Thursday Moda #151: Viv! Red! Radiate!

Good morning you all and Happy Thursday! How is the weather on your part of the world?! Ours has been snowy, freezing, hail, frozen rain and very low temperatures though we started the day with black ice today and finished it off with a high of 42 degrees. It is time for such weather too, because in all honesty we have had a very decent November and December and early January, so we are paying off for it, now. Due to the weather, as I mentioned in my "Bundle Up, Buttercup!" post, it has made it so difficult for me to take outfit photos. I have shot a few outside and most of them inside. I also have some outfits from late December through early January that are still fresh and yet-to-be-posted, so today's outfit is one of those, worn the first Friday of the new year on a day spent with Vivian when she still on her break from school and when we experienced a glimpse of super-early Spring in early January, with our high temperature being about 55 degrees. OK, enough weather talk in one single post. Let's look at the outfit more in detail, below. =)

Viv!  Red!  Radiate!
I titled this post "Viv! Red! Radiate!" because it features exactly those three 'things': my sweet Vivian, the color Red (lots of it) and Radiate as both my daughter and I, as well as our sparkly, twinkle-lights Christmas Tree radiate on these photos. Vivian always makes me happy and makes me radiate. Vivian herself is a glow of radiance, beauty, happiness, positivity and things that make you feel + think great, just like all kids do. Vivian is a radiant firecracker, a beautiful little girl with her sassy and friendly personality, her gorgeous smile, her beaming hazel eyes, her sweetness and her fun poses (these photos of hers are proof). And you can throw her in a sac and she will still look darling and steal the show! However this time around she wore her Mustard+Navy Plaid Shirtdress by Old Navy over a 100% Cotton Black Turtleneck and Denim-Looking Leggings. She looked adorable and girly with her Pink Sneakers (I own identical ones) and Sky Blue Unicorn-Rainbow JoJo Bow. I, on the other hand wore my Favorite Red Sweater - this cold-shouldered one by The Limited, which I purchased 2 years ago before they closed their doors and have worn it a few times but had yet to make its appearance on the blog lol. I decided to go matchy-matchy and wear a True Red Lipstick, mine is by L'Oreal. I paired them both with my new Off-Black Laceup Skinny Jeans (new-ish from Target) and my Braided Perforated Nude/Beige Booties (also new-ish from Target). Of course I think I radiate in red since it is my favorite color and I love wearing it. Better yet if I combine a red piece with red lipstick. Does anything else better than red lipstick say beautiful, feminine, bold, sexy and confident woman?! I think not! So yeah, now that I explained the way this post's title came together, you might have noticed the word "Radiate" pop up a few times. Well, remember this word - I for sure will remember it well - it is one of my 2 words I chose for 2019! Post coming soon!! So, do you own a red item of clothing that makes you feel beautiful and makes you radiate?! How do your children make you radiate?! Looking forward to seeing your answers so comment below and join this week's linkup, beauties!

Last week the linkup was a little lighter, though you loved my black+tan look, especially the sweater. I still had such a hard time narrowing down my favorites cause I seriously loved all of your linked outfits! But ultimately I was attracted to soft and pretty sweater dresses, trendy and classic black boots, pretty florals that make me dream of Spring, beautiful dresses plus bold and fun textured tights. A couple of expectant moms and other moms killed it last week! Look at my top looks from last week, below.

This week's featured blogger is my super stylish mama friend LAURA from I Do deClaire who - if I am not mistaken - has been the featured blogger here on Moda 3 other times. I loved the sweater dress post she recently linked where she showed us 4 beautiful, unique sweater dresses, all styled beautifully with different boots/booties and different legwear. Each pair of boots and tights she wore were stunning. She seriously looked like a bundled up pretty bunny in all of these sweater dresses, but I particularly loved the unique, feminine and oh-so-soft millennial pink sweater dress as well as the mustard one - always a fun of pairing mustard with leopard. Dear Laura and I collaborated together throughout all the Holiday Series last year, we even did a very special Mommy+Me Christmas Pajamas post. Laura and I have collaborated through the years as we both started our blogs around the same time, when we were new moms to our 6-year old girls. I can always find fashion inspiration from her and I love her one item - many ways posts. Recently she styled her long grey cardigan four ways. She also has her own successful style linkup every Tuesday! =)

Lizzie is the blonde 2019 version of Blair Waldorf in her flower sheath with a collar, a crystal necklace, bow headband and pretty blue pastel coat. In this post she also wrote about her 'New Years Goals'.
'Stay Warm and Cozy Without Sacrificing Style' are the words of advise by Chez and she did just that in an office-friendly, modern and sexy mini skirt paired with a fleece sweatshirt and diamond-patterned metallic tights. Love, love, love!
Mom-to-be Shannon rocks 'Dark Denim' with a unique jean jacket over a bodycon LBD. Love her edgy frayed black suede boots!
Tiina knows how to 'Dress Up a Kimono' which features some bold peacocks. She belted it with a stunning belt and added gorgeous black loafers and a classic quilted Chanel bag.
Kim is also expecting and she wore a darling 'Heart Print Dress' which I own too. The ruffled peplum hem makes it loose enough for pregnancy while still being fun and dressy. Love the sexy pumps.
I say yes to 'Edgy Florals in the New Year'. Check out the origami hem on Kathrine's dress and those fishnets!


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  1. Your pictures with Vivian makes me smile! Her little poses are just like momma. I can see why she brings you so much joy. P.S. Love the lace up feature on those pants and the sweater looks fabulous on you. Have a great weekend and try to say warm up there!

  2. Aww Vivian is getting so big! It looks like she's starting to have her own style too, I love it--a little fashionista like her mom :) I love your red sweater too, it's gorgeous on you!

  3. Ada, I love red on you! Absolutely radiant! And Vivian’s yellow plaid is just adorable!


  4. You two are the cutest!!! I love your red sweater!

  5. Red is the perfect Winter colour! You too look so cute and happy xx Maria

  6. Bundle up for sure, I cannot even imagine weather that cold!!! You look great in that vibrant red! Look at that sweet Vivian posing like a model - how fun!

  7. Love the detail on your pants. Its currently raining out.

  8. So cute Ads! I can only imagine that cold, it is cold enough here for me! Love the cold shoulder details and red is a great color on you. Love that Vivian is so cute in front of the camera
    jess xx

  9. I love the lacing detail at the ankle of your jeans—so cute! And looks like Viv is a future fashion blogger!
    Cheryl Shops |

  10. V. sure is radiant and she seems to bring sunshine to your life even in the dead of winter. I am also loving her bow. Now, lets talk about you and how stunning you look in red!!!! Have a great weekend ahead.

  11. Ada, thank you so much for your incredibly sweet words and the feature! I have enjoyed our blogging friendship throughout the years! I look forward to continuing it and lots more collaborations! You are looking absolutely beautiful in red! You and Vivian make such an adorable pair!

  12. Awww she is just so cute! I love the red sweater you're wearing!

  13. The weather here is hot and humid. That's why I'm so enjoying to look at those beautiful snowy pictures. Red is beautiful color on you, my Dear. Vivian is just little cutie. Don't freeze and have a nice weekend.


  14. It's very white here, but luckily it's going to rain tomorrow and it will all be gone I hope. Red lipstick is the best. Look how fabulous it looks on you!

  15. It is white in here too. We will have another winter storm next week SIGH. Love your beautiful picture with Vivian. She is a cutie. Love your top so much the open shoulder is such a faltering cute style.

    Thank you for featuring me. I didnot know and it was a sweet surprise to see my picture. Thank you again love.

  16. Such fun Christmas outfits! Red is always so festive. I like wearing it year-round, but I definitely wear it more around Christmas time :)

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :) We spent yesterday on the bay celebrating Australia day - despite the heat! Our heatwave continues!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  17. No, I don't think there is as bold and beautiful than a red lipstick or the color the red. Your red off the shoulder sweater is the right amount feminine yet not overly girlie. This outfit is stylish and very flattering. It has been rainy on my end but nothing like the snow you guys have been having. Stay warm and happy weekend!

    Maureen |

  18. when i opened this post, only i can see the red dress, red lipstick and everything around red color. Loved the post and vivan wish you happy new year :)


  19. Such a fun post dear! Love your photos!

    Jessica |

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    srinagar tor


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