ERIEn't You Beautiful, Michigan?! (A Quick History of Michigan.)

I first moved to Michigan with my parents and brother, as a teenager, back in June of 1997. Here we are 22 years later and I am still lucky and happy to call Michigan - my home. Michigan is otherwise known as the Great Lakes State. And due to Detroit being the Motor City, Michigan is also known as the state of cars and the auto industry. Indeed Michigan is quite unique among the states in that it is divided into two distinct geographic sections, the Upper peninsula, and the Lower peninsula. Lake Michigan lies between both of these two peninsulas. The Upper peninsula is very sparsely populated, more than 90% of the peninsula being forested. The Lower peninsula contains the cities, the city life, the industry, the typical American suburban neighborhoods, the huge majority of the jobs and the agriculture. The Upper and Lower Peninsulas were connected in 1957 with the construction of Big Mac, otherwise known as the Mackinac Bridge. With 3,177 miles of Great Lakes shoreline it is easy to see why Michigan is known as the Lakes State. In fact, half of Michigan is comprised of water and, except for Alaska, Michigan has more shoreline than any other state, fronting four of the Great Lakes: Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie. Today's photos are taken in front of Lake Erie...

ERIEn't  You  Beautiful,  Michigan?!
Here I am in front of Lake Erie in Ypsilanti, on a beautiful, typical Spring day for Michigan, full of sunshine yet not too warm, as it was in the 50s. The sun is almost setting but not quite there and I love the effect of the sun over the water of Lake Erie and through the branches of the tree. These photos turned out beautiful, even-though the majority of them were snapped with a cell-phone (who is over two years old LOL). And I am wearing this classic, goes-with-everything Little Black Dress in an A-Line Style in a soft Ponte material. The length, the material and the long sleeves honestly make it perfect for all seasons, including Summer. This Loft Dress comes with a little sash belt and I love the white piping through the neckline, sleeves and belt. Loft calls it their Topstitched Dress. I paired it with a Champagne-Colored Crystal Necklace (from Target, years ago). But those are not plain black tights, they are semi-opaque Midnight Blue Tights with a Flower Motif pattern going down the legs. My Fuchsia Lipstick and Bright Orange Saddle Bag added the right pops of color to this otherwise simple, monochromatic look. Do any of you live in Michigan or have you visited our beautiful state?! Have you ever seen Lake Erie?! Would you like to see more posts about Michigan and the lakes?! Let me know in the comments. Thank you.


  1. I'm currently planning a trip to go to Michigan this year. To see my family.

  2. I'd love to visit Michigan in the summer!

  3. Michigan is such a beautiful state! My sister has a cottage near the michigan /Indiana border that we always visit. Love this dress and chic bag!

  4. Michigan is so pretty! And I love your red bag, girlfriend!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. Oh i recall learning about the lakes in Michigan when I was in high school. This is such a lovely dress.

  6. I would like to visit Michigan eventually so I enjoyed learning a little more about where you live! It looks so pretty!

  7. It looks like a lovely place. I love your bag! Thank you for sharing this post with My Red Carpet.



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