Thursday Moda #116: Siesta Vibes and Smiles.

Smiles make us all prettier. They beautify our faces and our days. They beautify our lives. A smile is like an apostrophe, because it is that smile that reminds us that life goes on no matter what happens, that there is goodness, bright lights and positivity in this world and in our lives despite the bad things that happen to us and the not-so-kind people we may have encountered in our lives, despite the negative events, accidents, incidents or challenges we have faced and continue facing. Smiles are beautiful. They bring out our inner beauty. They bring out our souls. They bring out our personalities. Smiles are like butterflies, they grimace thru and they tell the world that we are smiling today! Smiles - we fake them sometimes. Heck, if you work with customers or clients, you fake at least one smile a day, but you now what that is OK. Sometimes you have to fake a smile to push through the bad things that are surrounding your life. A fake smile is better than no smile at all, so smile at the world. Smile at yourself and for yourself. Smile at those pesky and peculiar customers and clients, even if they are driving you totally crazy! Smile at the stranger who gave you a stinky eye today. Smile at the person who might have judged you today. Smile at the person who might have not said the nicest thing or done the right thing. Smile at the ones who make you happy daily. Smile at your children, your spouses, your partners, your parents, your siblings. Smile back at the stranger who smiled at you. Smile at the one who told you "Good Morning" even if they didn't know who you were. Smile at the person who brewed coffee for you and your co-workers, first thing in the morning. Smile at a song you listened on the radio as you drove through horrible traffic. Smile at a beautiful memory you may have thought of. Smile at a picture who brought you some beautiful memories. Smile, just smile!

A smile is beautiful. And kind. And human. And heartfelt (usually). And fun. And bright. And cheerful. And human-like. And pretty, so pretty. I have been told I have a pretty smile - a reminder I keep getting lately, from both people I know and people I don't know, both in real life and virtually. Today I decided to smile, just like I did on May 1st when these photos were taken. In real life today, I smiled a few times too. And trust me when I tell you that a smile has been missing from my face for days, but you know what, a smile was ON MY FACE today. More than once. Not fake. True, real, genuine, kind, wrinkle-ful smiles! Today I smiled! Yesterday I smiled! And you know what it felt great!

Now, on to the outfit, I am sure you can 'spot' the Siesta Vibes in it, no?! That is not just a plain little white tee. The bell-sleeves are in a bright yellow eyelet pattern. I paired it with a Bold 3-Stranded Red Statement Necklace w/ Large Multi-Faceted Beads and some Bright, Gold-Tone Mirrored Sunglasses. I tucked the top inside my Semi-Dressy, Navy Geo-Print Silky Joggers and more 'Siesta Vibes' come from the Pearl-Encrusted Slide Sandals. I wore this outfit for a fun coffee date and a walk downtown Milford (one of the cutest towns in Michigan) with my cousin who is also a very close friend of mine. I brought little Vivian with me too, since the cafe we sat at is very much kid-friendly with a little indoor play+learn area for kids. It was May 1st and it was the first very hot day of Spring, the temperatures went as high as mid 80s. But my cotton tee and silky pants definitely kept me cool. I also happen to love white with navy for the Summer. I notice that with the addition of the red necklace this outfit would be perfect to re-wear for Memorial Day too. So there, I killed two birds with one stone in today's post lol. How do you like today's fun and girly look?!

Last week I just added my Thursday Moda linkup to my latest poetry "The Driver" which you happened to like a lot. I haven't been making my rounds with comments and blog-hopping lately so the linkup was a little light, but there were still several cute outfits linked. The 4 favorites below are all such pretty and fresh looks. All mom-friendly, too. =)

Jacqui is in 'Bright Floral' paired with yellow, white and cobalt. Love her skirt and little clutch.
Joi also joins the pretty, bright and refreshing White+Yellow parade. 'The Landing Stripe' on her trousers adds elegance to the entire outfit!
Emma's Midi Dress has the most unique mixture of Safari prints. She celebrated 'An Anniversary Lunch' in it and looked so modern, colorful and gorgeous at the same time.
Ruth is one fun mom pairing a chic grey sheath with an ivory pussybow blouse underneath it. Her 'Anklets for Work' make this monochromatic work look - modern and different.


  1. You hit it on the nail Ada! Smiling as they say is a universal language. Something that can uplift the spirit and something easy to do, I am so glad to hear that you are smiling and happy. I love the sleeves on your blouse - very nice details and a yellow color for brightness!

    Maureen |

  2. Smile and the world smiles with you! It's so nice to see sunny, warm weather rather than snow - now that's definitely a reason to smile!

  3. Smiles do make us more beautiful, and I'm so glad to see yours, Ada!!

  4. Yay for smiles! I have been smiling through a lot of life changing experiences this week. And the smiles have got me through. And I will continue to smile on. Just like you, my friend. Beautiful post. Beautiful friend with a beautiful smile. And perfect outfit!


  5. a smile change do so much for a person. I was at the Dr. office last week and baby girl smiled at a men. He looked at me and said it so made his day. You top is super cute.

  6. I'm so glad you were able to smile for real yesterday Ada. I love to see you smile. Praying and thinking of you! Love this outfit by the way. The print pants are so cute and they look great on you!

  7. Yes, smiling can change ones attitude. My husband told my sister he wondered how i could smile that much for photos! my dad used to own a darkroom when we were kids, so we had lots of practice! Good to see you smiling! Love the darling eyelet white and yellow sleeves and the colors of your outfit.
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

  8. That top is so pretty! I love the pop of red with your necklace!

  9. Loving your printed pants—so much fun!
    Cheryl Shops |

  10. What a fun pairing of print and color, and yes, everyone is always prettier with a smile!

  11. Smiling helps me connect with others. A simple smile can change a strangers day. I love your patterned pants!

  12. Love the sleeves on that top and the pretty pop of red in your necklace. And yes to smiles! I smile at everyone at work. It lets people know I am happy to be there and to help them. I think it also helps to calm down the patients and parents when they are going through such a stressful time! Lastly, if I am down or stressed, smiling at others makes me feel better too. So all good reasons to do so!

  13. Lovely look Ada! Those pants are so fabulous and the pop of yellow in your top is so pretty!
    I am a big fan of smiles! And your's is beautiful!

  14. Fabulous outfit dearest Ava! Have a great weekend!

  15. Your sandals are super. Edgy and nevertheless perfect for running after your little one. Great find.

  16. Thanks for the feature Ada, love the pretty top you're wearing, great choice. Thanks for joining the #chicandstylish #linkup my friend. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  17. Thank you so much for the feature Ada! I should have stopped by earlier but I'm flat out with work and playing catch up with all the blog stuff. I love all the pretty details in your outfit - the eyelet ruffle sleeves on your top, pearl embellished sandals and the fabulous bright red necklace...and of course your smile :-)

    Emma xxx

  18. That is such a pretty tee Ada - I love the trousers, they are just the sort of thing I love to wear! xx

  19. Those sunglasses are so fun! Love the outfit. Thanks for joining The Weekly Style Edit. xo ~ Megan


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