Last Monday of September 2010 and it's getting Cooler by the Day...

Sorry Bloggers and Blogging World, I have had an EXTREMELY BUSY last week. On top of working 2 jobs for four days in a row, I have been sick fighting a cold and I even managed to go to Toronto, ON, Canada this past weekend (I arrived back in MI from a 5-hour drive, past midnight, this morning.) I had to go to Canada as a family trip, because one of my first cousins got engaged not too long ago and his girl lives in Toronto. Her family threw an engagement party for the couple and the in-laws. So all families got to meet and greet each-other and on top of that we got to eat a 4-course fancy dinner with dishes such as Braised Duck, Sea Bass and Veal Chop, at a fine dinning Italian Restaurant in the chic, classy & ritzy Yorkville area down-town Toronto, Ontario, CANADA. It was an incredibly great party, filled with lots of loud but lovely music, fun and fantastic people, great delicious dishes, lots of desserts, candy, chocolate and cake. As soon as I got back, my parents and I had a good night sleep and it was back to Monday -- a regular, normal week which started with a regular, normal workday. And after working a typical 9 to 5 kind of day, I found time to stop by my local mall. I have been meaning to go to The Limited (one of my favorite stores) for the past few weeks now. Finally I went and I bought 3 elegant tops all on sale (one black, one white, one gray). I didn't have my coupons because there were a lot of things I wanted to get and I would have gotten them in the case I had my coupons. But I am going back for more "LIMITED" Shopping this week.  That's a given.

I also, took a ton of photos this past weekend in Toronto, especially at the Engagement Party. I managed to look cute, pretty & girly despite congestion, a red nose and popping dayquils & nightquils whenever I could (in order for my cold to go away.) However, obviously I haven't had time to put my photos on the computer even, as soon as I do I will post some. Meanwhile I am worried about getting better and feeling better. My lips are chapped and red, my voice is shaky and harsh. It doesn't help that it is only about 50 degrees outside and that I did a lot of walking out yesterday, down-town Toronto and I wasn't dressed warm enough for part of it. LOL

Also, I am currently working on two Fashion Projects I have thought about. I will talk more about this when I am closer to getting started on them and pictures will follow as well. =)

I didn't want to leave this post "blank" so I am actually adding a photo of my husband and I. He is currently in Spain with work now, so I miss him like crazy. Wish he was here...

I Love You & Miss You, Sweetheart.

P.S. Don't you love my hair at the photo above? So healthy, beautiful & nicely styled!! The length is perfect too. Long hair but definitely not too long, fresh caramel and blonde highlights, healthy & modern layers, and an elegant, simple overall style with my hair parted in the middle.


  1. You guys look amazing together! I yeah! your hair looks totally gorgeous! So healthy and cute!

  2. Nice blog, I just started following!
    hope you'll follow back:)
    xoxo Sienna

  3. Pretty. You have such gorgeous hair.


  4. Thank you all Beautiful Girls. And yes FORTUNATELY I WAS BLESSED WITH A GOOD HEAD OF HAIR, Jackie. =)


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