Season's Tweetings.

Season's Tweetings you all! Isn't this Birds Couple Graphic Sweater adorable and perfect for Valentine's Day?! These tweets' little hot pink beanies and the hot pink part by the chest which forms a heart make this sweater perfect not just for Winter but especially for Valentine's day which is tomorrow. And if your plans are casual or you happen to work in a fashionable, business-casual workplace like I do, then by all means wear a similar outfit. I paired this with my New Favorite Black Pants. They are Black Skinnies in the softest Ultra Suede and I happened upon them at Old Navy on clearance a couple of weeks ago. They were a huge steal and seemed too small. But they came home with me because they are great pants and I am happy to say that they fit me great and show off the lower part of my body in the best way possible. I also added a pop of red with my Awesome Red+Black Lace Embellished Oxford Shoes purchased in Albania before I left there 3 years ago.

I purchased this adorable Love-Birds Sweater on clearance at the end of last Winter at Talbots - a place I usually browse but don't shop at. This cozy wool-blend sweater was too cute and the only one left ever and happened to be my size. I loved the graphic picture obviously and the beautiful zippered cowl-neck. Plus, I also love grey for cold weather so I was all set. The fact that I grabbed Vivian's little Marled Grey Scarf with the Hot Pink Pom Poms was definitely a great compliment to my pretty sweater.

So, I mentioned the Adorable Grey Marled Wool Scarf which is actually Land's End Children. Not only did the grey color match the sweater perfectly. But, as if that wasn't enough my Adorable Fair Isle Patterned Pink Wool Beanie by Gap is the other cold weather accessory that matched both the sweater but also the scarf most perfectly. I mean look at those Hot Pink Pom Poms. I also have on these Silver Metal Textured Disc Earrings - which are all the rage these days. You know where I found them?! At CVS?! I wasn't looking for them obviously. They were either 2 or 3 bucks. They matched so well with the Silver Crystal Pave Cocktail Ring by Express. To make this outfit even more Valentine's day-Inspired I added matching Hot Pink Lipstick and a touch of red as I mentioned. Aren't my Red Oxfords gorgeous? The front has an Embellished Black Lace Overlay and the laces are indeed made out of black lace.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Don't miss my Romantic+Sexy Poem I posted and wrote in honor of VDay. I would love for you to read it and let me know what you think. Thanks.


  1. Love the pink details, dear! And the shirt is so cute, you look so chic!

  2. That is the cutest sweater! I love the hot pink details - especially Vivian's pom pom scarf! Looking great Ada!

  3. I don't often shop at Talbots either, but lately I feel like they have been trying harder to appeal to a wider age range and there were a few things I almost bought. The graphic sweater is cute, and I love your perfectly coordinated pink accessories.

  4. Very pretty Ada - love the pink accents here-

  5. Such a cute, cute sweater! Love the pink accessories too

  6. Your sweater is super cute. I hope you have a great valentines day.

  7. Happy Valentines Day lady! I am loving the pink and gray combo you put together and that sweater is adorable. I would totally pair it up with a cute skirt for an office V-day outfit!

  8. What a fabulous sweatshirt, but that scarf is truly the best Ada!!

  9. Very cute outfit, love the splash of pink! Jacqui

  10. Such a cute winter look! I love the beanie!

  11. Ada, this sweater is so adorable! I love bird prints so much. Little known fact about of my very first jobs after college was a store manager for Talbots. There was a point in time when my entire wardrobe was Talbots. And those shoes are just darling, too!


    1. Hey, Just wanted to let you know that this post will be a featured favorite on my #SpreadTheKindness Link Up tomorrow!

  12. This sweater is so cute! The prints are adorable. Thank you for sharing, girl!

    xo, Sheree

  13. So pretty and season-perfect, Ada! Thanks for linking up, xo


  14. cute Ada! I love the little birds on your sweater and the pink accents! I have been looking for a cute doggy sweater for a casual outfit. So fun!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  15. Super cute sweater Ada! I love how you've picked up on the pink in the sweater with the hat and scarf. Gorgeous red shoes too! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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