Sunday, September 12, 2010

Black & White Minimalism, Soft Silouhettes, Airy Blouses, Nude & Gray. (By JILL STUART.)

Black & White Minimalism, Soft Silouhettes, Airy Blouses, Nude & Gray were Jill Stuart's Signature Moments for the Upcoming Spring & Summer.

I have always loved Jill Stuart as a designer. Her eye for style is minimalistic, fresh, simple yet very modern, easy, cool like a cucumber and definitely sharp. In the 2011 Spring-Summer New York Runway she proved her estetic once again. Her love of Black and White paired together showed, as did her love for the non-color Nude which we see her use very often in the clothes she designs. And whether we saw shiny silk shantung or modern suiting pieces which are more crisp and now, or cutesy blouses featuring birds and leaves or layers of chiffony skirts towards a more feminine and romantic side, just like with Lela Rose, Jill proved that fashion doesn't have to always be about Over-the-Top, because a lot of times LESS IS MORE. 

Below are her gorgeous, polished, chic & simple silouhettes with modern minimalism but maxi-ful of feminity & what would attract every modern woman to go after.

Her shoes (just like you can see above in the last 2 photos) are also very hot: so simple but so modern and pretty. Cool Pumps, Mary Janes & Booties in simple color-blocking done right (black, white, metallic gray & nude.)

Jill's Models were sporting bright orange-coral lipstick and simple buns knotted on top, with small wisps of air sort of flowing around the crown - again, her simplicity showed. I also adored the bright lips: orange, coral and reds were the lip colors used.

I left to show this dress the last because it is my favorite dress of hers in this entire collection. I love it. I want it. LOL Even better that it's a knit.
(Courtesy of Jill Stuart - above.)


  1. Hey girl! Happy Monday! You are too sweet with your comments!
    I love all the pics in this post, I guess I am not a huge minimalist fan, but it sure does look chic and sleek! Gorg!


  2. Love the collection. Each piece is gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments.


  3. what a beautiful collection! i love the textures and minimalism

  4. Hey there:) Thanks so much for your super sweet comments on my blog:)
    The watercolor dress I posted is from H&M...I got it this past weekend, and seriously....I want to say it was under $25...amazing huh?
    Ill try to check back are a dollie:)
    FYI....theres a formspring white box on my your questions in that little box and it send me an email...otherwise I may not look at all the comments right away:)
    New VINTAGE outfit post going up at midnight.............:):):):):) Super Sweet!!!

    Statements in Fashion

  5. You are all very welcome Jackie, Diana & Collette. As always I look forward to seeing what you post, as well. I will be posting a fun, cool (and in my opinion) nice outfit, today.

    I really dig this collection above. I want every single piece. Beautiful, lush, modern, crisp and so simple yet gorgeous. =) I', in love.

    P.S. Collette, your new H&M dress is Fab. I hope to find it @ 12 Oaks and I am serious about the two of us meeting up, going for drinks or wine somewhere and then do some shopping. =)


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