Currently, August 2021.

OK, so it's already middle of August!! How in the fuck?! LOL But to tell you I have been busy this Summer would be the understatement of a lifetime. August is also the month of my babe's birthday though we didn't get to clebrate it that much because he works. But I did dedicate a post to him on my Instagram which you all loved. Thank You.

Here, I am currently sitting across from Vivian at Panera Bread sharing a chocolate croissant and having my coffee as I type this post. We have had no power for 20 hours (and counting... unfortunately!) due to severe bad weather that brought upon several thunderstorms, extreme rain, floods and loss of power for close to half a million households in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Please keep me, my family and all the families currently suffering power loss, in your prayers. I have been praying we get power ASAP because it's awful without it. I am currently working on this blog post (I had every intention of doing it sooner along my Thursday Moda linkup) as I charge both my phone and my laptop. The bad news - due to power loss - is that we probably have to throw away a lot of food. The good news is that all that rain brought a drop in temperatures and a breeze in the air which I am loving. Now let's get to this month's prompts - better late than never!!

admiring: The breeze in the air, despite the fact that it has been such a rainy wet Summer. Unlike most August months when you usually see some yellow and even rust foliage on the trees, this time around everything is still very green and blooming. I think all that rain did wonders for the grass and plants. I will be honest with you, I would have preferred less rain this Summer but we had no vacation or beach plans so whatever. Could this mean less rain for the Fall season?! I hope so.

anticipating: Vivian's first day of school as she starts third grade this year. For the first time ever since she has been in school, she will be starting in August rather than September. (I just registered her for school today, actually.) Looks like most school districts in Michigan are starting the week before Labor Day this year. Whether the kids will be in masks or not that is still up in the air and the district hasn't decided. She is still quite young and it breaks my heart to see her in a mask, but if that's what the school decides... Stupid Covid, Delta and whatnot. We are living in a brutal, awful reality and I HONESTLY don't think it will ever be the same again!

enjoying: The last few days of Summer. I will be honest: this Summer felt and indeed it was very short. It also didn't feel very Summery like I explained earlier with our crazy rainy weather this year. But technically we still have about 40 days left of Summer and I am not rushing or anticipating Fall even though it is my favorite season. Leave each season at its time. I love cardigans and booties and leggings and you all know I love a good floppy hat. I also love visiting apple orchards but that can wait till it's the season for them.

spending: All the Amazon+Target gift cards we have received. Technically I have yet to spend them but there are many things I need and things I can use. This has been the year of spending and splurging for sure. Now with back to school season I have to go shopping (for supplies and a few new outfits) for Vivian too. My mom kindly purchased Viv her new backpack and she loves it.

saving: Money on food and eating out. We have been cooking a lot more and I try to always grocery shop with a list. Overall I don't like overbuying food, plus it's Summer and it can get rotten fast if not consumed pretty early on.

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  1. Hopefully you get your power back on soon.

  2. I sincerely hope you get your power back soon, Ada! That's so stressful.

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



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  3. How awful to not have power for so long. I know it it just goes off an hour or two by us, it's maddening. We don't even have water if our power goes off

  4. This summer has definitely been short! I hardly wore some of my summer clothes. Very sad! Hope your power is back. There's nothing worse.

  5. I sure hope we can resume some kind of normal, but you are so right about this horrendous COVID!! I'm glad to see the kids going back cause they need it, so as you say, if masks are needed, then so be it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as we hit this mid-August point!

    xx Darlene

  6. Ada,

    It can be trying to be without electricity so I do hope yours has been restored by now. You were lucky to find a place nearby where you could dine and recharge your batteries.


  7. I am hoping that power returned shortly after you wrote this post, that's a long time to go without power. I've been reminiscing about summer as well and I am having a sadness about letting it go. Back to school starts earlier for me as a teacher/admin, but even the kids are anticipating it with both excitement and some melancholy. We haven't done the back to school shopping yet, although my girls are now into going with their friends rather than me, times change and it's a normal progression. Enjoy the rest of your summer and I look forward to reading along.

  8. Hi Aida!1

    Congrats to Vivian on starting 3rd grade! My kids are both treasure the moments they go fast!! We had a huge monsoon storm with no power here in Nevada too in was crazy to move here from Seattle to THAT ha ha.

    Have a great fall!


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