Valentine-Themed Cocoa, Coffee and Chocolate Bar.

I love Valentine's Day decor and this year our coffee area got a little festive in red, white and pink. And it didn't even cost much because all I did is purchase all the candy, festive Valentine's napkins, a pack of Hershey's hot cocoa, one of the candles, the paper hearts and the paper straws. Everything else I already had including the mugs, containers and jars. First of all, it is not just a coffee bar. You can also make hot cocoa, add marshmallows and eat a truffle, candy or Hershey Kiss. To make it even more lovely-dovey and festive I added some cute and great-smelling candles in red and white jars and of course that DIY Hot Pink Heart Garland I created myself. I got the hot pink paper hearts (in a pack of 25) at the dollar store and made them into a garland by simply using clear tape on the backs of each one. 

The paper straws (all from Target at the dollar area) are all festive too: red, red with white hearts, red+white striped or in different pink stripes. I put them inside that white porcelain jar with the red heart cut-outs. The Sugar and Cocoa Chalk-Written Porcelain Jars are from a few years ago from Target. One has a red lid and one a soft pink one. I bought these scrumptious Lindor Truffles (in pink and red wrappers), Red-Wrapped Hershey Kisses and Red M+Ms all at Wal Mart. I put the Lindor Truffles inside that Lucite Jar (printed with red, turquoise, light pink and fuchsia hearts and has a red ribbon on the lid) from Wal Mart while the M+Ms and Hershey Kisses are inside little white glass jars. The mini marshmallows are also inside a white jar and I tied a striped pink/red/turquoise ribbon to the neck of the jar. While the Hot Pink Clear Mini Jar has tea spoons inside it. The Sweet "Peppermint" Candy towel I have had for years too. I think this kitchen towel works for Valentine's day and Christmas season, too.

Not pictured - cause I added them afterwards, a couple of days after I took these original photos - are red and pink paper napkins I put on the side of the bar. As far as the mugs I have had all of them, none of them are new. I need some more Valentine's themed mugs but what I had was fine for now. I alternated between cream/white mugs and heart-patterned mugs. I do want to buy a couple of red solid mugs for the future - something to keep in mind for next year. After all red is my most favorite color and red mugs can be used during Christmas, too. 3D Rose has the cutest Valentine's day mugs now and they can be found at and are on huge sale for 55% OFF. Love this one and this one. I have linked more in the widget, below. You can add a fresh bouquet of flowers to your coffee bar too, too if you like. It is thoughtful, beautiful and fresh flowers always smell so fresh. I love how festive, inviting and cute this coffee-making area turned out, and on a budget too. I think all in all even if you have to buy everything from scratch, it won't cost you more than 35-40 bucks. Do you like my Valentine-Themed Cocoa, Coffee and Chocolate Bar?! Did your coffee bar got a facelift or a little makeover this Valentine's day! Scroll down below for similar or identical items like mine, to make your own Valentine's Day Coffee Bar. =)


  1. Cute coca bar.

  2. Aww those mugs are so cute! And I love the strawberry Lindt chocolates! Happy Valentine's day!

    The Flower Duet

  3. Cute idea! Thank you for the link up! :)

    Hope that you are having a good week so far :) Another hot day here today, we are all hoping that this heatwave will break!

    Away From The Blue

  4. This is ADORABLE! One of these year's I've got to throw either a Valentine's or Galentine's party. This is great inspiration!


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