Skirting the Rules: A Tulle Skirt Fit for a Little Princess!

I am sure there are a lot of awesome quotes about boys too. I am 100% certain little boys are amazing too and they are very close to their moms. But in my world, I have been blessed with pink, tulle, bows, tutus and girly cuteness since the moment I found out I was carrying a little girl. And my world has been Blessed in Pink ever since! Honestly, as a girl mom, I cannot say any better things about girls. I agree with the quote above by Laurel Atherton because it is truly amazing and in my honest (and perhaps a little biased) opinion - very true!

With that said, we are going to let this sweet, funny, vibrant, spunky, cute, adorable, sassy, ray of sunshine daughter of mine - Vivian - take it over today. It is the last Tuesday of the month, which means  ELSIE from Polished Whimsy and myself run our monthly "Skirting the Rules" linkup always on this day, which is a linkup where skirts are the queens! Since neither Elsie nor myself could get our shit together today - and I mean that in the nicest and funniest way (see this thing called life, working moms, etc. etc.), we chose Vivian to represent. I think Elsie would approve too since she is a girl mama too and has a beautiful 9-year old girl herself! Plus, lucky for me Vivian wore this adorable and beautiful Mauve Polka Dot Multi-Layered Tulle Skirt to school just last Friday. We got dressed up a little bit more than usual since it was Spring Picture Day at her school. Hence the mini photo-shoot at home. However, I try almost daily to showcase what Vivian wears to school each day. I post all of her outfits on my Instagram stories. You can find them under hashtag #whatvivianworetoschool so come take a peak and follow both of us on Insta if you don't already. I decided to go for a monochromatic look with Vivian's Mauve Tulle Skirt and pair it with her Adorable Bunny-Sequined Sweater (isn't the bow on the bunny's ear the cutest?!). I think both her skirt and sweater would make great pieces for Easter, however we would try them with Pastel Tights and some Light-Colored Mary Jane Shoes instead. For her picture day Viv paired her Old Navy Tulle Skirt and her H+M Bunny Sweater with Plain Black Leggings, Light Pink Booties (they are by Cat+Jack via Target) and an Oversized Lavender JoJo Bow. Vivian owns a ton of bows but on her own chose this Lsvender Bow which has a donut in the middle. She loves Jojo Siwa Bows. 

We both picked this outfit and collaborated on the look together. It is totally girly but also a little rocker cool. Because we decided to go for boots and the black leggings which bring out the black polka dots and of course go very well with the black bow on the bunny. I found several adorable dotted pink tulle skirts similar to Vivi's, the prettiest bunny sweaters and tees and even a couple of dresses that have a tulle skirt and a bunny printed or embellished on the top. They are all in the widget below where you can shop very similar pieces to Vivian's outfit. =) Honestly, it is super fun coming up with Vivian's outfits every day. It is also fun to see her pick out and mix+match her own outfits, too. Some are kind of bizarre, some are very creative, but I let her be herself anyway and I think any parent should. Let your kids be kids and who cares if their outfit looks weird, unique or doesn't match?! As long as they love it themselves! Vivian usually feels FANTASTIC in all of her outfits, so that's what counts!

I was praising Vivian about her adorable outfit and I asked her it is not fair, because I wanted one in my size. She gave me one of her thoughtful, smart-ass answers. She said: "But Mommy, you can have this outfit in your size. You can sew it yourself." Then, she stared at the sequins in her sweater and she said: "But these sequins seem hard to sew. Hmmm." Kid is smart and hilarious I tell you. I was able to film it all on my phone and had the video live on my Instagram on the stories.

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  1. Aww she is so cute in her outfit! :)

    Thanks for the link up!

  2. Her sweater is too cute. Aren't dressing little girls fun.

  3. Oh my word, Ada, she is too much! Vivian needs her own fashion blog soon!


  4. Such a cute skirt on sweet Vivian! Little girl clothing is the best!

  5. Your little princess looks adorable - thanks for sharing on #chicandstylish Jacqui Mummabstylish


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