own Favorite Look this week:
I like this look because of the Silk of the Dress that even reads silky on the photos. Paired with the Mustard Cardigan and Leopard Ballet Flats, I achieved a Fall Look during a warm October Day. =)


  1. Aww, thanks for including me, Ada. Always happy to find links to new blogs to read.

    1. You are welcome!! It is my pleasure. Loved your colorful tee remix of this week.

  2. Ada, si fillim te falenderoj nga zemra qe me ke bere pjese te ketij klasifikimi. Ndihem e perkedhelur :) Nderkohe dua te te them qe nuk mund te isha me dakort me ate qe ke shkruar per disa blogje.Edhe une e kuptoj fare mire, qe shume prej tyre kete e kane pune dhe fitojne goxha mire, megjithate koncepti i blogut eshte ai i nje ditari, ku ti poston perditshmerine tende, duke filluar nga aktivitetet qe ke, mendimet e tua per ngjarje dhe fenomene te ndryshme dhe padyshim fotot. Eshte shume e lehte te postosh nje here, apo dy here ne jave, te zgjedhesh veshjen me te mire dhe mbaroi, u duke e mrekullueshme.
    Mua me pelqen kjo iniciativa jote, per te bere nje post te tille cdo jave :) Bravo!

    1. Aulona - s'ka perse. Me pelqeu shume ajo veshja jote nga java qe kaloi dhe e perfshiva. Do e vishja ne total per vete, nga koka te kembet.

      Gjithashtu jam shume dakort me cdo gje qe ke shkruajtur me siper keshtuqe nuk e di ku s'biem dakort apo jemi keqkuptuar. LOL

  3. Thanks so much for featuring us Ada! You picked some other great bloggers and we will definitely have to swing by and check out their blogs. Still loving your gold silky dress!

    1. You are welcome Heather. Hope it was a nice little surprise for you. =)

  4. Ada~ This is such a great feature that you are doing. Love it. Can't wait to see who on your list next week.

    1. Thanks a lot Amy. I hope the feature keeps going well. =)


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