Vivian is a Second Grader!!! Plus Linkup.

For all of you who don't know, here is a fun fact for you, a little backstory on this little blog of mine. I started this blog around the time I was pregnant with Vivian, in Spring of 2012. Just like Vivian started growing inside my belly, this blog started growing as well. I cannot believe it has been 8 and a half years. Viv has been very much a part of this blog, not just the Mommy-Daughter Style posts I have been doing with her since she was around 3, but also many lifestyle and motherhood posts I have done where Vivian has been the main topic of conversation. That is why I titled this blog "Elegance and Mommyhood" because it would be mostly on style and on being a mama to my sweet Vivian. 

When I was pregnant, I would give baby updates on her and after she was born I would write monthly letters to Vivian and share part of the letters here on posts titled "Saturdays are for Vivian" since Vivian was born on an early Saturday morning. If you want to read any of those very deep, heartfelt, open-soul posts, you can find them under the baby label. Every year since she started her school journey here in America, we have been doing these school year posts too "Vivian is a preschooler.", "Vivian is a kindergartener!", "Vivian is a first grader!" and I will continue to do so, for as long as I can because not only is she my daughter and my only child, she is my entire world. So basically, as many of you have told me as well: Vivian has grown in front of your eyes, especially for those of you who have been following me for years. For example my friend LORENA from My Every Day Wear (who has been blogging for a long time too) has been following my blog since the first day, has literally seen Vivian grow each season, each year, from a newborn, to an infant baby, to a toddler, a little girl and now a second grader! 

So just like that, seven years and eight months have gone by and now my sweet, darling, adorable, fun, amazing, smart, hilariously funny, sassy, stylish, loving, kind, beautiful, little but not so little Vivian is a second grader! WOW!! How is that possible?! I say that every year at least twice: once for her birthday every January and once every September when a new school year starts! My Vivian is a Second Grader! And this mama feels happy, sad, blessed, proud, grateful and so many other feelings at once! It is first day of every school year tradition that we do a little photo-shoot of her in the pretty garden in front of our home, where she is holding a little "first day of school" board. And this year was no exception and despite all the clouds and the rain earlier in the morning, the sun decided to shine and the sky cleared up, just in time for Vivian to take these photos, after chopping off 8 inches of hair too. Yes half of her super long and luscious raven hair is gone but it's OK it grows fast and her hair is still very pretty and so healthy+shiny! Oh and today is also a Saturday and it is the 19th!! Vivian was born on the Saturday, on the 19th (of January).

For the first day of second grade, back on Tuesday September 8th, my sweet Viv picked her own outfit and styled it all on her own, too. I took her shopping for some back-to-school clothes and shoes recently and we hit her new favorite store - Abercrombie Kids - where we picked up these ankle-length, glen plaid, paperbag-waist, dressy pants. That same day we got Vivian her first pair of heels too - and OMG she was so excited! She chose these nude perforated peep-toe booties with block heels and she was double excited since they match my own nude perforated peep toe booties! These booties were perfect for those pants since they are ankle-length. On top Vivian is wearing a light-wash denim babydoll top from one of her other favorite stores - Gap Kids. This outfit was oh-so-cute and stylish and my sweet 7-year old looks so grownup in it! Last, but definitely not least, Vivi wore a new oversized JoJo Siwa bow as she does every year for the first day of school - it's a tradition. This bow is a fun one in bubblegum pink with all those rainbow mini ribbons and a little charm that writes "sweet" hanging down from it. My daughter looked like a little super-star! I swear everyone who saw these photos - friends and family of ours, my mom's closest friends and co-workers, her grandparents, etc. - loved them! 

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  1. Oh my word, sweet, beautiful Vivian! I adore that little girl of yours. She has got the sass of a 20-something, the style of a fashionista, and a heart of gold, doesn't she? I remember the one time we put Vivian and Ralphie on video chat together and they were smitten little creatures, weren't they? And now they are just growing up so darn fast! Beautiful post, my friend!


  2. Time goes by in a blink. Savor every moment with your precious girl! Hope she has a wonderful school year!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. She is adorable and very stylish! Good luck to your amazing daughter! Ada, it is priceless what you have done with your blogging throughout all those years. One day Vivian and you will open this journey and read it together! I can only imagine how much happiness you both will experience.


  4. I can't belive she is second grade already.

  5. She looks adorable! It is such a sweet way to make a diary of sorts showing how she grows. I actually still remember my first pair of heels as a child too: a special occasion isn't it?

  6. Why does time have to fly so fast- treasure every moment! She is such a cutie pie - she gets it from her Momma:) xx

  7. They grow up so fast! I hope she is enjoying second grade so far!

  8. Aw, Ada. Your little girl looks so sweet! She is growing up and look how tall she is! I loved that she picked out her own clothes and was excited for school. Best wishes to you and her on the new school year. I am sure you will treasure these memories.
    jess xx

  9. What a cute photoshoot! hope your daughter enjoys her new grade of school!

  10. Okay, her little peep-toe booties are absolutely ADORABLE! So stinking cute!!

    Miles of smiles,


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