Lovely Autumnish Grays.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Fabulous Fashionistas!! Did any of you shopped on the biggest shopping day in US - Black Friday? Is anyone of you doing any browsing, shopping or picking up Holiday gifts at any websites today for Cyber Monday? Well, I am a huge shopper as it is but I worked for about 16 hours on Black Friday and one of my jobs is in sales and retail so you can imagine how freaking busy my day was!? However, during a quick half an hour lunch I managed to pick up some lovely things at The Limited (a store I always love), which had an whole day of 40% off sale, so I beat the crowds and got the same deals at 7.30 P.M.! Ain't that beautiful? I got a beautiful beaded Jodi Arnold dress which was originally about 130$ and I paid less than 30$ for, a couple of sweaters, a pair of trousers, a cute blouse with a bow, 3 new headbands and a Kimono-inspired wrap, black dress with short sleeves. So much about relaxing, eating and actually chilling during a few solid minutes I had off on Black Friday!! LOL

Well, today's outfit is something I put together for a Bar Night Out with my man. It was a lovely date night for us. We started off with dinner, wine and dessert and then did some martinis and some dancing at a club properly named "Dirty Martini". My outfit matched the cold Fall days we have been having lately as well as the sky and the gray appearance of these last few days (it has been below zero in Celsius degrees, especially mornings and evenings.) I do love this dress because it's so versatile, chic & comfy at the same time. But I also love my man's dressy shirt from Express. Usually when we go out-out, I try to have him match me. Even if he doesn't match me, he always asks for my opinion in what to wear and we end up looking like a fun and nicely-dressed couple, at the end of the day (at least I think so. =P) Once again we matched each other, this time in gray. Don't we look lovely?! =D

FYI (about the outfit): 1} The dress came with its own belt which in my opimion was just OK. The belt was a stretchy, patent-leather (in the front) black but I swapped it for this fun patent leather red belt and I like the results even more. 2} I mixed different patterns in this outfit as you may have noticed. The booties are an actual Python Print, the tights are Leopard Print and the dress of course is Houndstooth. I figured as long as I keep it neutral and in the same color family (Black & Gray) the mixing of the patterns works. ;-) 3} My jewelry is very simple as I let the dress and red belt do the talking. I am wearing very simple, silver rhinestone drop earrings, a silver choker with small chandelier-style baby blue rhinestones and a very simple silver metal bangle. Don't ask me where any of these jewelry is from cause I have no idea. LOL
Isn't my husband so hunky handsome?! (I know, I know... I AM LUCKYYYYY.)
As per usual when we go out, this time we took a lot of photos, including some together. The last two pics above (of the two of us) are My Most Favorites of the night. ;-) I particularly love the up close profile photo. In case you guys didn't know: both my husband and I have grayish-green eyes, just in different shades. Yes, I love our eyes, especially pictured together. =)
Black & Gray, Ponte, Houndstooth V-Neck Dress: Charlotte Russe.
Wide, Rectangle-Buckled, Red, Patent Leather Belt: The Limited.
Black Sparkly "Envelope" Clutch: Express.
Leopard-Print, Black-on-Black Tights: Betsey Johnson.
Python-Print, Gray/Black Stiletto Ankle Boots: Nine West.


  1. cute houndsooth dress...houndstooth?

  2. That dress is fabulous !
    I have a special love for houndstooth print and this one is a keeper.

  3. You guys look great together! The shoes are too cute

  4. Cute look hun, that dress is super fab on you!

    Stay gorgeous!

  5. Hey sweet lady - I was in search of the post with your parent's dog and came across this lovely outfit ... the red, black and white are so great together! It's one of my favorite color combinations. It also looks like a really fun night, and like your husband is a sweetey. Thanks for all the comments yesterday on my blog ... I really appreciate the support. :)


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