Just a Little Break.

Hi Guys. How is your May going?! Are any of you back to work at an actual workplace or still WFH in your leggings and sweats?! I have been taking some time off from all social media, the internet, blogging, Instagram and such and will continue to do so for a few more days. It has been really nice actually and I have also gotten to enjoy our weather (among other things) as it warms up A LOT this week. As a matter of fact we will be having a record high of 88 degrees tomorrow and yes I will be enjoying some of that sunshine and time outside, while wearing a dress. Great timing to take some time off too, after all it is May my birthday month - why not enjoy it?!

So yes, no Thursday Moda linkup tomorrow but I will be back with new 3 posts next week, starting Monday. Thank you all for stopping by and for caring. Just taking a little break as life comes first. See you all next week and we will link back up again NEXT THURSDAY MODA. 


  1. Enjoy your break, my friend! It is in the 80s here this week as well but back to rainy 60s next week. Stay cool, stay stylish, stay sane!


  2. Enjoy your break carissima amica! It's well deserved:) xx

  3. Enjoy you break. I have been working this whole time. Right now I'm jungle the full time mom life and single parent life. While my husband is away.


  4. It sounds like a wonderful break! I can't believe your temps! Well, yes I can. It's that strange time of year, right! Enjoy!


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