Stylish Monday, April 2021: Everyday Luxe.

The ladies of the Stylish Monday chose "Everyday Luxe" for today's style theme. The word luxe is defined as "expensive and high quality, luxurious". Now. does that mean you have to wear expensive luxurious clothes every day?! Does it mean you have to wear high end designers and great quality items every day?! Not quite. But I do think in a woman's wardrobe should be some classic, timeless pieces you should invest in. Let's take shoes for example. 5 styles of well-made shoes you should invest in as a woman and that you should own (that might even be a little pricey) are: a pair of black pumps, a pair of crisp white leather sneakers - the kind you could even wear with a little dress, a pair of leopard ballerinas (like the flats I am wearing today) because they will go with everything, a pair of nude pumps and a pair of nice training or running shoes that are comfortable, fit well and are made to last. So yes, when it comes to everyday luxe I think you can invest on some pieces, but only some and the right ones! But you can totally mix+match those pricier items with pieces that are less expensive and are not quote considered 'Luxe'. This combination in my book, I would call...

What is Everyday Luxe?! It can be interpreted many different ways, I think depending on your lifestyle and your profession, too. In my opinion it’s pieces that are timeless, well-made and a classic! Take a pair of leopard ballet flats for example. I have always owned a pair of nice (not cheap) leopard flats. This new Sam Edelman calf-hair pair replaced by White House Black Market ones. Surely a pair of flats like this will cost you anywhere between $60 to $125 (you can luck out and find good ones on sale for around 40 bucks), but trust me the right pair makes a difference, you will wear these a lot - consider quality and comfort too - and it is the kind of luxe item I would personally invest in. My pair is by Sam Edelman and they are calf-hair like the previous ones I had. I owned my White House Black Market leopard flats for about 8-9 years and I wore them several times a year. Other good brands (besides these 2) I would suggest for well made and pretty leopard ballerinas are: Tieks, Birdies, Steve Madden, Everlane, Anne Klein and Rothy's. I also think every woman needs a nice neutral knit dress and this cable-knit Zara dress is the one. If you don't own a nice fitted neutral sheath in your closet it is time to change that. I would say go for a cream or off white color like mine because it will be perfect for all seasons. Ditto on a beautiful blazer: go for a black, or another neutral color; think of a classic pattern like herringbone or glen plaid print like mine, which are classy and timeless. Believe it or not this blazer is from Target, but it's from their more luxe brand "Who What Wear" my favorite brand there.

Now let's see what these gorgeous ladies wore and their interpretation of Timeless Luxe - which cannot be any more different than mine. But that's the beauty of personal style and how you interpret a trend, a style, a look, etc. 

NANCY of Nancy’s Fashion Style  – “Everyday luxe for me means that I am able to work out! Well, not every day, some weeks I do though, but at least five days a week. What makes it a luxury for me then? I have a hereditary lung disease and working out is so very important for my health. The fact that I can work out is a luxe. Most lung patients don’t have  the energy for it. And I can still work out at the gym at my physiotherapist twice a week; and I have a gym at home. That is everyday luxe to me!”

SHELBEE of Shelbee on the Edge – “Everyday Luxe to me means combining luxurious fabrics and prints into an everyday outfit. A combination of leather, leopard print, sequins, and laced up suede seemed like a perfect pairing for this theme.”

GWEN of Gwen Lives Well –  “Everyday luxe to me means adding a little something that changes the whole feel of an outfit and my mood. And for me, that’s shoes! Just by picking a pair of fab shoes, my mood brightens, my step is livelier, and my outfit is elevated.”

EMMA of the Style Splash - “When I think of everyday luxe, soft textures and bold prints immediately come to mind. Velvet is my ultimate luxe fabric and these trousers are so comfortable (the elasticated waistband helps!). Paired with a bright retro print shirt and I’m feeling groovy and comfy!”

NICOLE of High Latitude Style  “For me everyday luxe means that I wear what I love  even when the piece would be considered Sunday’s Best by my Mom’s or Granny’s generation. An example is this teal silk skirt. However, I pair it with typical everyday wear like this cardigan with bold colors abstract huge floral  print that I probably wore more often as a top than cardigan.”

AMY of Amy’s Creative Pursuits – “For me, Everyday Luxe is something you would wear at home or a casual outing that is comfortable yet has some small luxurious elements to make you feel confident and beautiful.”

JULIE of Fashion Trends and Friends – "Everyday Luxe for me is taking an average relatively plain item like a t-shirt, a jean jacket, a pair of sweatpants but knocking it up a level or two by adding elements of interest like rhinestones, sequins or glitter!” 

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  1. Great outfit, Ada! And I really love that your interpretation of luxe centers on shoes! And you know, I don't think that I own a pair of leopard ballet flats. Although I don't wear that style of shoe very often. But I do have all sorts of other leopard footwear. I really like these photos of you and sweet Vivian as well. And I think I have that same exact blazer!


  2. Ada,

    I think you've defined everyday luxe perfectly! Your style is always so classic and elegant! I agree that some good pieces (luxurious pieces) will be in your wardrobe for a lifetime! Shoes are a perfect way to elevate a look! Always love when you include Vivian! She brings a smile to my face each and every time!

    Julie xo

  3. Leopard is such a cute natural and timeless pattern.


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