I Love You - Poetry.

I present you my latest poem. A love poem! And even though it has such simple words, they all came from the heart and there is truth in them: truth for me, truth for you, for you who are in love, for many happy couples, for many couples who are not married but expect to continue their love journeys with their partners whom they are in love with! Isn't love a beautiful thing?! And also one of those things who can come in life more than once! I believe LOVE is more than "once in a lifetime" kind of thing! After all I have to believe that since my first trip down the aisle didn't work out and yes that is the very first time I mention the word "divorce" here on my blog but I have spoken a lot about that on my Instagram stories a lot. And it's OK. Our separation was so long ago that I have grown a lot since that and I have healed, fully healed. But yes, love is definitely more than a "once in a lifetime" kind of thing. Otherwise how do you explain second chances and second marriages?! Anyway, before I bore you more to death, I leave you with my latest poetic thoughts... Hope you like this one today because I love it!

[10.45 P.M. July 8th 2020.]

I love you in the crock of dawn
as the sun rises above a grey cloud,
the sky clears up a little bit yet it's white
and the birds start wakening up!

I love you in middle morning
after I had my second cup of strong coffee,
the TV plays on the background a favorite song or two
and outside the temperatures rise!

I love you through my lunch shenanigans
as I prepare a fresh salad and chop up vegetables,
and my brain reminds me to drink some water,
as you ring my phone and you smile as soon as I answer!

I love you in the late afternoon
as I pour myself a glass of wine,
and I sit to rest and blog a little
but thoughts of you and those lips I want to kiss ...come to mind!

I love you in the evening
as the sun is about to leave for the night
and the moon is nowhere in sight
but millions of stars sprinkle and pierce through the sky!

I love you in the middle of the night
as my head is resting inside my fluffy pillow,
but my brain is still thinking, wondering, dreaming
and my eyes start opening just for a bit!

I love you today, tomorrow and the next day,
I will love you the day after tomorrow and again,
as hours go by and different times of the day pass by me,
as I think of you and you think of me!

I love you today, half a year away,
I will love you tomorrow more than I did yesterday,
as I think of our dates and how time has rolled by,
as hours turned to days, days into weeks and then months...

And months away from now,
when I get to spend all the days and all the nights with you,
I will love you more you know
and I know that feeling will never go away!!

I love you baby, I love you now,
I love you honey, my sweet man,
I loved you yesterday, I love you today,
tomorrow I will say I do
and life around us will continue, 
we'll continue to love and love more, we'll continue to grow!


  1. Such a nice poem, and thanks for the link up!

  2. Your words are beautiful Ada :) thank you for sharing!

  3. Your poetry is always so beautiful!

  4. beautiful poem


  5. Beautiful, Ada!

  6. You know I love a good love poem! Well done, my friend. Thanks for linking up with me.



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