Currently, May 2019.

Yeay, it's May!! My Birthday month. Taurus season. The month of Emerald stones, cherry blossoms, lots of sunshine, warmed-up weather, brave women and strong moms - some of us do the mom thing every day, all on our own. Give yourself a High-Five, smile at your image in the mirror, be brave, stay kind and do great things this May. You got this!! And now let's join ANNE of Anne in Residence for her monthly "Currently" themed linkup. Happy May 2019 you all!! 

admiring: The Rain we have been having. Yes, it can make one dreary, unhappy and in a bad mood, but we all appreciate a pretty rainbow, as well as the grass getting prettier and greener and the flowers blooming - soon. I particularly cannot wait for tulips to bloom and find a field of tulips close by us to go to, spend a few hours at and take in all of its beauty and take lots of pictures, of course. As much as I hate how dirty my car stays (on the outside) especially living on a dirt street and all, in general I am a rain lover, it is the poet and the romantic in me. Plus, just because it rains it doesn't mean we have to be negative about it. I rather admire it! And later I will admire all the tulips!!

playing: Music on Spotify and on Alexa. Hands down my favorite two ways to listen to music while I am home, especially as I am cleaning, blogging, doing work at home, etc. Plus Spotify has a lot of my favorite Albanian artists too. While Alexa can play my favorite radio stations, as well. 

borrowing: Cute Bows and Headbands from Vivian that I can wear, too (that are not just for little girls). I have always been a lover of hair accessories and now that Spring is here I plan on wearing more bows, hair barrettes and headbands - my favorite. 

remembering: How Nice it is to have blogger friends and how so many of them will join me on your birthday celebrations on the blog. My birthday is this weekend - May 4th to be exact - and a bunch of my closest blogging friends are joining me for my annual Blog Birthday Party. It will be a lot of fun and as always everyone will look so stylish! Stay tuned for those two special celebration posts on Saturday May 4th and Sunday May 5th, including my Sunday Showcase Linkup. 

finishing: This Blog Post currently and working on the newest Thursday Moda linkup, to be posted next. Also, looking forward to finishing an early work week as I am off all weekend Friday through Sunday -- and that is rare! I asked for the entire weekend off this week (Friday of course as well as Saturday - since I work most Saturdays) for my birthday and my boss approved it! Yeay for birthday weekends and understanding bosses!

Normally, this is the part where I look at previous outfits worn and blogged around this time of the year, on previous years. Today I am flashing back to a head-to-toe Red Outfit that I wore in late April last year (2018) but I only was able to get one single photo of it. It is quite a chic, fun and sexy outfit though so I decided to blog it today, a year later. =) Plus it is perfect to showcase this on the blog today, since this year I asked my blogging friends to blog something in coral, pink or red - my favorite color - for my special blog birthday party. So cheers to red - the boldest, finest, brightest, sexiest, prettiest color of them all!!
In this outfit (originally I had a sleek black blazer over it, too) I faked a Little Red Dress by tucking a Silky Red Camisole (by Express) inside a Ribbed Red Satin Pencil Skirt (by Arden B.). The reds are not quite identical but they are not very far off too. Since I originally had a blazer on which was black (perfect match with the black pumps), this is the kind of outfit that can go from the office to date night, for a dinner with your significant other. Am I right?! As far as accessories, I have my Black Suede Pumps with Tortoise Block Heels on and I added a pop of Turquoise with some Turquoise Statement Earrings that are very hard to see here, but I linked very similar ones, below.


  1. Ya for your birthday month. Also that was nice of your boss to give you the weekend off.

  2. Well that's a good reminder of how we can reframe things in regards to all of this incessant rain we've been having... I'm excited about tulips too. And happy birthday!

  3. That red look from last year is stunning Ada! It looks terrific on you - yes, cheers to red and cheers to you, birthday girl!

  4. Will the rain ever stop? I'm looking forward to seeing the tulips bloom! Love the hair accessory trend right now and I've been borrowing from my daughter too!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Happy Birthday! Mine is at the end of the month - May 30. I hope you get to celebrate all month long. :)


  6. That red dress looks fab on you dear! Such a beautiful classic.
    Jessica |

  7. Happy Birthday! I'm a May person too. Thank you for sharing this post with My Red Carpet.



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