Currently, March 2021. Plus Thursday Moda.

Today I am joining ANNE from In Residence with her monthly "Currently" series. It's a new month so let's see what we got going for March. Can you believe the first two months of 2021 are already gone?!

choosing: To continue my No Spend streak for this year. With the exception of birthday gifts or other gifts, things I needed (like I had to get a new face wash and a new face cream) and treating Vivian to her favorite local restaurant yesterday, I am proud to say I haven't spent much this year and I think I haven't gone to Starbucks since early January. That's an accomplishment! Overall this year I am being very very careful with all of my expenses.

imagining: That this will turn out to be a good year and a hopeful year and it will end well. As the vaccines keep rolling out and the Covid cases keep going down, as restrictions are eased or lifted, I can only hope that things will be much better soon, lets say by the end of Spring. I also have hope that by this Summer we should have some type of normalcy. Do you agree?! I truly hope so and I believe it will be a good year overall, for the world and for me personally, too.

making: Soups and new soup recipes. I am a huge fan and eater of soups. They are hearty, rich in vitamins and protein (especially when you use a lot of vegetables), easy to make, and one of those dishes that almost the entire family will love and eat, even my little picky eater Vivian (I got her to eat three kind of soups, so far).  Plus soups are perfect for Winter and any cold weather - we have a lot of that here in Michigan. Today March 3rd is National Soup Day and in honor of this day I shared a recipe of one of the vegetable soups I make. It is on my latest Instagram post. I chopped up a variety of vegetables, added some seasoning that goes well with the soup and the rest... well go check out the post. It turned out delicious!

reccomending: The new Amazon Prime series "Tell me Your Secrets". I recently found out about it through a commercial and it intrigued me. I binge-watched it in two and a half days. It is soooo good! It keeps you at the edge of your seat. There are many twists and turns in it, it is so interesting and just like the title dictates, there are many secrets on it, almost every character has a secret, actually the 3 main characters have several secrets and their journeys are different but they meet in the middle (at the end). I don't want to say anymore and give bits and pieces away but it was such a great show and I definitely reccomend you watch it. Plus I love the acting on it!

wearing: As our weather has gotten slighty warmer and our snow is melting I have worn long-sleeve dresses a couple of times (with tights, of course). You will see one of these dresses on the blog this week for The Sunday Showcase this upcoming Sunday.

As you all know I love looking back into posts shared and blogged during this time of year, on previous years. I usually look back at some of my past outfits and styles. This time I am focusing on work styles featuring pants, all worn on March 2019. With things opening up and more people going to work in person, I figured these outfits would be a great option to look back into. Let's take a look down memory pants lane.

A pair of textured cropped black pants paired with a blush+magenta fair isle sweater layered over a black collared blouse. This outfit has polished vibes all over it. It is preppy too, especially thanks to those gorgeous gold Penny Loafers.

A gorgeous dusty blue blouse with a smocked collar and puffy sleeves is the right feminine piece to style with these high-waisted windowpane trousers that feel more masculine. Those jade globe dangly earrings were the perfect accessory for this look. It was a great outfit to wear to work and later on with sweet Vivian.

Can you wear jeans to work?! Of course you can as long as they are not distressed. You can wear black jeans, dark blue jeans or white jeans like I wore here. I paired mine with a chiffon leopard blouse - a combination I had never tried before but it turned out super chic. I added a light khaki jacket/coat on top and my blush patent leather pumps. For a pop of color and to dress this outfit up, even more, I did a bold, colorful heart statement necklace. Great look for the office and later on for a dinner date.

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  1. That amazon prime show sounds SO good! Thanks for the recommendation! Fun look back on your cute outfits Ada!

  2. I am using March to really cut down on my expenses too: hoping to complete 31 days of no spend unless like you said something necessary.

  3. Yay YOU for being so cautious about what you are spending this year. I am trying to do better. I think we all went off the deep end in 2020 because online shopping was the one thing we could do!! Love these looks on you. That blue blouse is so feminine and pretty. You look great in leopard and Fair Isle, too. Glad your snow is beginning to melt. We are having spring-like temps.

  4. Soo happy about the snow melting over here - and feeling hopeful for some bits of normalcy in summer too!

  5. I'm imagining things might be a little more normal by summer too. Wouldn't that be amazing!?!?! And thank you for reminding me of a soup recipe I've been wanting to make. I LOVE soup!

  6. Good Luck with your no spending goal.

  7. If there is any year to have a no spending goal, this is it! Love that you are taking on that challenge!

    I hope you are having a great week!



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  8. So many great pant outfits! Good for you on the no spending. I'm impressed with your dedication! Yes, let's hope for some normalcy by summer! I want to travel again! I will definitely check out your soup recipe. I love homemade soup, too!

    xx Darlene

  9. Ada, I am loving all of your outfits here and those windowpane trousers are really quite fabulous! I am also a big fan of soup and you have now inspired me to whip something up for dinner tonight in the soup category! It is -6 degrees here right now and soup sounds like the perfect food for today.


  10. I would love things to be a bit more normal by the summer. *fingers crossed* I'm ready for nicer weather so I can at least get out of the house more!


  11. Looking Bellissima as always my friend and I wanna watch what you're watching!! xx


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