Friend Friday: Location, Location, Location.

Friend Friday: Location, Location, Location.

1. What Part of the World do You Blog from?
I blog from Tirana which is the Capital of Albania. Albania is located in Eastern Europe, by the Adriatic Sea and we border Italy, Greece, Serbia and Macedonia.

2. If you were to describe the overall Mode of Dress, for where you live, what would you say?
Tirana is a melting pot of styles. You will see everything here from totally sporty with Converse sneakers and cutoff shorts or ripped jeans, to sexy girls with 7-inch stilettos and mini skirts, to button-up professionals. I have still kept my own style (coming from the States) while fitting in my current city, I think.

3. Do you fit in with the Status Quo around you or do you break the mold?
A little bit of both. White I don't totally fit in since I have developed my own style and it is not what I would say the majority of girls and women my age wear, in Albania. At the same time I don't quite break the mold because I don't think I stand out as the girl who dresses weird or whatever. Since there are so many kinds of women in so many different styles here, breaking the mold is totally like something you wouldn't see here at all. What a typical 20-year old wears in Tokyo for example, would me breaking the mold.

4. If you have lived or traveled to another part of the country/world, did your clothing choices evolve?
I lived in United States for 15 years so of course that country and the stores, brands and styles there have affected the way I dress and style myself, especially since I lived there part of my teenage years and all of my adult years, except this last one. I think as a person I evolve a little bit every year style-wise, especially since for almost a year now, I live in Europe. I have still kept the overall mode of how I dressed in US but at the same time, I have made my style accessible to my current city, my actual job as well as this part of the world. After all, Albania and USA are so different in so many aspects and style is one of them. I still wear mostly American brands - and I think the way I would define the way I dress: girly, elegant, chic - if I could I would shop and wear American brands all the time. Next time I visit USA, I plan on going on a big shopping spree. I feel like stores and designers/brands such as The Limited, Loft, Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, Express, Banana Republic, Gap, H&M, etc. are a lot more my style than most of the European stores, here. =)

5. If you had to describe your style by naming a specific city, what would you be?
This is a very difficult question to answer. There are so many great, big cities which have set styles as well such as Rome, London, New York, Los Angelos, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, etc. My style is a melt of Midwestern USA let's say Chicago with a dressy yet casual European city thrown in the mix like London. So between these two cities, it's where my style meets, I think. But then again this is not 100% defined.


  1. I live in Germany for 3 years. When I come home for Christmas back to the state I went crazy. The funny thing is all my H&M clothes are from Germany. I can't find anything that i like here.

    1. H&M is a great European company that I am so happy it's in United States, too. I like their simple, chic and affordable aesthetic. =)

  2. I see we like many of the same stores :) such as H&M and Loft.
    Lately I have grown very fond of MANGO MNG and Zara :)
    Just last week we had Fashion Week here, I did not even think of attending, here fashion is not about personal style but mostly about brands and designers and it does not tickle my fancy as they say in the UK.

    1. Yes, every time I see the brands of your clothes, it's pretty much the same brands I wear and like, too. I would agree about those type of Runway styles. I am usually much more interested on the style and clothes and how they are put together, than I am on the brand. =)


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