The Sunday Showcase, November 2020 - Target's Snakeskin Shoes for Fall.

Ladies, I have been a bad blogger. I had my Fabulous 40s collaboration series to do this Monday which I didn't do and wanted to do a Fall Home Tour for my Thursday Moda post but I didn't do/posted that either and today I am super late for posting for my Sunday Showcase linkup with the darling+stylish MIREI of Chez Mireille. But the last couple of weeks and weekends I have been extremely busy, in a good way, I have lived life and enjoyed my personal life and special time with special people, so that's OK because life comes before blogging.

Today for November's Sunday Showcase I am bringing you two outfits: one dressy and one super casual (athleisure). Mireille and I are focusing on footwear for Fall, this month. Both of us happen to own the western-inspired snakeskin low booties and the snakeskin+white sneakers (both pairs of shoes) by Target, so we decided to style snakeskin shoes today for you all - the same shoes, two different bloggers, four looks in total. You can check Mirei's outfits here. I love her take on snakeskin footwear and that both of us (totally unplanned) dressed up our snakeskin booties with a skirt or a dress, except I dressed for Michigan in tights and she has bare legs because she lives in Georgia where it is a lot warmer. We tend to do that a lot, Mirei and I - coordinate our outfits or think in similar ways when we style things.

If you browse the Target website, you will see that they currently have at least 4 pairs of snakeskin booties - or how I sometimes call it - python. Target has already had several great sales on their shoes this year, like their infamous BOGO 50% OFF so I snagged some new boots and the snakeskin pair of sneakers you will lately see in this post. Target's pointy, low (low-shaft) snakeskin booties are modern, trendy, easy to style, pretty comfortable, well-made and a statement piece. Because of their black+white color they will easily mix and match with everything in your wardrobe and their style makes it the perfect Fall bootie. I decided to play off their black+white colors and pattern-mixed them with my white+black striped ponte dress which I have had for years and love, the grey-ish tweed herringbone Loft blazer, my herringbone-patterned black tights also from Loft and that millennial pink vegan leather backpack purse from Steve Madden. It is a look I wore this week for a visit and to meet with cousins and it is a sophisticated mom babe kind of outfit, dressy enough to wear to the office especially in a business casual environment. I love all the textures and patterns here in mostly black+white. This feels chic and put-together without trying at all and I love that it is an effortless monochromatic look, what do you think?!

What a cute pose and place for Mireille to take her photos. I am loving the combo of snakeskin paired with red - will keep that in mind - and her jewelry is so cute!


Secondly, Mirei and I styled these adorable snakeskin sneakers by Target. I love that these snakeskin sneakers are colorblocked with white. Of course white is a neutral but so is snakeskin or python. Target's cute white+snakeskin sneakers (WOW that is a mouthful) are so comfortable and the type of sneaker that would look adorable with dresses or skirts, like they do on Mirei. They are a dressier type of sneaker that is so easy to style. I decided to pair them with an olive look where I matched my MTV olive green sweatshirt by Target with my camo sweat joggers by Old Navy (both pieces are current and I am wearing a size Small in both). I love how effortlessly these olive pieces matched, it is like they came from the same store, the same season and the same collection. I could and should have sized up on the sweatshirt though. It is pretty cropped. These olive pieces paired so nicely with that faux leather beige/nude/camel stylish fanny pack. I love that fanny pack, guys. Run to Target and grab one for yourself. I also accessorized with a gold link chain necklace with pave crystals (by Express) and these grey marble oversized sunglasses (by Nordstrom Rack). At first I wasn't sure about this outfit, but upon seeing these photos I liked it more. It is a cute, put-together, olive green athleisure look which is monochromatic yet mixes two prints (camouflage and snakeskin) and the graphic print too. I may or may have not worn this outfit two days in a row, but one day I only wore it for school drop off/pickup and the next day I was home all day, so it's OK. LOL

Now you see me, now you don't! Talk about being camlouflaged! I am totally "hiding" in this look. 
I mean those camo jogger pants withe the matching sweatshirt, the snakeskin sneakers and that caramel shade of beige from the handbag definitely match the leafy background beautifully with all the greens, yellows and beige-caramel shades. You guys, Fall in Michigan is as pretty as an Autumn picture!
Mireille knows that snakeskin looks great with olive green! And that rhymed LOL. I love that we both thought the same as far as what color to pair with our snakeskin sneakers from Target. Mirei brought out the white color of the sneakers by matching it with her cropped white denim jacket - love it!


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  1. Really cute styling of snakeskin booties, Ada! I have only worn mine once this year so far but I am glad to see they are still trending so I can get some more wear out of my boots. I am so glad to hear that you have been living life to the fullest and enjoying all your moments with friends and loved ones. Self care is so important!


  2. I hadn't noticed the texture in your blazer: love it! And yes, life takes precedence over blogging and it has been a good busy for you, so enjoy every moment of it!

  3. Your not a bad blogger. We all live crazy busy life and can't blog from time to time.

  4. Cute cute cute shoes Ada! Snakeskin is so in right now and I can see why. It's a statement piece all on its own. Both looks you styled are beautiful and perfect for any day or occasion. Btw, you aren't a bad blogger. You are awesome! I am actually impressed with all the fun ideas and collaborations you come up with. I hope your week is going well so far and happy Tuesday!

    Maureen |

  5. They are cute shoes - I really like the mix with the striped dress! And your second outfit looks so comfortable :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope that you are having a nice weekend :)

    Away From The Blue


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