Thursday Moda #255: Currently, April 2021.

Today I am joining ANNE from In Residence with her monthly "Currently" series. It's April you all!! Did you get fooled this month?! This month has started off with very nice warm temperatures, several days in a row in the 50s, 60s and even 70s. It was 77 degrees yesterday and the high is 73 today. Looks like Spring is here!

arranging: So many things, starting to get the closets ready for Spring too and always getting rid of things, purging, purging, purging!! Purging is the name of the game, ladies! It's not very easy when you have entire closets, drawers, dressers and boxes full of stuff. But come on, let's do this!

craving: Some sushi - I haven't had it in forever! I could go for some California roll or a fun crunchy, spicy roll with lobster or crab inside.

discussing: So many things, including our Spring and Summer plans. Also discussing new ideas, lots and lots of creative ideas to come this year, starting with Spring and Summer.

enjoying: Some almonds at the moment. A good roasted salty almond and hazelnuts are my favorite nuts. Do you guys like nuts?! Give me nuts, chips and pickles any day. I prefer them much more to sweets, cookies and desserts.

preparing: For small and big things to come. And I will leave it at that...

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  1. I almost had sushi last night; opted for wonton soup instead and it was so yummy! Hopefully this time next month we can both say we successfully purged all the things!!

  2. Big fan of nuts. Prefer them and chips to sweet things. Have a great April Ada. Spring is finally here.

  3. Talk about a cliffhanger Ada! Hope lots of good things are in store for you!

    1. Hahahaa, it's a beautiful cliff hanger I promise. Keep me in your prayers LAURA, Thank You.

  4. Mmm, yes, sushi does sound good right about now - but give me the sweets rather than the salty any day! ;-) Hope spring and summer give you a lovely creative energy boost!

  5. Can't wait to hear what is coming.

  6. I am a little jealous of your 70 degree weather, Ada! Sounds like gorgeous spring weather and great plans to come!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



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  7. Oooh, Ada, I love sushi, too! And now I am looking forward to what big and small things are coming your way!


  8. We are getting great weather too- which is so unusual! So I'm ecstatic about April this year and also about the big and small things coming your way- voglio sapere tutto! And- sushi is my favourite!! Have a great weekend xx

  9. Believe it or not, I have never tried sushi! I definitely will though when the opportunity presents itself...

  10. It has been so nice to actually make some plans lately after last year. I need to go through my warmer month clothes soon and get those out.


  11. Fabulous interpretation of the theme for the working gals!


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