Like a Little Bird - Poetry. Plus Thursday Moda.

Good Morning and Happy Thursday! Today instead of a style post, I share with you a little poem I just wrote. It is my very first poem of 2021. It was inspired now and in many ways it was inspired a little by A) my life and B) my word for 2021 which I haven't shared with you yet but I will share it next week, on Wednesday's post. That's right Next Wednesday on Inauguration Day. I love this little poem so much and the little bird metaphor I used to describe - her. "She" is hundreds of thousands of women in United States right now. Enjoy it! And join the linkup at the bottom of the post.

(Jan 14th 2021, 6.45 A.M.)

She cried, how much did she cry,
filling up her cup with warm tears,
golden like honey, never dry,
she couldn't leave behind her worries and fears...

Like a little bird scared from Winter,
jumping from wire to wire,
trying not to slip in the frosty despair,
couldn't escape the cold attire...

Suddenly ...notes of a melody
that comes from inside a room, through a window,
soft, sweet and a little innocent like a lullaby,
from tired, old fingers that continue to play the piano...

She insists on crying because that's where she finds her strength,
there is something to be admired even among the weak,
she collected her tears and made them into a strong, bitter drink,
she drank it to the very last sip...

But today she walks with her heels,
a leather designer bag in her hands,
I try to spy if her eyes have still tears,
but even if she did, her big sunglasses hide them well!

Her wavy hair tosses catching the beam of the sun
and she suddenly smiles, right then and there,
her phone starts ringing but she ignores it,
she just wants to take in the beautiful sunshine!

It took days, months, years to get there,
with no bags under her eyes, no swollen eyes,
without having to wait on happiness elsewhere,
without having to fight every day, without regrets...

Her eyes had seen it all, her ears had listened,
she had been through more downs than ups,
she had kissed many frogs, she had loved and lost,
she knew what it took to raise herself up!

As she turns the key of the door of her new home
and looks at the place, furnished with class,
she hugs her baby and looks at it all
with those same hazel eyes who once suffered the most!

She smells her baby's hair and kisses those little cheeks
and prays to God for this moment, this day,
once life threw her curve-balls and hard rocks
but she jumped through them like that little bird!

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  1. Love it, Ada! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for sharing you beautiful poetry with us, Ada!

  3. Beautiful poem Ada! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh Ada, I love your poems! Always so inspirational. Sei tanto cara xx

  5. Beautiful words, as always!

  6. Beautiful. Thanks so much for hosting, Ada :)

  7. Wow, what a thoughtful poem, Ada. I loved the "she knew what it would take to lift her up." We do know what that is but sometimes have to search for it and remind ourselves. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend, and thanks for sharing.

    xx Darlene

  8. Beautiful imagery, my friend! I love how she walks out into the sunshine in her heels with her big sunglasses hiding her eyes...that is definitely every woman at least once in her lifetime! Thanks for always sharing your heart with us!


  9. beautiful, Have a great weekend.

  10. It's beautiful Ada! have a great weekend!

  11. I so wish I could write poetry! I really admire people who have that skill. This was a fun read!!

    Miles of smiles,


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