Thursday Moda #166: To Hope and to Live - A Little Reflection.

Thank you so much to everyone that made my Blog Birthday Party a success. I am so happy that 29 ladies participated. It was great! I get so creative and philosophical when I turn a year older, when I just had/celebrated a birthday, so my creative juices get flowing. I wrote the little prose below as a little life reflection and I absolutely love it. I hope you do as well. Read on!!

TO  HOPE  AND  TO  LIVE - A Little Reflection on My Life. 

(In Honor of my Birthday, as I turned another year older.)

As if the day strings each minute by a thread that threads into an hour, 60 full minutes. As if the night sprinkles each star by a galaxy, creating a multitude of galaxies. As if a motion causes a thrill, a joyful ride, a roller-coaster, an upside down journey. As if a sentiment is written down on a piece of paper, then crumbled and torn. So many sentiments and feelings written and unwritten, spoken and unspoken, heard and unheard, one by one. Just like that, each second forms a minute, minute by minute an hour transpires and 24 of them together create a day filled with daylight and darkness, a sunrise and a sunset, a day warmed up by the sun and lit up by the moon.

…Right there among the pain, the tears, the laughter and the smiles, the soft-spoken voice and the giggles, between the blue of the sky and the red of the blood, like a maze of seasons filled with anger and mayhem, a drop of milk as ivory, as clean, as porcelain-like as a newborn, a flicker of light so soft, sweet and sensual, inside a moment filled with passion and dolor, a tiny but bright little hope comes by and sparkles through. It is piercing like a diamond in the darkest of the nights. It feels like a Roman warrior, a war pioneer or an unfallen hero. Such hope brings the smallest smile to a frowned face and turns it upside down. Just for a split second, it warms up the heart and calms down the soul, as if it were a candy store filled with sweets and lollipops, as if it were a poem inspired by love only, or a song that brings tears of happiness, or a portrait of art that awakens even the loneliest of the souls.

As life goes on with its adventures and its journeys whatnot, as things transpire on a day-to-day basis, movies are made, action heroes are created, successes and failures become passengers of the same bus, and nothing feels right anymore, that tiny hope helps to see the glass half full as opposed to half empty. And just when you thought that things couldn't get worse, something so stunningly magnificent appears out of the blue. Whether you fall in love, or you simply find your belonging, there is someone out there for you to keep you warm in the cold nights, to shelter you from the wind, the rain and the snow. Whether a child brings out the kid in you and makes you believe in Aladdin and Peter Pan again. Whether the baby you gave birth to grows into a young little person that you are so proud of. Whether you wish upon a star or just pray God for a miracle, a candle of hope brings light to many a church, it brings light and warmth to your heart! Whether your migraines are chronic or acute, whether it is the first or the last time you truly cried from the inside, there is a kindred spirit that brings you home where you feel the safest. You find your home and that is when you find your freedom, your heart, your happiness, your belonging. 

Then, all of a sudden, a tiny little smile tweaks the corners of your lips and you wipe away that warm large tear. You cover yourself with a blanket and start thinking about happy tomorrows leaving sorry yesterdays where they belong - in the past. You let the tears dry up and you let the bruises heal. Nothing can blacken your soul if you are brave! Nothing can break you in that very moment, you have lived many years of your life with excitement and with some fear but that shape of hope promises better years to come, you just have to believe that and always follow your heart step by step, do everything wholeheartedly and give it your all!

Every loss you have suffered and every misgiving you have experienced will disappear this one time. Other losses, mistakes, faults, disappointments and sufferings will follow but don't focus on them as you will rise above them because as a human being you are The Phoenix! Hope will touch into piano pentagrams and turn every beat of misfortune into a triumphant melody! What a beautiful, beguiling, bright, bold, brave hope, so little yet so humongous, so full of ever-green gratitude, that very same hope that keeps us kicking our heels, makes us walk, run, jump, make love, smile, laugh and never stay still, the very same hope of which the heart sings for… so many flickers and stars, so much joy…, such is life!! Life is Joy! Find Joy within you and you will Live not just Exist! 

I hope you liked this little reflection prose, today. But now I am editing this post, to add the Thursday Moda linkup on the bottom. I thought I would have time this Wednesday to edit photos and stay through late in the evening to write, finish and have ready by Thursday AM an outfit post for Thursday Moda. But, after getting out of work I picked up Vivian and this evening as I promised her, we had a movie date night. We went and watched "The Ugly Dolls" - such a cute, inspiring and educating movie. It teaches kids about character, personality traits and not to judge a book by its cover. I recommend this movie a lot, for your kids but also for adults. Afterwards we went for a quick dinner at Bar Louis which has some great eats! You may have seen snippets of Vivian and I's evening together through my stories, if you follow me on Instagram (please follow me if you don't already). Then, we came home. Vivian drew for a little while and then she read two books to me. I was getting sleepy and quite tired, though I finished a movie on Lifetime (I love Lifetime movies lol) and the last thing I want to do now is stay awake until 1.30 AM to write an entire new Thursday Moda post (I don't have any edited pics). And I have to wake up by 7.00 at the latest.

Instead I will work for an outfit post to go Live by Friday AM and I am adding my Thursday Moda linkup on the bottom of this post. Hope you don't mind. =)) Have a Fantastic Mother's Day Weekend you all! I have a very long work week and weekend!

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  1. This is so lovely.

  2. A very happy birthday to you! Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. Happy birthday Ada and many happy returns

  4. So beautifully written as always, my friend! Happiest of birthdays to you. May this next year be the best one yet!


  5. Happy Birthday Ada!! Beautifully written.

  6. This is so lovely and beautifully written! Wishing you the best year ahead!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. You definitely have a gift for writing - I have no idea how you find the time my friend! You are such a busy mom!

  8. Another year has passed...they go by so quickly, don't they? I'll have to go back and read this when I have some extra moments. Love that you enjoy writing!

  9. I just love reading your poetry Ada!! And it's so great you spend time with Vivian. Those are memories that are priceless for both of you!!

  10. Isn't that what's so amazing about life? That it is what we make of it. I am always in awe at how time flies but with every second it passes it teaches us something about life because we are working towards perhaps a goal, perhaps becoming a better person, etc. I never thought I'd say this but the part of the joy of another year passing is the wisdom that comes with it. Beautiful words Ada. I hope your week is going well and yay to Friday Eve!

    Maureen |

  11. Yay, I'm glad you had such a lovely birthday and are feeling hopeful about the years ahead. Joy definitely comes from within!
    Cheryl Shops |

  12. Ah thanks for writing your thoughts after the last year. The memories you make with your Viv will last forever!

  13. Beautiful post and I hope you will have a fabulous year ahead of you!

  14. Such a beautiful read, thanks for this inspiring post dear!
    Jessica |


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