Decking the Halls 2019: Coffee and Chocolates - A Cozy Kitchen.

You guys know that every December, one of my most favorite posts I like to blog about is the Christmas Home Tour. These posts are usually a lot of fun and full of decor and festivities. Especially for a gal like me, who loves loves Christmas. Therefore I love decorating for Christmas. But these posts are also very time-consuming. They require a lot of photos, setting up everything to look pretty and clean because our places and our homes are not always picture-perfect or Instagram-worthy, especially an area like the kitchen which I am sharing today. Once those photos are taken, there is work to edit the pictures, put them on the computer, brighten them a little if they need to, crop them if they need to and then write the post, of course.

So, a little later than I would like (but better late than never), this mid-December I am sharing my kitchen and all of its lovely and very festive decor. Most of this decor is focused in the area of the kitchen where we keep our coffee machine and our coffee mugs. I made some changes to this area and added the little two-tiered tray where I placed most of our fun and colorful Christmas coffee mugs and of course decorated the tiered tray, a little bit too. I added a full bottle-brush green tree (I love that the edges look like are covered in snow), a ball and a star ornament both of which are in lime green, or between a green and a gold. Last year I purchased my first two Starbucks mug ornaments and this year I bought a third one. I really wanted to do a little Starbucks tree in my kitchen, despite the fact that I own only 3 Starbucks ornaments so far. I also added two porcelain coffee mug ornaments - one red and one white (they are gorgeous and costed $6.00 each) from Target and the rest of the wooden ornaments are from Target too - they were $1.00 each. The little frosted ball ornaments were purchased several years ago from Kroger. Of course, my little tree had to have a little Santa on top, love that fun colorful red glass Santa Claus. I loved how this little frosted flocked tree came out in red+green ornaments. It is perfectly-themed for a cozy coffee, hot chocolate, cookie or candy bar, in your kitchen area. Making the area more festive, we have one cookie jar and one cookie box filled with cookies of course, the candles + little white lantern house all lit up, the Christmasy towels and of course the little coasters that are white with red snowflakes. Last but not least, my Pastry Chef Santa, a little flocked evergreen mini tree, a mini Christmas-themed topiary plant, a candle and a white angel are placed facing the front area of the kitchen island right above our kitchen sink. And there you have it everyone:

...All decorated for Christmas. I hope you liked this mini tour of my kitchen today, all decked out for Christmas. Do you love decorating for Christmas?! Do you have a coffee area that is all decked out for the season?! I would love to see it! And I would love it if you comment below if you like what I did this year.


  1. Your coffee set up is so cute.

  2. You are so cute, Ada! I love all of your fun festive decor. Wishing you a blessed Christmas, my friend.


  3. Your kitchen looks fun! it's nice how you were able to make even a small space look so festive :) Thanks for the link up!

  4. I’m not sharing anything today but I invite you to link up at my themed party (for Christmas trees and ornaments) and my unlimited monthly party!

  5. I love a festive coffee bar looks great

  6. As usual your home is looking mighty festive my dear Ada, I had to stop by to say HNY. A big hug.


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