TBB Asks, November 2018.

This is the month of Thanksgiving and start of the Holiday Season. Our local mall has already been decorated since October 29th (or earlier and I did not know about it lol).So yes, the start of the holiday season is here and to tell you the truth it's bittersweet because it means 2018 is almost gone. Also, I don't think the mall should have been decorated before Halloween. A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving - fine - but anything earlier it's really not necessary. Anyway, Andrea + the ladies of The Blended Blog are doing their monthly "TBB Asks" and this month's edition is all about things we are thankful for. After all Thanksgiving is in about 2 weeks!

1. No, never.But that sounds like a great idea. Every person has so much to be grateful for.  gratitude journal or something similar sounds great!

2. No, my parents unfortunately work on Thanksgiving so we will have dinner after and most likely all the cooking will be done on Wednesday. 

3. The cranberry sauce with all the walnuts. Dessert too like apple pie a la mode or pumpkin pie.

4. As far as nature the one thing I love and look forward to is the change of the leaves. Especially when they turn orange and red. They are so beautiful like that.

5. OMG Yes! I love pumpkin pie with some whipped cream on top. Oh my yummy! 

6. No traditional cookbook. 

7. Oven-baked turkey definitely. Not deep-fried. It tastes so much better that way and it looks and tastes so juicy!

8. Yes, of course. Thanksgiving leftovers are so good. It's comfort food.

9. The refrigerator of course. That's where most of the food is and all the fruits and veggies that I love. 

10. Most definitely home-cooked meals. Nothing beats a good home-cooked meal! Also, having food on your table, especially food you prepared/made/baked/cooked yourself makes you appreciate that food even more and be thankful that you have food on your table since there are thousands of people who don't!


  1. That stink that your parents have to work on Thanksgiving. I'm just going to do a small thanksgiving at home. Since it will be just the three of us.


  2. I agree that there is more satisfaction and appreciation in a home cooked meal!


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