Peplum Sweatshirt and Midnight Marble Leggings.

I know it is February and you are still seeing my Christmas Tree. In reality it was down around January 10th. We always keep the Christmas tree for the full 40 days of Christmas which means at least until January 6th. I still have at least 5 to 6 outfits I shot by the Christmas Tree from this Winter, but this is the last one I am blogging and this was worn in early January, actually. The others will probably be posted next year, around Christmas. I could't resist posting this though since I love this cute sweatshirt with the peplum hem. It is dressy enough to wear to work, which is exactly what I did, today (with navy wide-leg trousers instead).

This Peplum Sweatshirt and the Midnight Marble Leggings are both by my favorite store - LOFT. I just cannot resist that store. I made it a whole month without shopping though and that includes Loft (LOL). January was a shopless month for me - no new clothes, not even coffee out or Starbucks. Vivian and I did eat out twice though and I did buy her cake, balloons and a few presents for her birthday, too. But overall it was a month of saving up and paying my bills. I hope February is the same. Anyhow, I mentioned how cute and dressy this sweatshirt is. The color is black but with a navy undertone which is perfect since that peplum hem is in dark hunter green and navy - a blackwatch plaid, which was trending so much this Fall+Winter. I paired it with my navy or how I am calling them Midnight Marble Leggings, which are Skinny Pants basically since they have functioning pockets on the front, on each side, and are made of a very nice thick material. Last, I topped it all off with my Olive Fedora which I have had forever. The hat was not only stylish but helped me stay warm since I had just washed my hair and let it dry naturally. I did not wear this outfit to work but I did re-wear this sweatshirt to work today, with the same Gray Faux Suede Oxford Wedge Booties (by Target), Dressy Navy Boot-Cut Trousers and a Crystal Statement Necklace. I think my outfit today is missing a necklace, what do you think?! Have you been wearing cute 2-in-1 tops lately?! I love that my sweatshirt has a blouse built underneath it.


  1. I have this same top, and I just love it! Your tree looks good. It is fun to have it out for a while.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. That hat is the cutest accessory. Love the color for winter!


  3. What a chic sweatshirt! Love the peplum detail and this hat looks amazing on you Ada.

  4. Peplum is such a fun shape to play with- and my parents totally keep their tree up until January, too! It stretches the holiday season juuuuust a little longer. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. Congrats on going a whole month with out buying clothes.

  6. How cute is that peplum top! I love that the ruffles are in plaid! It makes a chic contrast!

  7. I love LOFT too! The blouse/sweatshirt combo is so cute and perfect for making a cozy sweatshirt a little more dressy.

  8. I love all things peplum and that hat looks fabulous with it!! Thank you for sharing!! Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏


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