Cognac, Mustard... and Runny Nose.

Hi all and Happy Friday to you!! My Friday has been spent mostly curled up in bed, coughing, sneezing, drinking lots of hot tea with honey and lemon and taking my vitamin C. Which means I took a sick day from work today. I wish I had tomorrow off instead of Sunday so I could shake off this cold that has gotten me but I don't. =( Anyway... When it is cool in the morning, even cooler at night and quite hot between 11.00-3.00 during the day, and if you walk a lot and go from a bus to another, from an air-conditioned office to a less cooler work environment, to home where currently at room temperature it feels good, one is bound to get sick. Unfortunately there isn't many types of meds I can take since I am pregnant. But I think so far what I took, it has helped.

So, here is a recent outfit worn to work. It is a little casual for me but I did incorporate some Fall colors on a warm but not super-hot day. My Cognac/Brown Pants go well with that Bright Mustard Tee. I added two more colors to the mix: Apple Green (the flats) and Lavender (the necklace). There was a colorful mini toy flute hanging around the main office (we sell them at the Bookstore) so I decided to use it as a prop. I guess I was being silly/funny, whatever - these are the pics you get. LOL

Bright Mustard, Cap-Sleeve, Loose, Breezy, Cotton/Modal Tee: Club Monaco.
Cognac/Brownish Cropped Pants w/ Removable Leather & Canvas Belt (it comes with): Koton.
Long, Beaded Lavender Necklace w/ Magnetic Oval & Skinny-Square, Magnetic, Glass Stones: Street Vendor @ the Beach.
Black Headband w/ Large and Smaller Tulle Rosettes (Off to the Side): The Limited.
Black Patent Leather & Apple Green Faux Suede, Bow Ballet Flats: Simple Shoes. 


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