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I have talked about the Corona Virus on this blog before, I have touched on it a lot on my Instagram, it's a state of mind these days. It truly is. So let's talk about LOVE, and in more ways than one Love connects to Covid_19 as well. Today, this month that we are quarantined, this time in our world, in our society, in our planet more than ever before WE NEED LOVE. Whatever love that is: virtual, spiritual, romantic, between friends, with your girlfriends over virtual happy hour, sibling love, love towards your children, or the most complicated kind - with a significant other, your lover, your boyfriend, your spouse, your kindred spirit! That's where the poem below comes along. Can you guess when I wrote this?! If I tell you, would you believe me?! It was February 1st 1998, when I was a senior in high school - in my Creative Writing class - and I got a B+ on it (due to a few little grammar errors which I have corrected on the version you see today). You got to understand, I had only been in US for 7 months so my English was still pretty good I must say. Even-though this poem is from over two decades ago and not even from this century, it is still very real and very relevant for today. It's nothing special, simple words, easy metaphors, but it came from the heart and as cliché as it sounds! I truly hope you like it, cause I do (22 years later).


Love Quotes - San Antonio Dating Coach

Love is like the sun, so warm and bright,
it makes your heart beat strongly,
it can drive you crazy, but it's still lovely
because usually its happiness fills your heart!

Love is like the moon, the queen of the night
who in the middle of the darkness shines lonely,
you and I are the strength of love only,
for we feel each other and don't know fright!

Love is difficult for everyone, still it's beautiful,
it is as big as wanderlusty as the sky,
it is great, scared and inspiring like you and I,
even if it may cause you tears, it is nothing short of wonderful!

True love never dies, for its emotion is powerful!
Together, you and I, together we are part of this evergreen tree!
For the beauty of love makes everyone merciful,
so go find him, go lust after her... and when you do - never let go!

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  1. Ada, you were very emotionally mature in high school to write these beautiful sentiments about love. Love should always be our focus. Love for each other and for our planet. We have done so much damage to our planet that I am happy that it is getting a break from humans even if it just for a few weeks or months. Hopefully, this whole situation will force some necessary changes in the way we treat each other as well as the planet. Although, the cynic in me isn’t so sure that’s how it will happen.


  2. Lovely poem. I think its hard for all of us right now.

  3. Most of us would be happy to be able to write as well with English being our first language (for me, though, it was my second language but still I wouldn't have been able to write this in high school). All my schooling was in France until college and it took be a while to speak it with a good flow even though I grew up speaking English at home sometimes.

  4. such lovely words. And wow from high school

  5. Beautiful poem, Ada. Love is truly the key. I hope this difficult time will bring us all closer together and teach us to be kinder to ourselves, each other and our planet!

  6. Take care my dear Ada, big hug.

  7. I agree all we need is love. Actually, a lot of love right now. I am sending some love and hugs from Singapore. I'm surprised that you were able to write such a lovely poem after just 7 months in the US. You are talented in languages, Ada.

  8. A lovely poem! You’ve really captured the hopeful feeling that love inspires.



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