3 Things for March.

Saint Patrick's Day may be over but that doesn't mean your luck has to run out! Allright that was a bad pun. But, I decided to join LAURA from The Horton Family for the very first time today on her series "3 Things". Thanks Chrissy for introducing me to her. Since this month of March was also the month of 'the gold pot at the end of the rainbow' (think St. Paddy's), Laura's theme was a little luck-based. And it is Spring, the weather is warming up a little and flowers are starting to bloom. Why not feel lucky?! It was a high of 48 degrees here yesterday after all, and under the warm sun it felt even warmer. Ohh and I must say I love Laura's second question. We should always ask that question to ourselves, daily!

1. Yes and No. I believe in luck as far as games, gambling, lottery and money goes. Some people are just lucky, when it comes to winning things, finding things and such. I also think we all have some lucky items like lucky numbers. I have two numbers that have proven to be lucky for me, my entire life. But in the big picture of it all I do not believe in luck. I believe we are more in power of our own luck and destiny than we think we are. We control our own fates to a certain degree. I also think the higher power above us is in control so at the end of the day try your best, do your best and let God handle the rest!

2. Great question Laura. The best question by far! My favorite thing about yesterday was that I surprised Vivian by picking her up from school (and I picked her up a little earlier) and had a spur-of-the-moment little dinner date with her. We later went to a bookstore where we bought 3 new books for her and read 3 others while there. It was the perfect day!

3. Number 3 is connected to number 2 question. Below are my last two photos from my phone, from our afternoon/evening date yesterday. A picture of me snapped by Vivian at the Bookstore Cafe we went to and a picture of the 3 beautiful, amazing books we picked for Vivian to add to her library. You can see more of our adventures from yesterday if you follow me on Instagram. I posted some photos and videos through the Instagram Stories and the last pictures on my feed are 10 photos (a little collage) of the day we spent together.

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  1. Fun post. I used to love going to the book store with the kids when they were younger. Lauren and I now, do girl's lunch, but she's not as interested in the book store.
    x, Julie | ThisMainLineLife.com

  2. Hi Ada! I hope your week is going well. I'm sure life is crazy, crazy. Some days, right? Anyway, I love that you wrote along with the three things. It was fun to read your answers! :) Big hugs!!

  3. It's the best day when you can spend time with your love like this Ada!!

  4. Great post! And it sounds like you had a fabulous day with Vivian!


  5. I bet Vivian loved your surprised dinner date.


  6. Aww that is so fun, I bet she loved the surprise mommy date! And great idea to go to a bookstore too.

  7. Fun post, I love learning more about other bloggers! Thanks for joining #WowOnWednesday Ada!

  8. Thanks for sharing on the #linkup/ Jacqui Mummabstylish


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