A Bright Pink Floral Cardigan and a Red Coat.

Hello you all. How is the weather on the parts of your world?! I am going to re-visit some older outfits (from the first 2-3 years I have blogged, year 2012-2014) for several reasons. 1] About 90% of my readers are different now so that means almost all of you have NOT seen these outfits. 2] I used to share a lot more Work Outfits/Office Looks, just like the one I am re-blogging today. 3] I don't always have time to shoot all of my outfits and when the weather is freezing, the snow keeps falling and the daylight is pretty much over by 4.00 PM, it makes it almost impossible to shoot work outfits. Right?! So, today I decided to share with you a Pencil Skirt Outfit. I have always loved pencil skirts and have always owned a ton. I happen to love the combination of Nude or Blush Pink with Navy. These are both great neutral colors and go so well together. My Nudish-Pink Pencil Skirt has those flattering Navy Stripes on the front and it is in a very nice dressy material, fully-lined. Let's look at this skirt outfit even in more detail, below.

I decided to style this Blush Nude and Navy-Striped Pencil Skirt with a Cardigan on top which I have it completely buttoned up, like a blouse, or in place of a top. I love this cardigan so much. All cardigans by White House Black Market are gorgeous and feature pretty details. Not only is the Hot Pink Floral Print so pretty here but I love the fun Silver Snap-On Buttons. It matches so well with that necklace which has white beads with pink roses printed on the beads. With the upcoming Valentine's Day, a pretty floral cardi is a great idea to wear around this time, especially one with red or pink flowers or a rose-print. Ditto for a Bright Colorful Red Coat. I have always owned a red coat in my adult life: wool ones like this one or a puffer coat. I decided to keep my lips bright too with a fuchsia lipstick and I am wearing Double-Sided Bobble Stud Earrings in a Light Pink color. Now, you may notice that in some photos I have on my Nude Patent Leather Pumps and in otherS I have on Blush Pink Suede Moccasins. Well, I wore the pumps to work while the moccs were worn to my commute to and from work. Don't get me wrong these pumps are comfortable and totally walkable but I rather be even more comfy when a lot of walking is involved. Plus, this way your pumps or any heeled shoes last longer with little wear. Have you been wearing pencil skirts with tights to work lately?! Do you wear your cardigans as tops sometimes?! Do you usually carry (in your car or in the office) a second pair of shoes or boots for when you are outside?!

Before I sign off for today, I wanted to say that my Monthly Tuesdays Linkup and Special "Skirting the Rules" post will be live tomorrow but a little late, sometime in early evening. For your convenience I am leaving the linkup below for you all, though.


  1. You look amazing as always! Thanks for inviting me to the link up!

  2. Isn't so much fun look back at old pictures. If I didn't have my echolook it would be so much harder for me to take my outfit photos each day.


  3. These colors are perfect for Valentines Day! And I love that coat too. So cozy and chic on you, Ada!



  4. Fun print mixing with the stripes and florals! :)

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :)

  5. Hi Ada
    Love the pink print on you. The neckline is lovely and I love the mix with your red coat. Just perfect for Vday!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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