Thursday Moda #131: Vivian is a Kindergartener.

[Vivian's Official Kindergarten Photo taken at her school on September 4th 2018.]

Sweet and smart my little one, 
go paint the world into a sky full of sunshine!! 
May your first week of school be filled with memories and friends, 
as I hold on to your hugs and send you off with a kissing hand!!

As of this Tuesday September 4th, it was Vivian's very first day of Elementary School and her first day as a Kindergartener, a day where I cried many tears. I was there with her, for her entire first (half time only) day of school as we went through orientation together and where we took most of the photos you see today. I, of course, took several photos with my daughter that day also, but I wanted to focus 100% on my sweet Vivian today and since this post already has many many photos, I didn't want to suffocate you with more. So, as I mentioned I cried a lot. There were tears of joy, happiness and pride, but there were also tears of sorrow, sadness and bittersweet feelings. I cried, but I also laughed and smiled and took it all in. This was a big day for Vivian but also for me as her mom. It felt a lot more important than when she started Preschool last year, maybe because I was sending her off to a big school and because the very next day a big school bus would come to pick her up. A part of us as parents want our kids to be little forever. But truth is, they will bloom, like the little flowers they are. There will be times when we won't be the ones holding their hands and every morning when they go to school after hugging and kissing her (on her hand too) I have to let go of her little hand and watch her take the bus and trust my gut that she will be safe, loved and well-taken-care of in school as I send her off to learn and become her own person: a smart, bright, kind, evolving, clever, witty, sharp, mindful, expressive, independent, loving, amazing young woman! Vivian is a Kindergartener and in just a few short months she will be turning 6!!

For Vivian's first day of school, we had to wear a brand-new outfit. Her graphic-top, fuchsia-sequined Unicorn Dress with the Baby Pink Tulle+Pleated Skirt was perfect for her first day of school because it conveyed a beautiful, strong and hopeful message "Head in the Clouds". Viv's exact dress is linked on the widget below. t is by "Little Lass" and it is currently on huge sale. Such a gorgeous girly dress! We paired her dress with the perfect Gold Star-Print Lavender+Turquoise Ombre JoJo Bow and I purchased both her dress and bow at Meijer actually. Her Silver Mary Jane Sneaker Shoes were purchased at They are such cute girly shoes but also super comfortable with all the comfy foam inside. And of course she had to wear some frilly socks. The frills on these white socks are in eyelet. I thought it was the perfect outfit for her to wear on her first day of school. Pretty dressy and girly which is totally Vivian's style (she is such a girly girl who loves wearing dresses) yet very comfortable and perfect for all the pretty photos we took, too. I like how there were decorations and photo props for the kids throughout her school, perfect for all the pictures we took. Of course her official professional kindergarten photo is my favorite of them all and it will be framed. FYI, I don't know if you noticed but Vivian's hair looks shorter. That is because a few weeks ago we got cut 5-6 inches off her hair. Anyway, she had a great first day of school and was welcomed with open arms by everyone, especially her new sweet teacher.

Last week I saw many Summer Outfits -- you know why because 1) It is STILL Summer; 2) It has been hot; 3) It is great to dress according to the weather. Below is a snippet of my favorites, featuring plenty of pretty florals and the most gorgeous maxi dresses!

Joi, this time in 'Bold Blooms' always wears many gorgeous florals, bold prints and bright colors. Her yellow maxi dress is beautiful and I love her full head of curls!
Those 'Black Culottes' in an adult onesie - aka jumpsuit - sure are elegant and go with everything and every occasion: for work, date night and even a wedding. Ruth knows it!
Always a great blog for both style and travel, my friend Cristina not only wore the cutest bright green floral shorts with a fedora, but also shared 'Secret Places in Madrid' that are a must-know!
I am a lover and wearer of 'Booties and Graphic Tees'. Paired with skinny jeans like Nailil wore them, makes for a great early Fall momming-around outfit. Plus her blush tee is so chic and has the cutest message!
I want to be 'Tangled Up in Blue' like Elise if it is a beautiful, cozy, chic maxi dress like hers. Great gladiator sandals to go with it.

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  1. How exciting and what a momentous event!! Vivian is such a great daughter, and she will love her new status as a kindergartner!!

  2. What a cutie!! And I love her little skirt :) Hope it was a great first day!


  3. Oh she is such a cute little princess! Enjoy this new phase!

  4. Thank you so much for the feature from last week! Hope she had a wonderful day at school! She is just adorable!

  5. Congratulations! How exciting! Wishing Vivian the best year in Kindergarten! I used to teach it :-) She looks so sweet and excited about your first day!
    jess xx

  6. OMG how grown up and cute does Vivian look! Congrats on her starting kindergarten. Best of luck :)

  7. Your daughter looks so adorable Ada! This is a huge milestone and what an accomplishment for your little girl. Wishing her a wonderful school year mama!

    Maureen |

  8. Vivian is such a cutie. I love how the school had back drops for pictures. You always dress her so nice.

  9. Such a cutie pie! Enjoy this age. I miss it terribly.


  10. Oh bless how exciting for her. I'm sure she'll settle in and have a great time xx

  11. Oh my, she's going to have so much fun! She looks adorable. :)
    Ps. thanks for the feature!

    Xx, Nailil

  12. Oh my goodness! These are the cutest back to school pics ever! Love the one with giant ruler. Congrats to her for many happy years of schooling. She is slaying her look - just adorable!

    Betsy |

  13. Your daughter is absolutely adorable in her tutu skirt—I would have loved to wear that when I was her age (or even now)!
    Cheryl Shops |

  14. I love her official picture, Vivian looks so cute. A bug hug for you Ada.

  15. Congratulations Vivian! She looks adorable and you're right we are matching this week. Love her tulle skirt and those silver mary jane shoes. And the bow?? I need a girl, right?? I hope you're having a great week!

  16. That is so nice how you celebrated your daughter's first day of cool! Love how cute are outfit was for the first day.

  17. She is adorable! I love her fun outfit! I hope she has been enjoying school!

  18. Your words ring true to many parents out there, especially for their firtf/last to enter kindergarten. As a Kindergarten teacher I've seen many mamas in this odd position of pride and not being quite ready for it all. In my classroom the door was always open for families to be a part of our school family. Parents are integral part of their children and together we all strive to give the kiddos a safe and exciting environment to explore and learn in. Best wishes to the both of you.

  19. These are such fabulous photos!! Hooray for Vivian! Enjoy every bit of it, it all goes by so fast!

    xx, Elise


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