Thursday Moda 211: Looking Forward.

"Take me back to fields of tulips, the sun shining, Starbucks roasting and restaurants putting you on a wait list. Take me back to bright colors, beaming smiles and blooming flowers on a pretty dress. Take me back to normalcy and dates with my gorgeous daughter. Come on Corona you overstayed your "welcome"! Those were my words a few days on this Instagram post (please follow me on Instagram if you don't already - thank you!) and a day after I posted that picture with that caption, on Tuesday of this week (2 days ago) I decided to have a mother-daughter date with my sweetie Vivian - something we had not done in two and a half months. As a matter of fact, Vivian hadn't left the house in almost 10 weeks. And honestly, it doesn't seem like A) Corona Virus will go away entirely anytime soon (I don't see it happening in the next 18-24 months) and B] life will not be the same no matter what phase of opening our states are at, nothing will ever be exactly the same again. With that said we shouldn't look back, but we should be...

Looking  Forward.
This is our reality and we have to accept it. I have accepted it, I hope you all do too. But we have to live and try to enjoy life, despite of this reality. We really have to. So, I tried to do that this week. On Tuesday, for the first time in 10 weeks Vivian and I went on a Mother/Daughter date in our beautiful little town. We grabbed a smoothie+cookie to go at our local cafe (the only place non-fast-food that was open), we walked a lot, browsed from the outside, walked about 2 miles up and down the streets of the downtown and completed our date with a drive-through lunch at Wendy's. It was good to get fresh air and try to find some normalcy in such abnormal, unprecedented times. Oh and we didn't wear any masks since we went nowhere crowded or surrounded by a lot of people and masks are not required outdoors when you walk, exercise, bike or go to at a park (I always wear a mask when I go grocery shopping or any shopping, to the post office, or to run errands anywhere else). It was also beautiful to see the blooming trees which made us feel positive and smile because SPRING! The white blossoms matched with Vivian's White Floral Dress while the reddish-pink tree blossoms matched with my red+blue Floral Portofino Blouse by Express. Vivian and I wore our denim jackets (it was cool and they were needed) and we protected our eyes from the sun with matching Tortoise Sunglasses, too. Vivian loved our little date even if we could not sit inside the cafe and for JUST a couple of hours it felt like there was no pandemic, no uncertainty, no fear but deep down I know that is not true. UNFORTUNATELY!


I am back with my THURSDAY MODA FAVORITES this week and hope to continue this every Thursday this year. I will stop by a lot of your blogs too. Time to get this linkup to the way it used to be!! =) Let's look at my favorites from last week, shall we?! So many great polished pant looks and pantsuit outfits, but also some bold and bright red floral dresses in the mix.

'All Red Dress-ed Up and No Place to Go' sure you can be featured on my blog darling Darlene. Looking polished and pretty in this adorable bold floral print on that ravishing red dress, completed with nude leather accessories.
Di is the queen of class, always! Her 'Spring Layers' feature soft pastels in blush, pink and beige. Love the addition of the bow-ed scarf.
In her post, Fonda shared a 'Top Ten' including Amazon products and 10 fantastic outfits she has worn for work or else. The 9th look featured this fabulous leopard blazer paired with a roaring graphic tee.
I knew nothing about the 'May Day Celebrations' that Tiina was talking about, but any reason to get dressed up, especially through this awful Covid-19 and since I am a May baby and I am all in. Her statement rose-print maxi dress looks even better accompanied by cocktails, as it should be!
Simple and fresh, Mica is in her signature style which usually involves a lot of 'Maxi Skirts'. Her navy-teal skirt looks great with the oversized leopard of that nude+coral tee.
Last but not least, Iris rocked a head-to-toe white look creating a bold, feminine and sophisticated pantsuit. Her post had useful 'Tips to Create Your Professional Wardrobe' and such a chic outfit to boot!

Thursday Moda with Elegance and Mommyhood

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  1. So happy you were able to have your mommy and me date.

  2. I absolutely love your mother-daughter date. These moments are precious (and especially that you have all the beautiful pics to prove it and later reminisce on:) xx

  3. What a beautiful day to be outside Ada, lovely shots.

  4. You two are so cute! It's great that you got to go out!

    Emma xxx

  5. So many pretty pictures Ada! I love seeing little Vivian grow up, look at those sunnies, like moms! She has the style bug too! Love those sneakers with your floral top!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  6. So cute in your matching denim jackets! :)

    Hope you had a great weekend! It was a cold one here, winter arrived early!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! The new link up is live on my blog now, I'd love you to join again. :)

    Away From Blue


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