Poetry: People... Today and Tomorrow.

With the events that happened in Albania two weeks ago (the deadly earthquake killed 51 innocent lives and shattered thousands of hearts), and on top of that waking up this morning to some really bad, heartbreaking news (one of my friends passed away, at 36 years old... so young, so soon, so sad), more and more each and every day I realize how short and precious life is. At the end of the day we only have TODAY. Yesterday is the past, it is gone. While tomorrow may never come, unfortunately. With the recent events happening in my life, my creative juices had to write the poetry below... which I happen to like a lot... I hope you do too. Wishing you all a very healthy, joyful and beautiful December!

[Tuesday Evening, 6.20 P.M. Eastern Time.]

People are born, people die,
memories left behind never miss the heart,
many kisses, many hugs
we have given and exchanged,
we have held hands and we have held hearts,
we have shed millions of tears,
we have been broken, we have survived...

People are born, people die,
yesterday an earthquake, today a sky full of sunshine,
thunderstorms and snowstorms, rain and mud,
tears that are fresh, wounds that cut like a knife,
tears that have dried up, time that has healed wounds,
yesterdays, today and tomorrows, all a vision...

Today here I am, tomorrow I may not be,
today I smile ear to ear, I laugh out loud,
today I forgive and tomorrow I may forget,
today I hurt, tomorrow I may hurt deeper,
today someone calls me sweetheart, 
tomorrow to them I may be a stranger...

Today I hold you tightly as you hold my heart inside yours,
tomorrow our beds will get cold as we sleep alone,
today I say I love you as I kiss you goodbye,
tomorrow I cry tears of loneliness and I may need a hug,
today you are the joy that lights up my world,
tomorrow you are the one I want to forget...

People like you and I live between yesterday and tomorrow,
all we got is today as the future is unknown,
people will continue to be born and others will die,
babies will give hope to new beginnings, a fresh start, a re-birth,
and bodies will get cold as days will pass after they are gone...
...because the line between life and death is indeed thin...


  1. Ada, my friend, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. There is much tragedy in this life which is why we really do need to embrace the here and now and enjoy every moment we are blessed with. Beautiful poem once again. Sending you lots of prayers and healing energy.


  2. So sorry for your loss. Hugs.


  3. Poetry is a medium that parallels to the likes of creating abstract art. Poetry, although exponentially diverse, has its share of fans and antagonists.



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