Thursday Moda #210: Currently, May 2020.

We have reached 8 weeks of staying home/staying inside and entered the 9th week already. ALL OF OUR LIVES HAVE CHANGED. We are now in May and when 2020 first started, I wouldn't predict what is happening now, in a million years. May is my favorite month of the year because it is also the one that feels the most like Spring. It is also my birthday month (several members of my family have May birthdays too) and today is CINCO de MAYO. I had plans to celebrate this very special milestone birthday including CINCO de MAYO with a little vacation/trip in Chicago, Illinois, but life had different plans. However it's ok, I am home safe and healthy and get to spend 24 hours a day (most times) with my beautiful daughter. But speaking of May, our tough governor Gretchen Whitmor - which has become a national sensation during this Pandemic and has made world news - has our stay-at-home order till MAY 15th and our state of Michigan is under a state of emergency order until May 28th. Honestly I agree with her, because even if our numbers are improving, there has been an increase of cases in West Michigan and Up North. Now let's catch up with Anne for her monthly "currently" feature. This is what I am currently up to.

making: homework interesting for my girl. These are tough times for every parent and teacher. If I am being honest, getting children to sit down, do homework and actually focus is hard. With VIVIAN I have difficulties getting her to do enough writing. The reading, math - which she loves, art, social studies and such she does all right, she does it at a good time limit and she focuses on those, but she doesn't care so much to write down words or sentences or small paragraphs, however as a first grader while she is still learning to read, write and spell, writing is indeed a big important part of her learning. Every day I am trying to find creative ways for her to sit down and write, sometimes I struggle. If you have children between ages 5-8, any tips on how you can get them to write and read more?! =)

missing: Hmm, normal things we took for granted before, like seeing family+friends, going to the library, the mall, going out in general. But I'm especially miss going out for lunch or dinner, or at a coffee place and sit inside a cafe. I miss normal interaction with people, being social, going out with friends, seeing family members, all of that.

learning: Tips and tricks on how to be a better writer and perhaps start my freelance writing career. It is my passion and something I love to do, so maybe I have a career in this. I am teaching myself more about SEO, different writing strategies, copywriting, rules about writing, etc. I have invested some money into this 'new gig' too and I hope it works out for me. 

loving: All of the good well wishes and beautiful birthday wishes I received on my phone, text messages, phone calls, via social media, a few birthday e-cards, and here on the blog too.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! During these tough times of the pandemic it is important to be close, stay positive and send well wishes to all the people who love and love us. At least we have technology, online resources, Zoom and Google Meet. We also have apps like Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber. Staying connected to our loved ones is easier than ever before.

reading: In the middle of an Albanian book (novel) from a great Albanian writer. These days we are also reading a lot of children's books, from Vivian's own library at home but even online books from ABC Mousse. 

Since this is my birthday week I wanted to recap some earlier/older birthday outfits. Today I am focusing on the outfits/dresses I wore for my birthday on the years I was in TIRANA, ALBANIA and the first years of me being a mom.

7 years ago.
This was my first birthday as a mom and mere days later I also celebrated my first Mother's Day, back in 2013. A chubby 3.5 month old Vivian matched mommy's hot pink shirtdress by bebe, in her own velvet jumper dress and adorable pink polka-dot tights. I have no makeup on but I still look great because becoming a new mom gives you so much happiness and you glow! And of course, since I had a baby around I had to wear flat sandals, no heels with a newborn.

6 years ago.
Loving this monochromatic black/white/beige look. I mixed prints in both my dress (houndstooth), clutch (windowpane) and pumps (snakeskin) and it worked. Those shoes are gorgeous and so comfortable too, love the cone heels. I added some beaded bracelets and a long silver necklace, both from White House Black Market and my natural curls were created overnight.

5 years ago.
Celebrating my 35th in a dress I had just bought - I love the print-mixing of leopard, paisley and chain print -and the gold patent leather belt that shows off the slimmest part of my waist. This dress looked great with a faux snakeskin + real suede, fold-over, ruffled, red clutch and those croc-embossed, leather, kitten heel, blue pumps. The fresh bouquet of flowers was a present to me from Vivian's dad.

Thursday Moda with Elegance and Mommyhood

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    I am a Michigander too - and I agree with you that Whitmer is making the right calls. I miss things and worry too about the state's future, but we need to be safe first!

    I wouldn't stress about what your daughter is writing, maybe just let her write what she wants? Like go for a walk, and write about what you see. Or letters/emails to her friends? I am not sure if that is helpful advice or not. Lol.

  2. Glad you are staying safe. I miss being able to see my family. Special all of them in Michigan.

  3. Fun way to look back on past birthdays! :) I hope you still had a good day. We are on week 8 or 9 of working from home but the schools only closed 6 weeks ago which doesn't seem too long. The kids are going back next week! The time has flown by, the kids have kept us busy as we tried to juggle online learning and working from home with them, haha!

    Thanks for the link up!

    Hope that you are having a good week :)

    Away From Blue

  4. Love seeing these throwback birthday looks! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Happy Birthday! Mine is at the end of the month - it'll be a different one for sure, but that's okay. Memories, right? lol


  6. I know, right? Who could have ever predicted this situation?! Parents are all finding out just how challenging it can be to be a teacher to their kids, so you are not alone! As a former Michigander, I give your governor credit for holding strong. I hope your birthday was wonderful!

    xx Darlene

  7. Hope you had a great birthday, Ada!
    Cheryl Shops |

  8. I'm so happy I found your blog this week- it's Lovely! Enjoyed today's blog post so much (and even your Bday one!) I personally think you should go for that writing career!! Hugs to you my friend, Lucy xx

  9. Happy birthday! Glad to hear it was a good one, all things considered. And I totally feel you on the homeschooling struggles. After the spring break week, motivation has been really hard here, even though Hendrik usually loves school. I sometimes resort to rewards for doing a good job with getting through some assignments, like getting to play a computer game for a bit. Not ideal, but we are living in weird times...

    Hang in there!

  10. Wow, good luck with your new project. I wish you all the best and look forward to learning about it more as it unfolds for you.
    I really enjoy reading posts like this, ones that give a little sneak peek into people current life. I am sure you have tried things like this but as a young teacher I always wanted kids to write and then draw their picture out afterwards. Then a mentor had me flip it around. Having children write, or act out a story, and then write about it, allows them the process of coming up with the ideas, trying them out orally and getting the language and ideas out orally before having to focus on writing. Even getting her to label the different things in her picture and tell you about it, and then either later or right away she can use that picture and the words as a springboard to write a some sentences. Just a thought. Another one is, show her really silly animal pictures and have her first again tell you about who, where, when, why of the picture and then write a mini-story about it.


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