Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fuchsia, Charcoal and Olive Green Remix.

I didn't wake up too early today (I needed the rest after a 14-hour work day yesterday), however I woke up determined to get some cleaning done around our apartment. I started removing away all the clothes and any clutter that might have been accumulated over the week, around the living room and kitchen. Then hubby put away the baby's luggage full of clothes that we got this week. We are having a dresser custom-made for her and till that is ready and after we out her bed together and dress the bed around with all the bedding, sheets, blankets, toys and such, I will be ready to put all her clothes where they belong, too. Anyway, after dusting off, I swept, moving around the couches and other small furniture and lastly I mopped. The whole house got clean, a heavy clean and polish, with the exception of our bedroom but I plan on getting that done by Tuesday at the latest. After, I took a shower, got dressed and then I turned on both Facebook and Blogger. Which brings me to this post. =)

I have always loved leggings. Since the early to mid nineties between the last two years of middle school and my high school, I have adored and loved wearing them. Though leggings to me never went away in fashion, it seems like the last 3 years they came back in style full-force. And I am happy for that. I own several leggings and some of them are by Express like the ones in today's post which I own in Black as well. =) A loose, comfortable, boat-neck, non-maternity sweater looks great over them as long as it is long enough. Plus I have always loved deep pinks and purples with dark grays together. I added in my two new purple bracelets and I called it a day. I wore this outfit both to work and after to have coffee with a dear friend who lives far away (in a different state in Europe).

Hope your Sunday is Great, Ladies!!

Fuchsia, Boat-Neck, Light Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Long, Stretchy, Comfortable, Heather Gray Tank Top: Melon.
Charcoal Gray, Elastic Synthetic Leggings w/ Zippers off the Side: Express.
Olive Green, Simple, Linen-Blend Scarf: Gruppo Fiori.
Purple & Plum (w/ Gold Metallic) Stretchy, Beaded Bracelets: Parfois (New).
Silver Dragon-Fly Pin w/ Silver & Pink Rhinestones: Forever 21.
Black & Silver-Studded Hair Clasp: Bijoux & Accessories.
Pink, Plastic Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole.
Hot Pink, Soft Leather Loafers: Micci's.


  1. Love your leggings! They look so comfy yet chic. Aren't they the best when you're pregnant?!

    1. Yes, leggings are comfy, for sure. =) Thanks.

  2. Ada, you look great in leggings - lucky you! I love the fuchsia sweaeter and the dragonfly pin together. Take care of you and baby, and get lots of rest!

    1. I love leggings. I think you should try them. They would work on you, I am sure. =)

  3. wow, the color of the sweater is so outstanding! i love it!
    It's so nice to discover another albanian blogger!


    1. Thanks darling. What is your name? I am guessing you are Albanian too?

      I love the name of your blog. I am all about CHEAP ON THE CHIC SIDE!! =)


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