Their Story Stopped Being Written... - Poetry. Plus Linkup.

A poetry I just wrote. I love the metaphors used in this one and all the rhyming. Sometimes it is so hard to rhyme! I also think many women and men can find themselves, their stories, part of their life stories, their heartbreaks, etc. through the words and artistic figures used in this poetry. Let me know if you agree with me. Read on. =)

(February 17th 2021, 8.00 P.M. Eastern Time.)

Adoration, affection, appreciation, 
love kisses it all abruptly,
balance, beauty, boldness, 
bejeweled in kisses bewitchingly!

...Like Romeo and Juliet
a story written on the pages of a diary,
filled with tears and metaphors from a poet,
with bittersweet memories, cold exchanges and anxiety...

She cried many real tears,
he cried a lot too, he cried inside,
she couldn't look away from her fears,
he couldn't look ahead into their hearts...

They each gave, they took too,
they each fought, fought so damn hard,
then one day ...maybe out of the blue,
life dealt them with the heaviest stack of cards...

A bitter divorce to a sweet romance,
a love story that wasn't any longer,
two lovers that didn't even turn into friends,
they became angry, mad, they each turned into a stranger...

Broken promises like the broken strings of a violin,
sweet pictures hanging from a wall,
everything is now filled with desperation and chagrin,
frames, post cards, letters inside drawers...

Dissappointment from fights that turned into long battles,
despair from eyes that cried a lot, cried hard,
desperation from falling far and further from each other,
desires that burnt like a match, burnt away too fast...

Today a he and a she, not a them,
they are far apart, their roads don't cross one other,
they live complete different lives, ...themselves,
distance became their friend,
their story stopped being written altogether...

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  1. Ada, what a beautiful yet heartbreaking poem. The pain comes through so clearly, yet the healing is evident as well. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.


  2. Lovely poem and it's great you rhymed so much! :)

    Thank you for the link up :)

    Hope your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  3. Thank you for expressing these sad and deep thoughts with us.

  4. My talented friend! Heartfelt words!

  5. You are so good at poetry- it's incredible the depth!! YOu should honestly consider turning all these into a book. xx Sei Bravissima!

  6. Wow Ada your poetry is beautiful, such talent you have! Thanks for hosting the link up. I hope you have a wonderful Thrusday sweet lady! xo


  7. Such a beautiful poem! You certainly have a way with words!

  8. Your so talent.

  9. There is SO much feeling in this piece, Ada. The line "distance became their friend" was especially poignant and sure summed it up. Thanks for sharing, my poetic friend.

    xx Darlene

  10. This is a beautiful poem, Ada. Thank you for sharing and I hope you are having a great week!



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