A Fabulous Fling - Poetry.

A little something I JUST wrote. Just read it and gulp it all in! Thank You. =)

[9.40 P.M. July 15th 2020.]

Strung by a string, a fabulous fling,
like birds that chirp through a warm Spring,
beautiful flowers and roses galore,
as he smells her skin and she feels like a soar!

As kisses fall down from her lips to her neck,
his strong fingers softly caress her nape,
their eyes fully closed as they feel everything,
this feels right, it's the real thing!

As daylight captures their gleaming eyes,
the sun braids her hair and kisses her eyelids,
the little dirty grey cloud assures him he is safe,
to follow his heart and make her his bride!

There is beauty and nature around them,
the warmth and the breeze of the changing air,
and his hand wrapped around the smallest part of her waist,
he brings her closer to him and they kiss!

As clouds get closer to look and observe,
those little birds start flying down to spy on them,
the day is as young as they are,
filling their faces with smiles and their guts with butterflies!

They walk hand by hand, no talking in sight,
just smiles and laughter and a twinkle on both of their eyes!
This is just the first part of an amazing year,
what awaits them on the next half is even better!

Mesmerized by attraction, rooted in affection,
deep into chemistry, sealed inside a letter like a poetry,
captivated through hugs and kisses and so much passion,
their intentions are good and so is their mission!

No more daydreams of prince charming
or a raven beauty to hold on to,
the future is theirs and it's exciting
they just have to have faith because it's true!

A fabulous fling turned into a fabulous love story,
a him and a her in all of their glory,
two good-hearted people doing their thing,
two good-looking babes just loving and living...!


  1. What a lovely pieces of poetry, Ada. Thank you for sharing

  2. Lovely words and thank you for the link up! :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  3. Aw, I love it, Ada! The last two lines are my favorite!: "two good-hearted people doing their thing,
    two good-looking babes just loving and living". So wonderful!


  4. Love the new layout.



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