Currently, November 2020.

Happy Election Month! Happy November!! WOW so much has happened this month - this week for that matter - already. We had the election of the century with the largest turnout ever (around 150 million Americans voted!!! woot woot), and then waiting for the results felt like a century! As a matter of fact, we still don't know the results of 4 states. We have a president elect candidate who I am very happy and hopeful for, but we also have a current unhappy president, quite mad actually, making allegations and tweeting left and right for unfair voting, illegal votes and election fraud. We also made history this week with the first ever woman vice president, also the first woman of color - Ms. Kamela Harris is half black and half Asian! It is something to celebrate and root for as women, no matter of your political views or who you voted for. In fewer words, America you made history this November 2020!! I feel like we have been through such a roller coaster this month and it's only November 7th, we are only one week through it! Boy have we ever been tossed and turned!!

appreciating: The fact that I have the right to vote and I have had this right for almost 18 years, as a naturalized American. Therefore I voted and I hope you did as well. There are many countries where people, especially women don't have the right to vote, even-though it is year 2020! Also appreciating the very nice weather and unusually warm days we have had as of late. I am not complaining at all, even-though I like typical Fall weather. Cold Wintery days are super long and last forever in Michigan, so I will take all the good weather anytime Mother Nature grants us some!

ordering: Sweaters (for Viv and myself), a few new Christmas Decorations, matching Pjs for my little family and some new leggings and a couple of new coats and sherpas for Vivian.  What are you guys ordering these days?! I will soon be ordering Christmas presents, only for my closest family members. And personalized Christmas cards, too

perfecting: My recipe for grilled cheese. It is Vivian's favorite meal and she usually has it every morning for breakfast, alongside a banana. I am trying to eat less and less bread these days but man I love my grilled cheese sandwiches. BTW I always use french loaf bread, real butter and munster cheese with swiss cheese. 

planning: To decorate for Christmas soon, trying to come up with themes and ideas. I will start as early as this coming Tuesday. I even did a couple of Christmas decor polls in my Instagram stories - follow me if you don't, already. Thank you.

wearing: A sweater dress with combat boots currently, a new kind of outfit for me. Can't say I have ever worn a sweater dress with combat boots before. This one is a very light knit, it was up to 75 degrees here today. We have had a real warm font here in Michigan for the past 4-5 days and it will continue through Tuesday. The outfit I am talking about will be on the blog next week for Thursday Moda.


  1. We have been buying a lot of Christmas family matching Pj's

  2. It was a historic result! Warm here too for the time of year, long may it continue. Thanks for joining #WowOnWednesday Ada!

  3. Great post, Ada! We just decorated for Christmas last weekend just in time for Thanksgiving! I do like to have all the Christmas decor out for Thanksgiving. It just gives such a cozy festive feeling.



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