Pretty in Purple for Laura's Birthday.

Hello Bloggers, Friends, Fans & Fashionistas. I have been M.I.A. I know. I do apologize but I work 5 full daytime shifts and 5 (shorter) evening shifts so as you can tell my time is quite limited. LOL

So, this blogging thing is seriously a lot of fun but it requires A SERIOUS AMOUNT OF TIME to do, whether it is time to take photos (and a person to take my photos, as I still can't manage self-taken pics because I don't have e Tripod), or time to pose, as well as time to write, upload the photos and basically blog about my outfits. And though I find time to check out and read other blogs, I still as of now November 11th 2010 don't have enough time in my day, my week, my month, my life to do this blogging thing every day. I am sorry. I am shooting for 2-4 blogs weekly, soon, but I know that with my crazy work schedule and working two jobs, my schedule will only get busier and crazier now during the Holiday season. But here is me tempting to blog nevertheless. =P
I do dress myself daily however (LMAO) and though one of my jobs requires a certain dress code/uniform, my other job I get to dress more 'like myself', be my stylish self, express my moments of fashion, trends and beauty, play up more with textures, styles, makeup & hair, accessories, colors, volumes, jewelry, etc. though I still have to dress within reason and within the company's dress-code. But of course I do prefer this job's clothes better because whether you know me well or still don't know me yet, you will find out soon that I am a BIG GIRLY GIRL, a big fashionista, who once upon a time used to be called a Fashion Plate, too (and I still get called so by a friend or two.) The truth is I like dressing up more than dressing down, always have, always will. And, even if we go to the local Apple Bee's or Olive Garden for dinner I still like to be put-together and look presentable for dinner with my husband. It is a cute date for us, after all. In most places we go if anything I am over-dressed. But when it comes to fashion it's better to be overwhelmed with Joy and say WOW when you see someone so put together and who has made an effort when it came to presenting themselves, then be underwhelmed and perhaps even go "What were they thinking?!"

And when we do go out, especially OUT OUT, I make an extra special effort to look as stylish, pretty & dressy as I can, not just for myself, but for my husband and the people around me. It is in those special occasions when I take the most photos too, after all I do have a photographer to come after my picture wishes. This occasion called for a brand-new outfit, like most special occasions, special evenings & events, do. We actually went all the way to Chicago for a weekend to celebrate the birthday of a very near and dear special friend of mine who lives down-town the Windy City. She turned the big 30 and had a cozy dinner with her boyfriend and closest friends. Of course I had to look beautiful for me, as well as for her. I love my darling friend Laura.

I went with purple for Laura's Birthday and most of this outfit actually even came from the same store - bebe. I wear purple quite often because it is one of the top 3 colors that looks best on me (red & green are the other colors.) Plus, I always get complimented on how purple looks on me and as a matter of fact I love Purple. I have always liked Purple way better than Pink. It's the edgier, rockier, girly color. I usually don't like doing the same color head to toe, but in this case it worked and it didn't even take much time or effort to put this outfit together as it "threw itself together" and it came out looking polished & girly. Now, as far as my husband, for special occasions and for fun, special events not only do we dress up together but I like to coordinate together with him. It makes us look nicer and 'the right way' a couple should look. I think his purple button-down shirt & tie combo - which comes from Express - looks great next to my purple dress & cardigan. =)
This is the Beautiful Birthday Girl and us Cheering for HER BIRTHDAY, of course. =)
Happy Birthday Beautiful Libra, Laura!!
Laura's Outfit:
Tree-Print Mini-Dress: Bebe.
Black, Strappy Stilettos: Boutique in Chicago.
Swarovski &Pearl Crystal Earrings + Matching Bracelet: Birthday Gift from Her Boyfriend.
The top 2 photos are my favorite pictures from that unforgettable night. ;-)
Purple Silk, Ruffled Mini-Dress: Bebe.
 Purple Leopard-Print Bolero Cardigan: Bebe.
Purple Tights: The Limited.
Cut-Out Black Booties with Cone Heels: Aldo.
Black Rhinestone, Oval-shaped Drop Earrings: Charlotte Russe.
 Multi-Stone Flower Cocktail Ring: Charlotte Russe.


  1. Hey this is Kristina from the Kristin J. blog poppin' over to answer your question about who takes my pictures. Actually, my four year old son takes most of them, so I have to do a lot of cropping to pull them in tighter. I use Picasa 3 to edit...You can download if FREE!

  2. Thanks for the info Kristina. Buy I would like for you to let me know your opinion on my outfita too, like this one. Do you like it, so-so, dislike it, or what? You pull together beautiful outfits, by the way.

  3. both of you in purple , soooooooo cute.
    Youe man knows hot to match outfits with his wife.

  4. Dolls zemra, une me burrin zakonisht kombinohemi, sidomos kur dalim. I love dressing my man up too and making him all snazzy and sophisticated for when we go out together, especially on a special occassion like a fun night out, clubbing, clebrating a birthday, a wedding, an Albanian Party/Concert, a day at the museum or opera, etc. ;-)

    Love you Anjeza. Thanks for stopping by, my love. I will write back soon, promise.


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